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Where To Find Homebrew

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Posted 17 February 2007 - 05:47 PM

Hey, how're you doing?

I recently bought an R4 and 1 x 1GB MicroSD cards for my DS lite. I've so far been able to get on the latest R4 drivers, latest Moonlight (to view pics, videos, and listen to music) and it all workd fine aswell as the ROMS I've tried.

However I don't particularly like the OS/Dash/whatever-you-call-it tongue.gif When I turn on the DS I get a screen that will allow me to go to the R4 explorer, letting me run and *.NDS files(ROMS mainly); I have the moonlight option, which allows me to run my apps, music, movies, pics etc, then the GBA loader option telling the DS to load whatever's in the GBA slot.

I'm looking for something similar to XBMC for the Xbox. I want the 1st screen of my DS to point to a pics folder, a movies folder, a Music folder, an apps folder and a ROMs/Games folder.

In apps, I'm looking for something like a scheduler, something I can use to replace using my PALM (I use it mainly to schedule appointments, store phone numbers, write notes, check my email sometimes). Is the DS currently capable of all these things?

Finally, though I expected the Xbox-Scene for the DS to be booming a bit more, are there any key resource sites for the DS? Like how xbox-scene is THE place to go for Xbox/360/PS3 modding discussion, is there such a place for the NDS?

#2 1337 pig

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Posted 18 February 2007 - 05:44 AM

Homebrew Games:

2PongDS – Port of Pong: http://etk.scener.or...owproject&st=23
7 Errors – Find errors in pictures: http://www.palib.inf....jects#7_errors
A Touch of War – Great RTS game with Wifi: http://www.atouchofwar.com/AToW.php
Another Life - FPS Adventure Demo: http://teamnnc.free....opic.php?p=6534
Arcomage DS - A card-based Might & Magic type game: http://www.playeradv....ead.php?t=3746
Aztec Challenge – Puzzle game: http://bodom-child.over-blog.com/
Balance – Marble balancing game: http://seddy.palib.info/
Balloon DS – Puzzle Shooter game: http://www.playeradv....ead.php?t=1313
Bubble Wrap DS – Pop the bubble game: http://teamnnc.free....opic.php?p=6827
Burger Quizz DS – Odd French game: http://www.palib.inf....urger_quizz_ds
Chaos DS - Port of Quirky's Chaos Advance: http://forum.gbadev....pic.php?p=91990
Collection - Assortment of mini games: http://nitsud.rhodes....com/collection
Command and Conquer DS - Port of C&C: http://cncds_project.livejournal.com/
Diamantes Rocas DS – Spanish jewel game: http://www.palib.inf....antes_rocas_ds
DiggerDS - Port classic Digger game: http://gtamp.com/DS/diggerds.htm
Don Simon – Port of Simon: http://www.fr3nd.net...ts/don-simon/2/
Doom DS – Port of DOOM: http://dual-soft.com/doomds/
DrugWars DS – Port of DrugWars: http://www.dragonmin...dev/DrugWars DS
DS Bonga - Clone of Donkey Konga: http://miqds.free.fr...p.php?article11
DS Doom – Anoter port of DOOM but working: http://dsdoom.devkitpro.org/
DSAcademy – Brain game much like Big Brain Academy: http://www.playeradv....ead.php?t=3563
DSGoo – Manipulate celebrity pictures: http://headkaze.webpal.info/
dsHeretic – Port of Heretic: http://heretic.drunkencoders.com/
DSonic – Odd Sonic game: http://www.palib.inf...projects#dsonic
DSQuake – Port of Quake: http://dsquake.XS Filter - 102806 - 4/
DS Shoot And Score – BF 1942 type game: http://www.palib.inf....hoot_and_score
Earth Invaders - Space Invaders type game: http://jvteamds.free.fr/?p=p/projets
Every ExteNDS – Action shootem’up game: http://www.playeradv....ead.php?t=1539
Explosive Gas – Bomberman type game with Wifi: http://www.atouchofw...xplosiveGas.php
Finger Monkey and Inverto Goose – Weird action game: http://teamnnc.free..../viewto...2f232 0bd9d8e
FlashbackDS - Flashback DS port: http://gtamp.com/DS/flashbackds.htm
FP-r4 - Frozen Bubble Clone with Wifi: http://www.jdoucet.net/?p=14
FreeSKI – FreeSKI port: http://www.zawiarr.com/NDS/
GameBoxDS – Quick mini games: http://www.palib.inf....ects#gameboxds
Grid Challenge - GridLock type game: http://miqds.free.fr...p.php?article12
Hawaiian Islands - Puzzle game: http://teamnnc.free..../viewto...d7f0d bda6805
HexenDS – Port of Hexen: http://www.telefragg....=inc_si_ds.htm
Hyper Clubbing Friends DS - SSB type game: http://hyperclubbing...eewebspace.com/
Kirby Vs All-Star – Kirby action game: http://www.playeradv....ead.php?t=3772
Liero DS – Worms type game: http://projectliero....inder.com/site/
Mario Bros Game & Watch Remake – Same as name: http://www.palib.inf....e_watch_remake
MasterMind DS - A mastermind game: http://ds.bigs.info/
MegaETk – Mega Man type action game: http://etk.scener.org/
Minesweeper Flags DS – Minesweeper type game: http://membres.lycos...i/demineur.html?
NesterDS – Port of Nester: http://www.telefragg....=inc_si_ds.htm
NetHack DS – Port of NetHack: http://stuartp.commixus.com/nhds/
Nintenchess – Spanish chess game: http://www.palib.inf....ts#nintenchess
No Place To Hide - Assortment of mini games with Wifi: http://noplace.pizz.biz/index.php
Oil Panic DS – Oil Panic Game & Watch port: http://beyondds.free....il-panic-ds-02
Omalone DS - Abalone type game: http://omalone.free.fr/index.html
ORKUS – Puzzle game: http://trollgard.de/orkus/
PA Sudoku - Sudoku game: http://www.palib.inf....ects#pa_sudoku
PaperFootball - Paper football game: http://www.palib.inf....#paperfootball
Picross DS - Picross game: http://www.palib.inf....cts#picross_ds
Pizza Worm – Port of Pizza Worm: http://forum.gbadev....pic.php?t=10595
Poke Teh Bunny – Weird poking game: http://liranuna.drun...com/?page_id=22
Puerto Rico – Board game: http://lpd.ath.cx/
QBX – 3d cube thinking game: http://forum.gbadev....pic.php?p=91745
robotfindskitten DS - Port of robotfindskitten: http://gpf.dcemu.co....ndskitten.shtml
RTS Project - Unnamed RTS game: http://mightymax.org...amed_strat.html
RType – RType clone: http://www.developpe...ne.com/news.php
Rubber Bands - Particle physics with mini games: http://forum.gbadev.....ph...=asc t=0
Rush Hour - A puzzle game: http://www.palib.inf....ects#rush_hour
QuartoDS - Quatro board game: http://perso.orange.fr/injection18/
Santa's Bad Luck – Action game: http://www.palib.inf....nta_s_bad_luck
Snowball Battle - A snowball battle game: http://snowballbattl...r - 102806 - 4/
Sonic Ball – Sonic Breakout game: http://n64francois.free.fr/
SpoutDS – Small abstract shooting game: http://gtamp.com/DS/spoutds.htm
SRAM – French text adventure game: http://ds.bigs.info/
SpritesOut - Tile flipping game like Lights Out: http://teamnnc.free....opic.php?p=6515
Suomitetris DS – Tetris game: http://kotisivu.dnai....is_DS/main.htm
Super Snake DS – Port of Snake: http://forum.gbadev....t=10382&start=0
SuperMarioWarDS – Mario battle game: http://www.dcemu.co....ead.php?t=13304
t4ils' Rush – Sonic type game: http://t4ils.free.fr...NDS/t4ils_Rush/
Tales of Dagur – Great RPG game: http://www.talesofdagur.com/
Tic Tac Toe – Same as name: http://www.palib.inf....ts#tic_tac_toe
TicTacToeDS – Same as name: http://www.blahh.tk/
Touch me (I'm famous) - Rhythm shooter game: http://beyondds.free....-i-m-famous-01
Touch and Bomb – Game based on Mario DS bomb game: http://www.palib.inf....touch_and_bomb
Touch! Touch! Revolution – Dance Dance Revolution type game: http://www.playeradv....ead.php?t=3023
Temby! Towers DS - Clone Yahoo! Towers: http://playeradvance...read.php?t=2278
Twin Isles – SimCity type game: http://members.shaw.ca/milksop/
Warcraft Tower DS – Warcraft Tower adaptation: http://www.playeradv....ead.php?t=3773
Way of the Rain – Very weird game: http://seddy.palib.info/
WinterCube - A 3D Rubik’s cube: http://www.palib.inf....cts#wintercube
Wolfenstein 3D – Port of Wolf3d: http://lazyone.drunk...press/index.php
Xmas DS – Christmas tree game: http://www.palib.inf...rojects#xmas_ds
Ya Ya XX – Adult hugging game: http://n64francois.free.fr/
Zelda DS – 2d Zelda game: http://usuarios.lycos.es/lupidangame/
Zotbot – Platforming game: http://www.freewebto...dman/index.html

Homebrew Applications:

Alarm Clock DS – Alarm program: http://www.neoflash.....=2886.msg20655
Alarma –Spanish alarm program: http://www.palib.inf...en/nds/app.html
AXE – Electroplanktonish musical toy: http://forum.gbadev....pic.php?p=81973
BatchDPG – Better conversion program for Moonshell: http://ls5.cydonianknight.com/
beup MSN – MSN messenger program: http://forum.gbadev....pic.php?t=10060
Calculator DS – Calculator program: http://www.palib.inf...en/nds/app.html
ColecoDS - ColecoVision emulator: http://www.portabled....o/colecods.php
Dii – PC Server program: http://licklick.wordpress.com/
Dillama – Xbox Media Center control program: http://forum.gbadev....t=10485&start=0
Dissonance – Internet radio streaming program: http://grey.drunkencoders.com/
DrummerS – Drummer program: http://www.lien.pali...o/nds/proy.html
DS BASIC – BASIC program for the DS: http://forum.gbadev....pic.php?p=83298
DS Drum Machine – Drum Machine program: http://thechuckster....inux.com/tr909/
DS Wifi – Wifi Libs for development: http://blog.akkit.or...opment/ds-wifi/
DS2Key – Use your DS as a PC gamepad: http://ds2key.1emulation.com/
DSAIM – AIM messenger program: http://forum.gbadev....pic.php?t=10566
DSAmp – Control Winamp from your DS: http://teamnnc.free..../viewto...bd508 97cab44
DSBook – Book reader program: http://nds.cmamod.com/index.html
DSdraw – Great paint program: http://blog.davr.org...ry/nintendo-ds/
DSFTP – FTP program: http://forum.gbadev....pic.php?t=10750
DSLinux – Linux for the DS: http://www.dslinux.org/
DSLiveFTP – FTP program: http://licklick.wordpress.com/
DSlurper – Webserver program: http://forum.gbadev....opic.php?t=9827
DSMIDI – MIDI Maker: http://collinmeyermu.../dev/index.html
DSOrganize – Organizer program: http://www.dragonmin...sdev/DSOrganize
DSpec - Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator: http://dspec.eighttwelve.co.uk/
DSSpeech - Speech Synthesizer: http://headkaze.webpal.info/
dSTAR - MIDI sequencer: http://collinmeyermu.../dev/index.html
dualSwan - WonderSwan emulator: http://liranuna.drun....ects/dualswan/
FrodoDS - Commodore 64 emulator: http://gpf.dcemu.co.uk/Frodoc64.shtml
HelloDS - Voice Over IP (VoIP) program: http://www.ndsemu.com/hellods.htm
JPEG Viewer – Same as name: http://robm.drunkenc...s/projects.html
LCD Tester DS - Stuck pixel finder and fixer: http://www.zawiarr.c...e/projects.html
LibFB - Dev tool: http://www.dragonmin...oc=ndsdev/LibFB
lo.mp3 - Skinnable MP3 player: http://mp3.pizz.biz/index.html
Mini vMac DS - Mac emulator: http://lazyone.drunk....com/wordpress/
Moonshell - Audio and Video program: http://mdxonline.dyn...g/archives/nds/
MP3PLAY - MP3 player: http://www.pat.hi-ho...ata68/nds.shtml
NDSMail - Mail and RSS program: http://blog.bronto-online.de/
nesDS - NES emulator: http://www.cs.utah.edu/~tew/nesDS/
NitroTracker – Music tool FT II tracker: http://nitrotracker.tobw.net/
PicoDriveDS - Sega Genesis Emulator: http://www.cryptosystem.org/
REIN – Save backup program: http://www.pat.hi-ho...ata68/nds.shtml
ReinMoon – REIN & Moonshell in one: http://mdxonline.dyn...g/archives/nds/
ScummVM DS – ScummVM emulator: http://scummvm.drunkencoders.com/
snesDS – SNES emulator: http://www.cs.utah.edu/~tew/snesDS/
SnezziDS – SNES emulator: http://www.forwardco..../snezzids.html
SpeccyDS - Spectrum emulator: http://speccyds.wordpress.com/
Stella DS - Atari 2600 emulator: http://thechuckster....x.com/stellads/
SylphAMP – Control Winamp from your PC: http://www.sylphds.n...view.php?id=461
SylphIRC – IRC program: http://www.sylphds.n...view.php?id=400
TextViewer – Text viewer program: http://www.telefragg....=inc_si_ds.htm
tftpds – File server program: http://www.itstud.ch.../~larssten/nds/
The Mandelbrot Set - Fractal making tool: http://blog.davr.org/
Virtual Game Maker DS – RPG game making program: http://perso.orange....VGMDS/VGMDS.htm
WiFi chat – Wifi chat program: http://bafio.drunkencoders.com/
Win2DS – Control your PC from your DS: http://www.1emulatio...hp?showforum=89

copy and pasted from http://forums.maxcon...ead.php?t=27062

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Posted 04 April 2007 - 11:23 PM

Nice list, was looking for things to do on my DS, aint used it in ages, DSSpeech is funny.

Want to try the XBMC control app but my PSU for my Wifi has blown sad.gif.

Still have never used the Mic on my DS. And I'm wondering were the Opera Browser and GPS devises are cause I can't find em on the Nintendo Site.

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