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Need help

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Posted 21 February 2007 - 05:29 PM

I have never flashed my Xbox360 DVDrom. I updated it with automatic microsoft updates. I know that my DVDrom is a Samsung (I dont know the FW 25 or 28 as I could not open my xbox yet-waiting for the torx 10 screwdriver) Manufacture date :2006-06-07

1-From the readme.txt Xtreme52.rar "Fall update 2006 included DVD Drive version lockdown on consoles manufactured around end of May/start of June 2006. These consoles are now locked to the version of DVD drive that came with the console. If the DVD drive is different than original drive, Error 66 will be displayed. The response of the Atapi Inquiry command is compared to the stored original drive response to achieve this. (Thanx to DeViLs360 for initial find. smile.gif Consoles manufactured before end of May 2006 do not perform this comparison. Only MS25 drives affected by Error 66 with Xtreme 5.0 should use the Make file for MS25. "
Can you please explain this a little bit more. Does this apply to me as my manufacture date is 2006-06-07

2-which version of the xtreme boot maker should I use? Can someone make a guide for the lastest V05.3(RC1)?

3-I downloaded the Xtreme52.rar In FW folder there are xtreme52a.bin xtreme52b.bin xtreme52c.bin xtreme52d.bin (and the others for hitachi) I figured out that a b c d indicates different speeds for the dvdrom but I couldn't find the information about which to use? I will not play Xbox1 games, I am doing this to play backup XBox360 games (my Xbox360 is PAL btw-if its relevant)
In short : Which bin file should be used in Xtreme boot maker ?

4-At the point when I need to connect my Xbox360 to my PC : I have a MSI k8t neo motherboard which has 2 sata and IDE slots. I use the IDE for my dvd w and cd w and one of the sata slots for my sata HD which I boot my winXp from. So I read somewhere to disable IDE and SATA. Does this mean unpluging all Drives (HD DVD w etc ) from the slots on the motherboard so that only the Xbox dvdrom will be connected to my motherboard via sata cable to sata slot1 on my motherboard.

5- Lets say everything went fine and I am at the point where I can burn my first backup DVD for xbox360
I have a NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG drive (DL available). Is this dvd writer suitable for the job? Should I use the latest firmware for my NEC ? (or any specific firmware for this job?)

Thanks in advance for the replies. I hope this will also help others.

PS:There are some excellent tutorials on the web for flashing but all are for older versions of the FWs.I think a complete tutorial using the latest verisons of FWs softwares etc will be greatly appreciated.

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Posted 21 February 2007 - 10:27 PM

I load xtreme 5.2a to xtreme boot maker V
I have a MSI k8t neo mobo so xtreme boot maker shows via sata raid controller ın the drop down menu. other options are ide port. so i selecet via sata raid controller. it detect id i/o etc. created the usb bootable. detached all sata ide drives in my computer connected the xbox to pc as explained in several guides.
it boots up and I go A:mtkflash r/ /m sata orig.bin and it says no device detected. or something like this.

please help,what now ?

xbox 360 with samsung fw 28 drive. no fw update ever. fall update available.
my mobo is via vt 8237

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Posted 21 February 2007 - 10:43 PM


start a separate thread if you want help, this is not specific to this firmware , (DONE wink.gif )
WHat helped me on that was to start both pc and X360 , and after I had the command prompt, connect the sata cable, then run mtkflash.
not sure if it will help you, hope it does,

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Posted 21 February 2007 - 11:18 PM

MS28 drives have FIRMGuard Enabled. You need to follow the "Bad Flash Recovery / 10 Second Trick" to get it to detect and work.

As far as which firmware to use... since you have an MS28 drive just choose a/b/c/d depending on which speed you want, all the other firmware in the pack are not for your drive. I recommend c or d because they it is changeable with your original disk.

I personally use the slow speed as default ("D") because on my particular drive it helps with reading... it is also less noisy. I do get occasionally dropped frames in the game videos.

'A' - Always Fast
'B' - Always Slow
'C' - Always Fast, Slow after booting original game
'D' - Always Slow, Fast after booting original game.

I never used extreme boot maker so I can not help with that. I hexedited my MTKFLash and just do everything manually so I know what I am doing and not relying on an unknown program (not to say it doesnt work great.. because I have heard it does..).. which if it hiccups I am screwed.

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