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My Offer To You Skinners

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#1 Crash N Burn

Crash N Burn

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Posted 26 May 2003 - 07:21 PM

Hey you all , your putting out some DAMM good skins and I see more & more comming in . beerchug.gif I want to help you all out if needed .

Koldfuzion requests that you have 2 pics inside your rar or zip file for posting it up on the upcoming new site .
If you don't have the ability to capture your skin in action , I'll be more than happy 2 do it for ya wink.gif I'll even host your pics (Of the Skin) 4 the board if you need them .
It's much better to see your Awesome skins in action rather than a mock-up of it . Hell I'll even capture a few seconds & host it for ya to .
It will be up 2 you 2 post your pics & samples on your Showing of your Skin . I will simply host em and send you the details through PM wink.gif.
I have approx. 50 megs of free webspace avail. for this ..

Also PLEASE create a README file /w your skins, Not All of us MXM users out there R pros in installing Skins , some need help . That's where your README file comes into play . wink.gif It will save ALOT of time and Bandwidth from posts concerning your Newly Created Skins . Along /w simple problems that can be solved threw the README file.

CATCH 1 ............. yes there catches .............sorry sad.gif
The pics & sample can only be hosted by me for 24hrs and then they will be deleted . That should give enough time to show off your wonderful work & enough time 2 collect the sample and pics for your rar or zip contents . It is up 2 you also 2 save your pics & samples once I give you the details cause once it's deleted from my webspace I can't (won't) get them back .

Please Edit your post taking the links out and replace it with 'Saving Bandwidth' or 'Times Up' or Better yet give a link 2 AXS within 24 hrs . It looks ugly seeing your post with no pics just a big square /w a little red x on the top left hand side (this drives me KOoKoO blink.gif LOL) .

Catch 2.............
This is a favor from me 2 you DON'T ABUSE IT !!!!!!!!! If I find your hosting the samples or pics to other websites through my webspace grr.gif YOU WILL BE BANNED grr.gif from my help . I have a certain about of Bandwidth per month . I think hosting your pics & small sample will stay within that limit as long as it is used here only (did that make sence ???LOL) in a 24hr timeline or until things get out of hand. If things change concerning bandwidth issues or any other probs. I'll post here giving everybody a heads up .wink.gif

Catch 3............
You must supply a way of getting the skin 2 me . I don't run a FTP & I really don't care 2 . Hopefully somebody that is willing to help could carry a server for this purpose . Otherwise you must have the abilitiy to let me have access to your skin 4 for pics & capturing..........At this current time I'm on 56k till my Sat internet is up and running .(living 29miles from the nearest city SUCKS BIG TIME)

I maybe able 2 host your Skins if there small enough (1-5 megs) and just long enough for Koldfuzion 2 grab & post it up . Once Koldfuzion has it posted. It will be deleted from my webspace. After his new site is up it will be up 2 you 2 get them there smile.gif wink.gif

Now this is ONLY pertaining 2 the use of my webspace . If you have means of doing this on your own feel free to do so in whatever means suit you.
I'm not a MOD nor do I care 2 be LOL J/K . I just want 2 help the ones that need it .................

This is ONLY Pertaing to MXM Skins & nothing else so please don't ask to host anything else............please


,,............................................Crash N Burn

Edited by Crash N Burn, 26 May 2003 - 11:27 PM.

#2 koldfuzion


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Posted 26 May 2003 - 10:30 PM

Very generous offer of you Crash.

I am also going to see about creating a pub write-only ftp account for uploading large skins to the new site. submittions of large skins can be done using a dummy-file using the form to input the desired data, then upload the real file to the ftp. Web forms are not that reliable on larger skins.

2 previews are not required but highly recommended. It gives the person downloading a better idea of what the skin looks like. <-(the link is a test page on my webspace. Mouseover the image) The full preview images will do the same thing.

#3 Crash N Burn

Crash N Burn

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Posted 26 May 2003 - 11:46 PM

Awesome I love the two pic preview . Even more reason why we should do it like that . wink.gif

The reason why I offered this is cause there are some GREAT lookin skins coming out for MXM and I've noticed some posts /w troubles getting some things posted (pics,samples ect) so I offered my space for a temp solution . I really hopes it helps some people out .
I would love 2 see a huge library of skins at you site .

As far as taking pics of there skin & sampling it . I've been there in the position of not have the equipment to do those things & I didn't feel right asking somebody else to do it for me . So I just wanted to help without them having to ask. wink.gif Alls they have to do is PM me /w the details & I'll PM them back with the Details biggrin.gif .

I bitched at my ISP last night for NOT getting my 'Advertised' amount of space & recieved it this mourning biggrin.gif so I thought I'd share if I could.

,,..................................................Crash N Burn

BTW koldfuzion did you noticed I changed the s to z ............ rolleyes.gif LOL

#4 jlm5151


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Posted 29 May 2003 - 06:36 PM

Crash when will we see your next "VR" skin I think it was called. I am anxious to see some more skins.

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