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Payment Procedure For Xna Creators Club For Resident Not From Supporte

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#1 SinCor


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Posted 28 February 2007 - 07:21 AM

Hello everyone,

Here is the excerpt from e-mail I have sent to XBOX Live Support in order to receive information about my problem:


I want to get 4-month XNA Creators Club account, but a number of obstacles has been stopping me for doing so:
- The country in which I live is not in the supported locales from the XBOX 360 settings. My country is Bulgaria.
- As a consequence, I was unable to register XBOX Live account with the e-mail address , so I changed the country in my personal settings in the e-mail to the country from the supported locales list, so I've choose United Kingdom.
- When I finally register my XBOX Live account, then I was trying to pay through XBOX Marketplace for the XNA Creators Club, but in the form after Credit Card info there was a form for filling the billing address, and this form did not accept anything but the addresses in United Kingdom. Since I'm really not in United Kingdom, but in Bulgaria, and the change of my real location was to register an XBOX Live account in the first place, I was wondering is it possible to get XNA Creators Club account, and what is the procedure in my case *unsupported locale*?


The answer to this request was the simple "call <this> or <that> free phone number for further clarifications for your problem"...It is ridiculous, I've really interested in playing with game code on my 360, but "they" simply don't want my money?!?!? How can that be so....I'm amazed...To recap:

- I'm a citizen from a country not in the supported locales in XBOX Live (24 countries I think)

- In order to register my free and included in the 360 package XBOX Live Silver account, I was forced to change the country settings in my Hotmail account in order to complete the registration of the XBOX Live account. I switched to a fake country (United Kingdom) instead of my real location.

- When I have tried to fill the credit card info form in order to pay for XNA Creators Club, I have stucked in the Billing address section because I'm not real UK resident, and my credit card's billing address obviously is not in UK.

So, what I am supposed to do? To call the so-called "free" numbers to receive support by citing to me the XNA documentation over the phone for which the goes to my personal account/my money?!?

The contradiction is so big, I've expecting more professional, and simply working support and services from Microsoft, but what I'm receiving for my money...Don't get me wrong, this is not Microsoft bashing, I've just want to pay 50$ to play around with XNA for my own pleasure and research, that's all.

Thanks in advance

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Posted 28 February 2007 - 08:22 PM


#3 No_Name


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Posted 28 February 2007 - 09:19 PM

Its obvious you cant use a fake address for your credit card details. For the purposes of preventing fraud you need to provide the right information to make the payment.

Honestly I doubt there is very little you can do right now, unless you can get a valid UK address and get your credit card linked to that same address you wont be able to sign up.

The problem is not with MS its with you, I am not trying to insult you but your trying to sign up from a contry that is not offcally supported for XBox live therefor there is no direct payment method for your country. Until such times the support is there you will have limited options on what you can and can not do to get access to the service.

Its common for companies to not accept payment using credit or debit cards from outside the country they are operating in or even restricting where they will take payment from as in this case. I have had this happen to me a few times when looking to travel or sign up for various things and alas I could do nothing about it as those are the rules set by the provider.

Do you have any friends you trust in one of the supported countries who you could get to make the payment for you?

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