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Zoozen Access Pro Tool Kit v2 with tools for PS3 and Wii

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Posted 03 March 2007 - 03:57 AM

Zoozen Access Pro Tool Kit v2 with tools for PS3 and Wii
Posted by XanTium | 2-3-2007 21:57 EST

Zoozen will release v2 of their Access Pro Tool Kit very soon with added full compatibility for Playstation 3, and a full tool range for Nintendo Wii:

If you have ever attempted any repair or improvement of any kind, you know that the right tools can make the difference between a good experience and a bad one. The Access Pro Toolkit by Zoozen has everything you need to get into your console and accessories. It is the only toolkit that includes tools for every console and handheld on the market today. And it includes unique and custom tools that are only available from Zoozen.

This tool kit includes the tools you need for the:
* Microsoft products, including: Original Xbox, Xbox 360 and accessories like the Xbox 360 wired controller, and the Xbox 360 wireless controller. Special tools: the OneSnap, the only one-piece Xbox 360 case separator, and a special long neck tamper resistant Torx bit.
* Nintendo products, including: the Nintendo Wii, GameCube, GBA, DS, DS Lite, and most accessories like Nintendo Cartridges, Gamecube controllers, and power supplies. Special Tools: Triwing bits in two sizes and two sizes of rare Linehead Nut Setters in hardened steel. Also has the correct tools for most of the retired Nintendo game machines (those not currently for sale in the marketplace).
* Sony Products, including: PS3, PS2, PStwo, and PSP and many accessories (for example: Sony controllers).
* The Access Pro Tool Kit also has the correct tools to open most third party products.

The tools are all housed in a convenient plastic case that keeps all the parts just where they belong. And, duplicates of most bits are provided, just in case you drop a bit behind your desk during a critical procedure.

Official Website: www.zoozen.com

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Posted 18 April 2009 - 11:46 PM

tldr of tldr version: Don't buy this. Bits break easily. Zoozen won't replace it.

tldr version: The Zoozen Pro Access Tool Kit v.2 is very poor quality. Bits break under the strain of undoing fasteners. Zoozen refused to answer support requests.

Full version:

The Zoozen Pro Access Tool Kit seems like a great idea; all the bits one could possibly need in one kit, strictly for opening consoles. With this in mind, I asked my friend to get it for me, as he had spilled liquid into my controllers.

I used the Tri-Wing bit to open my Wiimotes, and immediately noticed two issues; first, the bit was too sharp to fit properly in the fastener. To get enough grip on the screw head I had to apply a lot of force. Grinding down the tip a little would fix this. However, the Tri-Wing bit also showed significant marks where it contacted the screw head, like very cheap dollar-store screwdrivers would. With more than a few uses the bit would become rounded off and unusable. The screws showed no marks whatsoever.

I then used the #8 security Torx bit to open a hard drive. The first bit, when trying to undo the fastener, twisted and snapped in moments under little more than wrist pressure. For comparison, a set of Stanley Torx bits placed under the strain of seized, rusted bolts, survived without so much as a scratch. The second bit showed similar twisting, but held enough to open the drive.

The standard screwdriver bits showed marking and bending at their edges when subjected to screws on an XLR connector.

All the bits appear to be of the same poor quality material. Also, there are only half the number of unique bits in this kit. The kit actually contains a duplicate of almost every bit except the long-neck versions, and the linesetter bits.

Please be aware, if you buy this kit the only fundamentally usable bits are perhaps the Linesetter bits, used to open Nintendo NES, SNES, and N64 cartridges, the longneck Philips and Standard bits, and the XBox 360 tool. The Linesetter bits don't grip the screws well but are usable with pressure, the longneck Philips and Standard bits are only useful if you have no regular drivers, and the XBox 360 tool only if you have that console.

A kit of this quality needs to be supplemented with Security Bit sets, which can be found at numerous online retailers, some hardware stores and Sears. Kits of this type include Torx bits in proper sizes and durabilities, spanner bits, and other useful security bits, from $20 to $40 depending on kit size. These kits will have the durability you need.

If you buy this kit be prepared to suffer several broken bits in a very short time. You will have paid for a kit with four questionably useful bits in it, and for slightly more money you could purchase a better kit elsewhere and supplement it with long-shaft drivers.

After this experience I requested a kit replacement directly from Zoozen, and described my experiences, on 3/12/2009. As I had received no response, I emailed again with a second request for replacement on 4/5/2009. Still without a response, I emailed a third and final time on 4/11/2009 and informed them (for courtesy) that if I received no reply within a week I would post my experiences to the public. I again received no reply, so I contacted ThinkGeek, the seller; they were immediately responsive and accepted a return.

I am not trying to claim Zoozen is entirely unresponsive to support requests, only my single interaction with them was poor. I am also not claiming all Zoozen products are poor quality, only the Pro Access Tool Kit. It is a remarkable idea, destroyed by poor quality.

Do not buy this kit for more than $10, and only buy it if you are willing to accept easily broken bits, and willing to pay for replacements.

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