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[tutorial] How To Config Ubuntu Linux Sharing Connection For Play Or D

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Posted 07 March 2007 - 01:00 AM

Before all,i excuse whit you for my not good english,but i want try to "share" whit you my
italian guide for noob (like at me) using Linux Ubuntu for the first time and
don't know how to connect on xboxlive...

I Try this metod whit UBUNTU distro of linux and i'm 100% sure work
i don't know if work whit other linux distro becouse i'm not an expert...

I Find more and more tutorial online same as this
Or others write to use more programs to install etc.
But i don't think this tutorial is good for newbies/noob like at me
and the result is i have try 20 Days to connect to xboxlive whit this guide
whitout success.... sad.gif

therefore when i for LUCKY connect to xboxlive whit my metod i think to write
this guide.. i hope anyone can use it.

You can download video of linux ubuntu configuration for connect to xboxlive there:

Open this video whit VLC player
If you don't have VLC Player,can download it from there:

BUT REMEMBER you need NEXT to configure the XBOX360 (ip,mask and DNS) becouse
whitout the XBOX360 config the sharing can't work...

This is the configuration i use to sharing my Ubuntu internet connection for connectto XBOXLIVE whit my XBOX360.
I use this:

0) One 3 Years Old PC: P4 3ghz,Abit-ic7g,AtiX800xt,1gbram
1) One Modem usb conexant chipset (or other type of modem...)
2) One (or more) Microsoft Xbox360 rulez
3) One Common Ethernet cable
4) One Internet Connection Active on UBUNTU
5) One Program name "Firestarter" for noob
(firestarter is an UserFriendly Interface of Ubuntu distro linux Firewall)

If you don't have firestarter you can install it whit this command in terminal:
apt-get install firestarter
(mmm i'm not an expert of linux i use it only from 1 months but i think this command
is correct.. if the command don't work try to get firestarter whit the repository
install tool same as synaptic,adept or similar...)

This is my guide^_^

LINUX UBUNTU: jester.gif
Go to System,administration,RETE:
Select Connessione via cavo (in english i think is cable connection) end Proprieties:
Set This parameter:
Network Mask:
click in OK then in CLOSE.

Another Time LINUX UBUNTU: jester.gif
Go to System,Administration,FIRESTARTER
then Edit,Preferences and Network Setting end select
"Enable Internet Connection Sharing" e then click to ACCEPT
In the FIRESTARTER windows go in the POLICY tab and then in
Inbound Traffic Policy
Down in the Allow Connection From Host set this parameter:
Click the right button and select ADD RULE then insert this.. end click on ADD.
Another time Down in the Allow Connection From Host:
Click the right button and select ADD RULE then insert this.. end click on ADD.
Now Click on APPLY POLICY end be sure the Firewall is Active

Now Save your Elite Games progres on Amiga tongue.gif
Turn off you Amiga and power up MICROSOFT XBOX360 rulez: jester.gif
Go to System,Network Settings,Edit Setting
IP Setting,Manual
IP address:
Subnet Mask:

Set yout DNS (i have my dns number in the Linux ubuntu in system,administration,network and DNS i clone the first in the PRIMARY DSN of the XBOX360 and the second in the SECONDATY DNS in the XBOX360 dashboard.

Now you try the Verify Xboxlive Connection and then go to XBOXLIVE play your favorite Games or Download the South Park HD video smile.gif
All function of XBOXLIVE work whit this metod,i today have download Star Trek Legacy DEMO,and 1 "300" video from the marketplace
The i try to play long session whit Games On XBOXLIVE and work fine wink.gif

The only NEGATIVE news is XBOX360 in the NAT verification write "MODERATE" and not "OPEN"
When i use windows Media Center and try test,XBOX360 tell me the NAT is "OPEN"
but whit ubuntu the 360 write me the nat is "MODERATE"
I don't know becouse and how to fix this...
If anyone know how to fix tell me... smile.gif

When i answer to linux community to help me for connect to XBOXLIVE
he tell me "Micro-Sux is not the way,destroy your xbox360"

When i try to answer the same at the windows community he tell me
"Linux is for nerd,espert" ecc.

Today i tell to this community Fuck You pop.gif ,i want to play whit my
XBOX360 on XBOXLIVE and i want use UBUNTU Linux becouse i like
Microsoft,I Like XBOX360,I Like Linux and Ubuntu distro.
If you like only what you Want to see whit yout
ignorance is not my problem,i want see whit my heart ad my eyes
and i today see UBUNTU sharing connection for XBOX360 to play on XBOXLIVE.

I ENJOY happy.gif

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