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Quick Tutorial I Wrote, For Getting Diablo 2 Working In Gentoox

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#1 Chronic Mitosis

Chronic Mitosis

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Posted 15 March 2007 - 07:40 AM

I posted it over at diabloii.net, hopefully it helps! And its very playable atleast in act1 and act2.


#2 jaffi2000


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Posted 16 March 2007 - 01:28 PM

huh.gif Link is to a non-existing thread? Why post a link instead of cut/pasting the info anyway.

#3 Chronic Mitosis

Chronic Mitosis

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Posted 17 March 2007 - 06:51 AM

Bah they deleted it, your right jaffi2000 I should have just pasted it here. This is the first tutorial I have done and it was geared toward newbies, hopefully it helps.

Ok, so you have a legally modified xbox, version 1.0-1.5, with an upgraded harddrive that you wish to play diablo on. The next step is installing gentoox(linux), which is available here:


Unrar the file and burn the iso to a dvd, you could try a cd-r or cd-rw but 2 of the 3 xbox dvd-rom drives probably won't read it. Boot gentoox, the installer is pretty easy to follow, JUST DO NOT DO A NATIVE INSTALL AND DO NOT CHOOSE TO FLASH YOUR BIOS. Ok so you have gentoox installed and can launch it with gentooxx.xbe. If gentoox won't load through your dashboard, try updating it or switching to unleashx(evox gave me trouble in the past). The next part assumes you can boot into gentoox, if you cannot google some tutorials and check various xbox forums to fix your problem.

Alright, you got gentoox booting. You will be prompted to login, your username is "gentoox" and your password is "xbox." Hit the B button 5 times to summon an on-screen-keyboard, find the focus button on it and select the login area, now enter your information. You really need a usb adapter to hook up a keyboard...you can use an on-screen-keyboard to mess around, but to play diablo...you need a keyboard. You can buy one of these from ebay or somewhere for around $10 or you can make one using this tutorial or some other:


it says to solder but I just used electrical tape smile.gif

The next step is to install something called WINE. It's an acronym for "wine is not an emulator," this program runs some windows applications in a linux environment. The steps to do this are:

-in gentoox you have a panel that has a terimal icon on the bottom left, click it.
-type "su" it will ask you for a password, type "xbox"
-type "emerge --sync" this will take a good while to finish, once finished the last line should say:
"xbox gentoox $" in red and blue
-type "emerge wine" this took around 4 hours to complete on my xbox

This part can be a bit of a problem, I had a problem with it anyways...it was to freakin slow! If you use linux on a faster machine you can use this tutorial to compile much faster:


Make sure to read the last post about copying resolv.config and binding things, if you decide to compile this way. Instead of taking 4 hours to compile on my xbox, it only took 30 minutes on my 2.0ghz machine.

With wine now installed, you need to transfer your diablo directory over to your xbox partition. You need to put a no-cd loader in it and some files from the expansion disc(no-cd readme), THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I HAVE GOT DIABLO TO WORK IN LINUX. Then make a text file of this script into your diablo directory, found here:


Now to play diablo!!! Open up the terminal again. Ok since I don't know what partition you moved diablo to, change "f" to whatever partition you moved it to in this command in the terminal:

"cd /mnt/fatx/f/Diablo"

once your into the diablo directory type this:

"wine D2VidTst.exe" select your setting just like its done in windows, this may take a few seconds to load so be patient.

Once this is done, load diablo in the terminal with:

sh diablo.sh

Now wine should start diablo and all should be good. You have to do the last 2 steps each time you want to play diablo, im not sure why but I have had to run D2Vidtest.exe each time to get it playing.

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#4 Master Reefed

Master Reefed

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Posted 19 March 2007 - 01:40 PM

pretty cool, but my guess is, that if you can do this with Gentoox, you wouldnt have to chacnge much to get it working in XDSL, and it would run faster, and take alot less time to set up, emerge-magic is waaaaaaaay tooooooooooo sloooooooooow

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