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Xbox 360 Confusion And Interest, Xombe... Feel Free To Clear It All Up

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Posted 20 March 2007 - 06:22 AM

Greetings all.
It's been about 2 years since I did anything on this forum.

In that interim I have been running a soft modded gen1 xbox with XBMC as my dash.
and yes the new mc360 version of the XBMC is incredible.

but it's got me wondering: Do I want a 360?

Do I really want to give more money to those assholes at MS?? not really... but I'm tired of my friends making fun of me for not having gears of war.

once again a $400 "console" purchase for a couple of the latest games.
honestly the PS3 is winning my mental debate...

With the advent of the top-gear style mod and all that jazz... am I really going to get the sick ass sexual treatment my gen1 xbox + mod gives me?

What's the real score?
The new mods only seem to ease up sharing with your PC.

BUT... I'm a mac guy.
mac runs samba shares... can I be down?

can my modded 360 have sex with my modded gen1 xbox?
and by sex I mean share files, data, and other "stuff".

Are we good to go?
should I go out and snag a used 360 and slap a hard drive in her anus?

I guess I am asking all these questions, as I'd like to get a 360.
but I don't want to have 20 consoles all over my crib.

I have basically given into the realization that MS will never support Capcom vs SNK2 and street fighter anniversary collection, unless they can sell that to me again... via "live aracde".
.which is why i hang onto the ol gen 1. I can still play that online against my fellow nerd friends.
that and my gen1 xbox seems to still do a shit heap more than a 360 and a pc combined in their Frankenstien-esque make out session.

Xombe.... you know the score.
What's a guy to do?

I hope you've enjoyed reading this.
Sorry to come off all "noob"... but seriously. I can't seem to find the straight answers.
plus I just kind of wanted to make a enjoyable come back post.

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Posted 20 March 2007 - 09:29 AM

First off, welcome back biggrin.gif

But, yeah:

You chose the perfect time to get back on X-S, they're just getting into the 360! Alas, an exploit.
If you can get ahold of a 360 with the correct kernel version, buy it!
It may take a while to get as far along as the Xbox, but nontheless they <i>will</i> get in.



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Posted 20 March 2007 - 04:14 PM

sounds like when you needed a certain dash and kernel to get a softmod going on a G1 xbox.

I am seeking some clarity thought.
I don't really understand the current xbox 360 "mods" and "modchips".

Guess I'm gonna have to do a shit heap of reading.
The forums have lots and lots of info.
so I'll get right on that.

if anyone wants to maybe clear it all up or add some links to this thread (no not the newbie FAQ, been through all that) that answer the serious questions of where the 360 is really at in terms of mods/hacks, feel free.

truthfully I was kind of worried when the 360 came out.
It seemed people wanted mods and hacks more than they were ever going to show up.
even still... it doesn't seem anywhere near the gen1 xbox.

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Posted 20 March 2007 - 04:50 PM

Well I will give you my opinion on your questions.
1st off, the only thing that you can do right now with the 360 is modify the dvd firmware to run backups. download the tutorial in my sig to find out about that.
The "new" exploit that you are hearing about is very new and is not really do-able for most people. Basically it is the beginning of something awesome (we hope) in other words, I wouldn't worry about that yet.
The original xbox is far ahead in terms of modding ability and such. If you are looking to run homebrew then stick with that.
I wouldn't even contemplate getting a ps3. Why? there aren't any games for it! ok, maybe Resistance, but that is it. I have a few friends that sit at home with their ps3's that just collect dust. They come to my house to play an endless amount of games on my 360.
Basically, only get the 360 if you are interested in the next gen games that are out. Believe me when I say the games are awesome. plain and simple. But the 360 is far from being able to do what the xbox1 can do.



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Posted 22 March 2007 - 06:55 PM

thanks for the insight.
I am really hopeful about the Linux hyper visor vulnerability and other exploits.

And of course playing backups is always a bonus.

However, I don't really see the PS3 as being total crap, it has as many titles as the 360 did at launch, and until recently... the 360 hasn't had that many games.
still... the 360 has what? gears of war, viva pinata, some sports crap? lost planet...
I plan on owning all the new consoles.
my goal is to have the 3 latest and a couple of classics. hopefully the 3 latest replacing most of my current consoles.
I have a couple of gen1 xbox set ups, and honestly they are pretty sick, samba sharing and all that.

maybe I will go scoop a used one.

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Posted 22 March 2007 - 07:08 PM

not to start an argument, but seriously the 360 has way more games worth mentioning.

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