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No More Newbie Posts / No More Non-Technical *updated* 7/11/10

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Posted 22 March 2007 - 09:12 AM

Please Post In The Correct Section

If you make a topic here that belongs in a different forum, and it gets moved and merged, finding it will be your own responsibility. So please remember to post in the proper dedicated forum. An excellent example is asking if a certain TV is good for 360 gaming here, which belongs in Audio/Video Technical, such as is discussed in this example topic.

The title of this section is Technical for a reason. This section along with all others in the Technical hacking sections will be hard moderated. Any posts considered Non Technical will be moved or shut down by staff at their discretion.
Do not pm staff or complain about your post going missing. If it is gone it was in the wrong place to start with.

If your post is a basic Newbie post that is covered in the pinned topics, expect it gone from here.
If your post is a general hardware issue or a back up issue, expect it gone from here.
This section has far too many NON TECHNICAL POSTS making it impossible for genuine Technical DVD & Modified Firmware chat to take place.
If you have doubts this is the right place then use the Hardware or Newbie sections of this site.
Members who repeatedly post off topic in here can expect posting restrictions.

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Posted 16 April 2007 - 12:39 AM

Additional Information:

Newbie Posts
  1. All posts about setting up your environment for a first flash (or restore) on a specific drive is to be discussed in the Newbie Chat. It includes all the following type of posts:
    • Is my MB or PCIcard compatible should be posted in Compatible motherboard/PCIcard (in Newbie Chat)
    • My PCIcard and/or SATA ports are not seen in mtkflash
    • My Drive is not seen in windows and / or by mtkflash (including Xread, xflash, samread...)
    • ...
    • I have flashed my drive, but it is the first time I do an upgrade (or a restore)
    • I have just flashed my drive but my backup does not start (Dirty/unplayable Disk...)
    • I have flashed Samsung drive, but it is the first time I do a Hitachi (and vice-versa)
    Therefore all posts associated to a first time of doing something will be closed / moved to Newbie Chat, and referred to the pinned topics.
  2. You should always read the pinned sections here and in the Newbie Chat before asking questions. Posts that are clearly covered in the tutorials and where an answer could have been found easily by searching the pinned sections should also be posted in the in Newbie Chat).
  3. All run-of-the-mill questions, request for tutorials, help to locate information, and confirmations (just want to confirm before I flash) about flashing should also be posted in Newbie Chat.
  4. Now for those that have done several flashes on a given type of drive and suddenly encounters a problem with the same setup, same drive, plse do not hesitate to post.
  5. Tutorials and methods about hacking/flashing DVD-Rom are also very much welcomed.
  6. Everything in between we will have to judged on a case by case.
Also please do not take offense to your post being moved to the proper section as it is not a judgement of the value of the question, but of the best place to get answered while not preventing the other forum from fulfilling their roles.


Finally, If you have several backups that have stopped working, or that are working on another X360 Drive but not on yours, then it is possible that your drive hardware needs inspection.
clean laser -->> pot calibration -->> replace laser is the usual order and questions on this should be posted in Hardware / General.

Spring Update & Ban
We are not interested in seeing speculation threads about the spring update in the Hacking / Technical DVD-ROM Forum (REF: Pinned:: The Spring 2007 Ban Thread, !!!Do not post!!!on this without reading FIRST).

Benq6038 and Hitachi v79
Plse no question about when will a software only hack be available for the Hitachi v79 and Benq6038. When they are ready, it will be announced, we promise. Should you be interested to know about the progress then read the following thread.
Hitachi Gdr-3120l Ver.: 79fk, (NEW VERSION) (currently requires a addon hardware to be soldered)
BenQ VAD6038 - New DVD Drive in Xbox360

For both the next iXtreme firmware and benq/hitachi v79 fw, do not ask when will it be out. With all of our members, as soon as some info is issued then it is posted here so READ the thread.
rgds, soso

Edited by sosotiit, 25 July 2007 - 06:23 PM.

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Posted 21 August 2008 - 09:34 PM

Guys, I suggest you get re-acquainted with these rules as they are NOT being followed at all. ANY posts that do not follow the above guidelines WILL be moved/closed as the moderators discretion.

This rule has been ignored for quite some time, and I will be coming down hard on anyone who does not follow these rules

Additional Information:

Phillips/Lite-On DG-16D2S
Do not make any posts relating to this drive Unless it contains one of the following:
  • Valuable Information about Specifications of the drive
  • Posts revealing information to the finding of a hack
  • Posts revealing information to the release of a hack
Do Not Post asking when a hack will be released, or posts asking how to identify the drive, or that you have one. Any new news will be posted in the X-S news, information on how to identify the drive can be found around, and we dont really care if you have one and already know they are available worldwide

Any questions you may have, or if you wish to track the progress of the Lite-On drive should be kept in this thread ONLY!

Failure to follow these rules will result in the offender having a nice vacation from these forums.

Edited by scuba156, 21 August 2008 - 09:37 PM.

#4 Chancer


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 08:08 PM

The recent flood of posts of a non technical nature in here, basically from members who want to verify they can still play their pirate downloads or asking simplistic questions, for which answers can be found by simply reading some of the pinned topics and threads, has resulted in the Staff here being instructed to crack down harder.

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