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Change Uix Cache Directory ?

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Posted 23 March 2007 - 07:49 AM

How in details should i modify the uix files (and which files exactly) to change the Cache Directory? I'd like to try different versions of uix at the same time.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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Posted 03 April 2007 - 06:40 PM

a little search on google and I came up with this:
The UDATA and TDATA folders are based on the "Title ID" stored in the XBE's Certificate. In the case of UIX, the ID is 0ffeeff0. This can be changed by editing uix.xbe in a hex editor, but you're looking for hex pairs in reverse order.

In other words, break down the ID into 2-character chunks, like this:
0f fe ef f0
then flip their order around backwards (LSB to MSB):
f0 ef fe 0f

That's the series you're looking for in the hex editor. If you want to change the folder to say, 0ffeeff1, you would edit the 4-byte id to:
f1 ef fe 0f
I think the byte you want is at address 018C. Hope this helps!

On trying the manual ID hack, it's not enough - I'm betting that authkeypatch won't be enough either, since UIX uses non-standard paths in the code to store cached files. Normally, an XBE uses the title ID to determine what area it can play with in udata & tdata, but UIX has hard-coded paths in its xbe. When I changed the title ID, it did create a new udata folder, but all that was stored in it was the titleimage.xbe, etc.

Again with a hex editor, do a search, but this time for the ASCII string "ffeeff0". You'll find it several different places throughout the xbe. (I found 5 in the version I have. Changing these hard-coded values to the new folder name in addition to changing the Title ID should do it.

The following are my unsuccessfull attempts (after deleting, before each procedure,from xbox hd memory old uix saves):

First Procedure:
- I did a search (using hex workshop) for the text string "0ffeeff0" (I found 5) in original uix.xbe file and I changed the value in "0ffeeff1";
- I loaded new created uix dash.
All was ok ,but i obtained two different uix saves: in UDATA folder appeared the new "0ffeeff1" folder (all that was stored in it was the titleimage.xbx, saveimage.xbx, titlemeta.xbx) toghether with the "0ffeeff0" folder (containing xips folder, titleimage.xbx, saveimage.xbx, titlemeta.xbx). UIX continues to create the "0ffeeff0" save directory.

Second Procedure:
- Then i edit the uix.xbe (above modified) file as turner3D suggested in the first reply but doing so the uix dash doesn't load and the xbox reboots continuously.

Third Procedure:
So i used authkeypatch with the original uix.xbe, it changed the save directory in one named "xxxxxxxx"; then i renamed, by hex editor, the 5 "0ffeeff0" values into "xxxxxxxx"; the new uix.xbe didn't load and the xbox rebooted. It seems that UIX needs in UDATA the "0ffeeff0" save folder. If i look in the UDATA i see "xxxxxxxx" folder containing only th0se files titleimage.xbx, saveimage.xbx, titlemeta.xbx.

Fourth Procedure:
If i use only authkeypatch UIX loads but creates 2 different saves and one of these is always "0ffeeff0": the same result i obtained by my first procedure.

Surely i mistook somethig or i didn't understood the complete, right procedure that i must follow.
Please be patient (i'm unskilled using hexeditor and my english is very poor) so I would be grateful if you could show me into details the correct practice (did u test it?).

you can try the methods they used but it sounds like it still doesn't work. maybe if they cleared the cache (E:\\CACHE, and the X, Y, and Z drives) after hex editing it wouldn't cause the reboot.

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