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New Over G Site, Come Check Us Out!

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Posted 25 March 2007 - 02:36 AM

First let me say that bad reviews of this game are usually for the reasons below.

Common reasons people give this game bad reviews:
1) They did not switch settings to real so they could not barrel role, or even turn well for that matter.
2) Over G is a flight simulator, not an action game. It is not like Ace Combat, which so many people compare it too. It is a Simulator, therefore it is realistic.
3) They did not play the game long enough to learn the tricks or even unlock planes for that matter. It takes time and practice to get the all the planes, learn to doge missiles, land on carriers, etc.

What is good about the game is everything but one feature, and that is multiplayer. My only concern with multiplayer is that there are not that many gametypes, or Arena maps. Online play is excellent however.
There are many different planes that you can unlock, up to 38 planes along with different paint jobs for some of the planes (F-16 Thunderbirds.) You can fly planes like the F-1 to the modern day F-22. And Russian aircrafts like the Su-33/27 and Migs.

The graphics are excellent considering how big the maps and levels are. Examples of what I mean by graphics are the planes themselves, reflections off of the planes (like the sun.) Vapor trails when you turn, and how water sprays behind you when you fly at low altitudes over the ocean.

The physics and realistic aspect game are the best I have ever seen. They are so well done in fact, you are able to perform stunts exactly like real Air Force Pilots can do.

The game is hard on expert and h*ll mode. I spent days on a few of the missions in h*ll mode, and it kept me busy. The online community is excellent and extremely nice, I have not met one person I have not gotten along with.

There are many, many more great features about this game! I will post about a board I have recently dedicated to helping new members, giving experienced Over G players a place to go and join squads, schedule games, etc. It is also dedicated to all the Men and Women who are in the Air Force and currently at war. You can post any pictures and videos of the Air Force on the specified threads. You can enter at the link located at the bottom of the post.

About the site:
Overg.freepowerboards.com is an upcoming site that will offer a fun community and helpful staff to all of its members. The site is currently under construction, but is almost completed. All it needs now is you! So come join our community, we will hold many events and you will always find something to do. What does overg.freepowerboards.com offer? Well, there are many things.
1) The site itself will have forums, arcade games, chat, a shop (more details at the site), member rankings, helpful staff, and more.
2) The forums have many different parts. There are Regiments, Help Forums, Flight School, Training Courses that will be hosted over Xbox Live, Threads where people post pictures and videos, and countless others
3) Weekly matches will be held so you will always find a game to jump in to. Matches will range from Stunt Practices, Custom Gametypes, Arena, Versus, and more.
4) Think our site is only about Over G. Think again. We love the Air Force and have numerous threads about planes, pictures, videos, and much more. So if your a hardcore aviation fan, this site is for you as well. Join in and post your collection of planes and videos. Or make a new thread about something we haven't even thought of yet.
5) Found something we don't offer? Post it in the Recommendation forum and chances are it will be added. Unlike other sites our moderators and regiment leaders will be active and available for questions. That includes me, I will answer any questions whether in a post, pm, or even email. Myself and the sites staff will not slander you. Think your question might be too stupid? Your wrong. Not asking something because of that thought is stupid in itself. Those are just some of the things overg.freepowerboards.com offers. And were just beginning!! Once we obtain more members who knows what else will be added! So come on and join, invite your friends, and have fun at overg.freepowerboards.com

Enter here: http://www.freepower...i...&refer_id=2

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