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F A Q - Question About The Xbox-scene Forums?

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Posted 19 April 2007 - 04:30 PM

Here are a list of common questions we get in the Compliments / Suggestions / Complaints forum... Rather then answering them again... and again... and again I've compiled them here with the response you would have got if you asked it.

If you as a question that is answered here.


Q: What are the forum rules?
Rules and Acceptable Posting Policy for Xbox-Scene
Buy and Sell Forum Specific Rules

Q: Why was I/my friend BANNED?
QUOTE(HSDEMONZ @ Apr 1 2004, 03:54 PM) View Post

They know why they were banned. They can review the rules that are clearly posted in all forums. Also, sometimes.. as a parting shot.. it might be mentioned in their "revised" sig.

Also.. to tell you honestly.. we usually simply delete/ignore these pm's that are sent usually from the banned persons NEW multiple account.

If the Account that is requesting this info isn't the original poster who was banned.. all this does.. is draw attention to your account. I've said it before.. but it bears repeating... it's none of your business.

It's not worth your time or effort to ask.

It's also not worth our time to provide you with an answer. No answer we provide will satisfy you anyways in most respects.. since bias is with the "banned". After all.. I/we the staff.. are the 'evil' ones who banned you or your 'friend'.

My 'Brother" did it..

It just doesn't hold any water around here either. It's a cop out.

If you are going to use this site.. you are responsible for your account.. same with your machine/connection.

Secure it now.. not "after" your bogus story.

C: I Report posts all the time but nothing ever gets done about it!
A: The report system currently works through email (though that might change), and the email system doesn't always work. Reporting posts is a good habit to have but if something needs immediate attention PM a moderator currently on duty (denoted by the colored names at the bottom of the forum index) with a link to the offending post and it will be dealt with promptly.

C: Member "X" is harassing me/being a jerk/breaking the rules!
A: If you see another member that is out of line, do not take matters into your own hands... report the derelict behavior to a moderator and let them take care if it. 9 times out of 10 if you "fight back" or "defend yourself" you'll find yourself with a suspension or ban as well. Don't be stupid, keep your mouth shut and report the issue.

C: Moderator "X" is a jerk and abuses his powers!
A: If you have a problem with one of the Staff members on Xbox-Scene PM HSDEMONZ about it and he will look into it.

Q: How do I become a Moderator?
A: I'll tell you how to NOT become a moderator... by asking. If you really want to help Xbox-Scene Keep your nose clean and be helpful... don't call us, we'll call you.

Q: Can I Donate to Xbox-Scene?
QUOTE(HSDEMONZ @ Nov 5 2005, 01:00 PM) View Post

At this time.. we don't want or need your money. Use the service as we provide it. If in the future our status changes, Xantium will humbly ask for donation, or provide a unique product or service to raise funds.

People ignoring this will find their account temporarily mutes or closed.

It's been discussed to death, and nothing has changed people.

Our mandate, is to provide the best possible service we can, without hitting up the membership for funds, and keeping advertising to a tasteful level.


Q: What's up with these annoying POP-UP ADs? / ADs for pornographic or illegal content?
A: If you see any Ads that don't belong in the banner (pop-ups, pornographic, or illegal material) Please report it in this forum with a link to the referrer, also include a screen-shot if possible, the Admin staff will take care of it as soon as they can.

Q: Why can't I edit my posts? / Where is the edit button?
QUOTE(HSDEMONZ @ Dec 1 2004, 08:46 AM) View Post
Due to alot of recent abuse and "disappearing posts" we've placed a 15 minute grace period for edits on your own posts.

After that.. the posts are committed to the db.

People with compatibility listings, or key guides or pins topics that need EDIT access.. contact me via pm and we'll work something out. (also includes links to those threads.. etc.)


Only the 'member' account class is affected. Moderators, Head Mods, Admin, Xlink, ProjectDeck and other account classes are unaffected and still have full edit access.

It's regrettable to see this action taken.. but we found recently that some people who had contributed to the scene decided to take their ball and kick in the sand castle and delete their past contributions out of spite hurting the site, and it's users.

Q: Is the "REAL" Search Engine ever coming back? or Do we have to keep using Google and Board Tracker?
QUOTE(HSDEMONZ @ Aug 2 2006, 06:50 PM) View Post

BoardTracker will stay.. and if we get our own or another running.. it can sit nicely as a secondary option. It's here to stay as far as we're concerned.

Q: Why Don't Email Notifications Work?
A: The Email system has been taken down due to the excessive server load we experience on a daily basis (hey, Xbox-Scene is a popular site). Unfortunately there are not any plans at present to completely resolve this issue. you'll have to simple bookmark your favorite threads and check back often.

Q: Why doesn't my post count go up?
QUOTE(HSDEMONZ @ Aug 19 2003, 07:07 AM) View Post
Post Counts in Offtopic and Sales forums.. have been turned off.

Post Counts will only go up if you are active in Technical forums. If you read this thread.. you get some idea why this was necessary.

Anyone who argues that post count is important.. or means something other than a person has been around enough to post that many posts is a moron.

Anyone starting new "WTF? why does my post count not go up?" should expect to be ridiculed publicly in the forum.

Xeero Made some great points..
Well, the whole rank thing is horseshit. You can put in, what, 100 posts in 4 days in Comedy, and you're a X-S Senior Member. I've actually seen new members say, "Thank you, it's nice to have a senior member pointing me in the right direction".

Because if Joe Asshat thread craps...or sells a lot...or buys a lot...or supports a lot of sales...or bumps his sale a lot...or thread craps some more...THAT is an accurate assessment of his Xbox experience, right?
I like the premise that you really can't complain about it and still maintain your integrity. Go on, try it.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: you really can't complain about your post count without sacrificing your integrity. If you do complain about it, then you're posting for the wrong reasons.


Q: Why can I only see the titles of posts when I view the forum?
A:IPB Image
That should fix you right up. beerchug.gif

Q: Why don't you have a Sub forum for Game "X"?
A: With the Xbox 360 we try to keep up to date with a dedicated forum for each game released. Xbox 1 and Playstation 3 titles are added case by case based on need. If there is an Xbox 360 game we've missed Please reply to this thread with the name of the game we are missing.

For specific games on Xbox 1 and PS3 check to see if someone else has created a thread requested it already, if so add your support. Otherwise start a thread with a request if enough respected Xbox Scene members support it, the Admins will consider creating it. Certain sub-forums (like Halo 2 and Counter Strike) have been removed due to abuse and will not come back. Xbox-Scene reserves the right to not create forums if we don't want to regardless of how much support it has.

Q: Will you consider creating an off-topic forum for "X"?
A: Similar to dedicated game forums check to see if someone else has created a thread requested it already, if so add your support. Otherwise start a thread with a request. If enough respected Xbox Scene members support it the Admins will consider creating it. Xbox-Scene reserves the right to not create forums if we don't want to regardless of how much support it has.

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Posted 01 May 2007 - 03:31 AM

Q: Why don't you have dedicated Wii forums like you do for Xbox and PS3?
QUOTE(HSDEMONZ @ Feb 21 2007, 08:02 PM) View Post

At this time.. while we are considering a full expansion.. let's not have any more topics asking for or suggesting it. At this time, this is no plan for an expansion on XS. We own some key Wii urls, and may put them to use shortly, if used, they will direct to this single forum.
QUOTE(XanTium @ Mar 17 2007, 12:54 PM) View Post

you can also check the newly launched http://nintendo-scene.com (I don't run/own it, but some of the x-scene moderators do).

other good Wii site u might wanna check out ... http://wii.ps2-scene.org

most of the others I wouldn't trust too much.

Q: How do I see the topics that I posted in?

All subforum indexes have a "Show All" -> "Topics: I Replied" link in the drop down box at the bottom, there is currently not a global search for this feature.
Also if you go to "My Controls", then on the left select "View Topics". It will show all of the topics that you have posted in (after 10 days of inactivity, they are removed from this list).

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