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X2 Pro Flash Problems

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Posted 30 May 2003 - 01:50 AM

Okay so I am following the X2 pro tutorial on how to flash it with ozxflash by tester123 but I got stuck once again. His instructions say:
2. You'll need X2MB (Get It Here) also so you can save your bios image as a 1024 bios bin, instead of a 256 bios bin. The read me that comes with OZXchip says use 256 bios, but dis-regard this. It MUST BE A 1024 bin bios.

Now run X2MB and click the "Image Size" button, click the "import" button. A new window will open up, choose your up to date bios that you downloaded (try bios X2 4976.02 or X2 4976.02 Coloured). Continue to import the SAME bios to all four banks, until all banks are loaded with the bios. It should look like this when you start out:

After you've imported the SAME bios to all banks, then click the save button, and save the bin as "bios.bin". It must be saved as "bios.bin"... all lowercase. If not... you're going nowhere. Now this bin should be a 1024k bios saved as "bios.bin".


Next download UltraISO here.

Now you'll need to create an ISO for your bios. To do this you'll need to add your "bios.bin" (the 1024k bios bin you created with X2BM) to the ISO you're going to create. You will also need a "fluffing" file. This adds size to the ISO so the Cromwell bios can mount it. So you'll need to ad a zip file to the ISO.

I used Nero.exe, and converted to zip form using winzip and added it to the ISO. So now you should have "bios.bin" and "Nero.zip" in your directory. NOTE.... The "bios.bin should be listed on top of the "Nero.zip". Click the "save" Icon, and save the ISO and save it as "biosflash.iso"

Now you have an ISO bios file.


Burn this image to a CD/RW with Nero using these steps:

Open Nero, click on "File", scroll down to "burn Image...", then locate your "biosflash.iso" and select that file and click open. Now select the lowest possible write speed(2x if possible) then select the "disk at once" write method, then click the "write" button and let nero do it's job.

Take the CD/RW out Label it as disk two.


Your almost done now.

Boot your Xbox into the Cromwell 1.8 Linux dash. The DVD ROM should auto eject. Put in disk one. WAIT UNTIL IT SAYS "Please Insert CD" before you close the drive. Looks like this:(thanks chris76rs for the pics)

The code should execute, just follow the on screen messages. The drive will open by itself prompting for the bios disk. Load disk 2 and let the drive close by its self. It will then proceed in flashing your chip.

Remember the DVD ROM will open and close by itself during the process. Do not manually close or open the drive or you have to start over.

So I put in my first CD RW with ozxflash or w/e and try it and its doing its thing until i get this message panic: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel. Not sure what to do now but like it says that the hard drive is locked so maybe thats it? Not sure what to do pleae help me out!

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Posted 30 May 2003 - 03:16 AM

If you got the Pro then just flash it through your PC's parallel port. All you need is X2BM.

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