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Trying To Make My Site Even Better For You Guys, So I Need Your Help/o

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#1 Snowfox00x


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Posted 02 May 2007 - 10:58 AM

Most of you know my forums are down, and probably aren't coming back so I havn't been able to get feedback from the people who still play or are still interested in this game.

Know of any files/patches I don't currently have on my site that others do? What might those be? Who created them? If not you, who woud I contact about permission to put them on the site? (yeah i don't put other peoples files on my site without permission unlike 99% of the others)

Any other suggestions that might help me make the site better?(aside from restoring the forum function) Expansion? Graphics?

For the past year the site was ran by my staff. People I've trusted however their interst has dimmed down, or they are busy with other things or no longer have access to internet(yes im talking about you gouken!!) I finally have a break from my job and other things since about everything in my life has changed in the past 6 months.

Lastly I AM looking for help from people who might have suggestions. Such as writing up tutorials for whatever(legit, cheated, or glitched it really doesnt matter) Even help with changing the website design to something better. If you can think of it, I want to hear it. Taking any and all suggestions!

Easiest way to reach me is AIM. my sn is Snowfox00x I would give out my email but there always seems to be that one kid who thinks hes cool that will try and spam it. I also do have a new Gamer Tag over Xbox Live which is Snowfox Zero(well its kinda old but it was recently unbanned and Ive actually been playing some pso) So send me a friend request if you want.

As always, my site does NOT condone illegal activities or piracy, so please keep that in mind in making any suggestions. However I am open to puting xbox modding information up AS long as it does NOT violate any laws.


#2 warmBANANApeel


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Posted 18 July 2007 - 02:26 AM

Well if there was anything that you could really add it'd be a java app or something that can load up the hex data that should be entered for offsets, items, weapons+%'s, and stats in the default.xbe... I don't know if you know your java like I do, but you certainly know your hex. I like to play legit, i have like 820 hours of good legit play on my GC version and hax really made it possible to replicate that on my xbox. Anyways, you should also release some of your awesome cosmetics like the fire effects and stuff. That'd be pretty sweet. Also if you have some good time, figure out how to hex edit the saves instead of the default.xbe. If anyone could figure it out it'd be you. If you could do that a program could be written to mod save files kinda like a D2Hero editor or something. That'd be cool. Also if you could have some sort of database of default.xbe's or an upload forum kinda thing where people/yourself could submit homemade characters. That'd be cool for all the people who aren't just playing it just to hack it. Anything more would be asking you to tell your secrets and that'd defeat the purpose. Hmm... do you think it's possible to add new weapons to the game? Like im sure theres a bunch of model/texture/anims around that could easily be tampered with and seeing how easy it is to hack weapon stats it might be just as easy to hack some new weapons into the game. I'm pretty crafty with Maya and I know a guy who would be willing to make some textures too. Lemme know if you find something. My email is warmbananapeel@gmail.com and my aim is Battleslayer136. Hope to hear from you.

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