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[q] Inverse Of Popular Hard Drives Mod

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Posted 08 May 2007 - 09:00 PM

After the recent hack of WD HD hack from the Specialist, I began to brainstorm If it is possible to connect the hard drive from the outside instead of internalising and soldering it to the mainboard..

Now ive been comparing the pins of the mainboard to the actually HDD socket
7 pins for DATA
7 pins for POWER/GROUND

It is practically the same, now interestingly their alot of mods that you can insert into the HDD to backup content, but is it not possible someone can build a PCB that can wedge inbetween the 2x 7pin layout on the 360 HDD socket
7pins (DATA)
- Divider
7pins (GROUND)

or alternatively use a PCB to insert into the console for just the DATA pins, and using a molex to usb mod, you can achieve 5V from the USB.. and then connect the sata port from the WD HDD to the modified PCB which is connected to the 360.

so what your looking at is basically (take the following design as an example)
the PCB connects to the 360 HDD socket (NOT THE HARDDRIVE) Data pins or all 14pins and also ignore the molex because the HDD should be able to powered from the USB

Is it possible, will try this out after exams are over (end of May)
Anyone selling a 360sata in the UK?

anyone willing to add info?
also ordered quite a few faulty 360's on ebay so will try and achieve a possible mod like this..

Quick edit: Also forgot to mention the use of the SATA Power + DATA combo wire as it helps..

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