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Embedded Key

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#1 xman2007


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Posted 03 June 2007 - 03:24 PM

whats the advantage of embedding your key in xbtool?

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Posted 06 June 2007 - 01:56 PM

The largest reason for embedding your Xbox's EEPROM into your BIOS is for when the on-board EEPROM chip is not able to store information correctly anymore.

#3 litspliff


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Posted 11 June 2007 - 12:39 AM


i've got an xbox that blows out the EEPROM chip about once a year.

i want to embed one into the BIOS, but i can't find a tutorial.

any help would be much appreciated.


#4 litspliff


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Posted 11 June 2007 - 09:49 AM

okay, i know why there is no tutorial now.

it's very easy to do.

for anyone who wants to know.... (for xecuter 2 4981 bios)

NOT FOR v1.6 XBOXES. 1.0 --> 1.5 ONLY.


make sure you are not using a 4979, 4983, etc. BIOS image. i made this mistake at first, that's why i couldn't figure it out. 4981 is the xecuter bios to use. also get the latest version of xbtool. i used 1.0.23a. not sure if that's the most current, but it worked great for me.

in the folder that contains the executable for xbtool (xbtool.exe), you should find a folder labeled "patch data". place your EEPROM image (eeprom.bin) in here. it should be a 256 byte file. also, if your HD is locked, make sure you use the correct EEPROM image (you backed it up, right?). if you don't know how to get an EEPROM image, you need to find out how. you are not ready to patch a bios file yet.

once you have place your EEPROM image in the "patch data" folder, execute xbtool. chose your victim using the "open" button in the "file operations" section. verify the bios version (4981 hopefully) in the "info" section. in the section with all misc. checkbox options ("toggles"), look for one that says "embed eeprom". check this box. if this box can not be checked, then you did something wrong, or you are using the wrong bios image to edit, or the wrong version of xbtool.

(OPTIONAL SECTION) now go ahead and fck with some of the colors, and turn on the animation (check in the "toggles section"), so you have a professional looking bios that you can uniquely identify as it loads on your xbox! i also like to change the LED ring and boot options while i have the BIOS image open. you may also need to set your desired image size. there are a lot of handy options to patch, but don't mess with anything if you don't know what it does.

now that you've chosen all of your options, and checked the "embed eeprom" check box, you can save your BIOS image using the "save as" button in the "file operations" section. save the bios file with a unique name describing it.

that's it. you end up with a *.bin file that you can flash to the location of your choice. i recommend doing a little scripting in your evox.ini file, and adding it to the "SYSTEM" section of the menu.

any way you flash it, as long as you are successful, you end up with an xbox that no longer needs an EEPROM chip to turn on. if your HD is locked, i hope you used a backup image of your original EEPROM!

came here asking for help, hopefully i'll be able to help someone.

if you've got any complitments, criticisms, or questions....PM

i just tried this on a 1.0 that regularly blows out EEPROMs.

i got tired of replacing the damn chips (kinda tricky), so this was my solution.

the chip is still there, but corrupt. the xbox works perfectly fine with my new BIOS.

i'm assuming the chip could be removed completely now, but i don't know that for sure.

a fun little project!


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