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Xboxmediacenter - June 04th 2007 Svn Rev9200 Build, Compiled By T3ch

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#1 XanTium


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Posted 04 June 2007 - 09:19 PM

XboxMediaCenter SVN rev9200 build of June 04th 2007 compiled by T3CH

This is a complete snapshot of what was in SVN at the time the build was compiled, with just a few small additions:
+ Killarny & Nuka1195 & Pikes Apple Movie Trailers (AMT) SVN 0.97.5 [scripts: Apple Movie Trailers]
+ BritneysPAIRS's ~110 choosen Milkdrop presets [visualisations: MD - BPs Selection]
+ EnderW & Blittans XBMCScripts Installer 1.8 SCRIPT [scripts: XBMCScripts]
+ Team XBMC Lyrics 1.5 SCRIPT [scripts: XBMC Lyrics]
+ Asteron's Tetris 1.0 SCRIPT [scripts: Tetris]
+ Nuka1195's T3CH Downloader SCRIPT [scripts: T3CH Downloader]
+ Codecs for mplayer [/system/players/mplayer/codecs/:*]
+ PM3 Red Theme + PM3 Blue Theme by Jezz_X

Special Note From T3CH:

* I made this build yesterday so build date will say 3rd, but no changes has been made to SVN since, so enjoy this new T3CH
* For the first time I've removed a script. Snake was removed because it stopped functioning. If the author fixes bugs and add builtin update functionality, I might readd it in future
* I'm including the >>XBMC Win32 PC environment<<.exe that is meant for skinners & python developers, read more about the concept here. It was built using Microsoft DirectX Summer 2004 SDK.
* I've tweaked the win32 >>run_me_first.bat<< so it runs and then unmounts the virtual drives when you exit.
* If you want to report bugs, please do it the PROPER way, see http://www.xboxmedia...oper_Bug_Report


* added: busydialogdelay option in advancedsettings to set the delay in milliseconds before the busydialog pops up. <busydialogdelay>2000</busydialogdelay>

* keymap.xml:

Here is the FULL changelog since the May 27th 2007 SVN Rev9113 Build (last one posted on xbins/xbox-scene):

2007-06-03 9200 Added : PM3 - Added scrollbar page control for list/thumbs to File Browser dialog for better mouse support
2007-06-03 9199 Changed : Full screen Video Info now displays Show Name, Episode and season number when playing a TV episode scanned to library
2007-06-03 9198 fixed: GetListItem removed: redundant ListItem methods in WindowXML since getListItem is fixed. removed: RefreshList from WindowXML, no need for it/wouldn't have worked anyway.
2007-06-03 9197 Fixed : PM3 Aspect ratio of Music Now Playing cover would change when entering video and album info windows
2007-06-02 9186 fixed: some streams wich just didn't return any data on read after connection would lockup xbmc (mplayer.dll) fixed: cache rewrite made some streams stall on buffering when stream ends (mplayer.dll)
2007-06-02 9182 added: "Date Added" sort order to smart playlists to get recently added songs. Can't be used to filter on as yet (next db update we'll add that)
2007-06-01 9177 fixed: Thumbnails didn't show for some playlists from music library.
2007-05-31 9169 updated: danish language (thanks to buchwaldsource) updated: italian language (thanks to kotix)
2007-05-31 9168 added: videoplayer.content visibility condition (less stupidity this time)
2007-05-31 9167 added: busydialogdelay option in advancedsettings to set the delay in milliseconds before the busydialog pops up. <busydialogdelay>2000</busydialogdelay>
2007-05-31 9166 added: videoplayer.content visibility condition
2007-05-31 9165 changed: more solid skip track in last.fm radio and show busydialog when skipping track in last.fm radio.
2007-05-31 9164 changed: longer delay before showing busydialog and don't show the busydialog if any modal dialog is on screen.
2007-05-31 9163 fixed: caching and network connecting would yet again take 100% cpu. (mplayer.dll)
2007-05-31 9161 fixed: Sort by File oddities with .zip or .rar files.
2007-05-31 9159 fixed: Some old (v2.2/2.3) embedded images weren't being read.
2007-05-31 9158 added: Ability for the "View As Icons" button to be a selectbutton or spincontrol.
2007-05-31 9157 fixed: Crash with select button if incorrectly used.
2007-05-31 9156 fixed: Slow queries of various album related things (album lookup from files/now playing, recently added album songs etc.)
2007-05-30 9152 fixed: mplayer progressbar would display on seek if non ttf subtitle where used (mplayer.dll) fixed: mplayer would take forever to start, and apear to lockup on seek (mplayer.dll)
2007-05-29 9140 fixed: Picture sharpness on return from vis/screensaver was wrong.
2007-05-29 9136 fixed: Funky mouse behaviour in context menu.
2007-05-29 9135 fixed: [ 1717773 ] Skin misbehaves in Settings.
2007-05-29 9134 fixed: [ 1717785 ] Hidden thumbnails not displayed over smb.
2007-05-29 9133 fixed: .cue sheet item changes weren't picked up by the path hashing.
2007-05-28 9132 fixed: [ 1726601 ] Saving of individual video settings.
2007-05-28 9131 fixed: Recently Added Albums wasn't functioning.
2007-05-28 9130 updated: asf demuxer to mplayerhq version. contains a new version of John's dvr-ms demuxer code. (mplayer.dll) fixed: mplayer would spew out more caching messages than normal since rewriting of cache aborting routine (mplayer.dll) fixed: noise filter would use wrong image size for direct rendering wich caused libavcodec to break because of the changed stride of the image. (mplayer.dll)
2007-05-28 9126 fixed: content-types like "video/x-ms-asf ; charset=utf8" where not considered of type "video/x-ms-asf"
2007-05-28 9125 fixed: curl could crash if a session was rerequested after it had only been used for stat
2007-05-28 9124 fixed: curl could crash if a session was rerequested after it had only been used for stat
2007-05-28 9123 fixed: playfile command from http api would parse playlists as .strm files even if they where something totally else
2007-05-28 9122 updated: Chinese (Simple) language (thanks to pcman) updated: Chinese (Traditional) language (thanks to omenpica)
2007-05-28 9121 changed: Cue sheet reading is a little more resilient to non-standard INDEX * entries.
2007-05-28 9120 fixed: getCachedThumbFile() to work with unicode strings courtesy of Nuka1195

INSTALL NOTES from T3CH readme/nfo:

- Fresh Install: Transfer _whole_ XBMC folder to your APPS folder (or where you want it).
- Upgrade: Backup the XBMC\UserData folder. Transfer whole XBMC folder to Xbox. Overwrite UserData folder with your backed up copy.

ARE NOT COVERED IN THIS README, SEE http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=406656

- Option 1. Team XBMC's shortcut tool.
It's included in the _tools folder as <<SHORTCUT by TEAM XBMC.xbe>> + <<SHORTCUT by TEAM XBMC.cfg>>.
Instructions here: http://www.xboxmedia...=As_a_Dashboard (Option 1).
Rename the <<SHORTCUT by TEAM XBMC.xbe>>+.cfg & also EDIT the .cfg so it matches your config.
- Option 2. Thanks to an app called 'Team UIX's Xbe Shortcut Maker v1.0' by JbOnE, it's now easy...
Transfer contents of XBMC folder (this is VERY important since the tool is hardcoded) TO "E:\APPS\XBMC\". Rename <<SHORTCUT by TEAM UIX.xbe>> to something your bios can boot (see http://www.xboxmedia...=As_a_Dashboard or read your BIOS README) and transfer to location your mod solution boots. No need to fiddle with HOME tag anymore, and future upgrades you need not to worry about this file (unless you move XBMC).

Good to know, this requires DirectX9 Runtimes to be installed. Also this doesn't work with all graphics cards.
You need to:
- Copy XBMC_PC.exe & 'run_me_first.bat' from win32 to XBMC folder
- Run 'run_me_first.bat'
- Run XBMC_PC.exe

If you're updating from a VERY old/bad build you may get issues. Follow these simple rules:
- Replace (FTP OVERWRITE) all files in your XBMC folder with fresh ones from your new build
- Delete old settings (from UserData/guisettings.xml)
- In some rare cases some of the database files in UserData/Database/*.db may need manual deletion (usually if they are very old). Note: This loses all per file settings you made with the old build!

INFORMATION from T3CH readme/nfo:

XBMC's online manual can be found at http://wiki.xboxmediacenter.com/ .
Any questions or support issues, are best asked in the XBMC support forums, which are located at http://forum.xboxmediacenter.com , or in the official IRC support channel, #XBMC on Freenode IRC network (irc.freenode.net). (NOTE folks in #XBMC can't help with info where to find builds)

If you want other skins (make sure they are up-to-date and compatible before installing them), see:
- http://www.allxboxsk...h...=XBMC&cat=0 or
- http://www.xbox-skin...hp?dlcategory=7
there's a list of 2.0 compatible skins here:
- http://www.xboxmedia...patibility_List

If you want other scripts (extra 3rd party components), see
- http://www.xbmcscripts.com or use the included script installer!

If you want trainers, grab them at
- http://www.google.co...q=xbox trainers

The xbe has been retail patched and was built using v5849 of the XDK.

If you want to remove the startup logo, remove splash.png from the \media folder.
If you want to remove the startup sound, remove start.wav from the \skin\Project Mayhem III\sounds\ folder.

XBMC Changelog is included, see Changelog.txt

Official XBMC Website: http://www.xboxmediacenter.com
Official T3CH Website: http://t3ch.yi.se

#2 J_K_M_A_N


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Posted 04 June 2007 - 09:23 PM

2007-06-03 9199 Changed : Full screen Video Info now displays Show Name, Episode and season number when playing a TV episode scanned to library

I was just going to request something like that. Thanks!


#3 gnutellafan


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Posted 04 June 2007 - 10:46 PM

Thanks as always to the XBMC team and TECH!!

#4 Trigger911


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Posted 04 June 2007 - 11:00 PM

Sweeeeet im the third to post thanks for the compile tech and thanks team xbmc for the awesome work

#5 elitegamer360


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Posted 05 June 2007 - 01:03 AM

Grreat & thank you very much, I just keep counting the days until the next release biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

#6 peterPL


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Posted 05 June 2007 - 04:02 AM

Please fix info about music files - display 24bit when playing 16bit files

#7 jmarshall


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Posted 05 June 2007 - 04:15 AM

There is nothing to fix. MP3 (and other lossy formats) have no knowledge of what the files were before they were compressed, and bit depth is meaningless to these formats.

Thus, we show the only thing we can: Bit depth used for decoding.

#8 shizzle01


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Posted 05 June 2007 - 04:54 AM

thanx xbmc

#9 syntaxerror329


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Posted 05 June 2007 - 05:39 AM

Its getting about time for me to upgrade mine again. I like to do it every 3 months. This build has some interesting things. Thanks to everyone that works so hard on this.

#10 peterPL


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Posted 05 June 2007 - 05:42 AM

Thanks for explanation jmarshall

Edited by peterPL, 05 June 2007 - 05:42 AM.

#11 michaeljohnson


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Posted 05 June 2007 - 06:16 AM

Can you have XBMC have an option to remove a single file from the music library (instead of having to delete everything), the video library is able to.

#12 cellpunxer


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Posted 05 June 2007 - 06:52 AM

TECH,Thank you for your Hard Work..

#13 DownUnderDan


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Posted 05 June 2007 - 06:57 AM

Thanks to the developers and TECH for bringing these builds to us! I am one of the many who would normally never post, but love XBMC.

By the way, did we get all the noteworthy changes, seems like it got cut off?

#14 alrwebber


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Posted 05 June 2007 - 07:45 AM

is it just me or is everyone else experiencing difficulty in accessing scripts in this new version? I can't open any script at all even tetris or snake. I have no idea why. It just makes the clicking sound after I press A and it wont load anything.

any help? sad.gif

#15 jmarshall


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Posted 05 June 2007 - 08:51 AM


Just remove the file then context -> update library. Why do you want to keep a file around you obviously don't want in the library.

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