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Micro$oft Gift?

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Posted 05 June 2007 - 02:03 PM


First post here!

Reading rc23629 saw an interesting reference to a new security technology that maybe could be useful to the scene. It's called NSCB. Technet


Q: Are the keys stored on the SSC renewable?

A: No, but neither are they retrievable in any practical way. It is technically conceivable that a dedicated hacker could physically pull the SSC from the motherboard and attack it in a way that would produce the key, provided he or she had access to the hardware. However, this would be an extreme case and even then would only affect the single machine (i.e., it would not be a break once, break everywhere, or "BOBE" attack).


Q: I have heard that NGSCB will force people to run only Microsoft-approved software.

A: This is simply not true. The nexus-aware security chip (the SSC) and other NGSCB features are not involved in the boot process of the operating system or in its decision to load an application that does not use the nexus. Because the nexus is not involved in the boot process, it cannot block an operating system or drivers or any nexus-unaware PC application from running. Only the user decides what nexus-aware applications get to run. Anyone can write an application to take advantage of new APIs that call to the nexus and related components without notifying Microsoft or getting Microsoft's approval.

It will be possible, of course, to write applications that require access to nexus-aware services in order to run. Such an application could implement access policies that would require some type of cryptographically signed license or certificate before running. However, the application itself would enforce that policy and this would not impact other nexus-aware applications. The nexus and NCAs isolate applications from each other, so it is not possible for an individual nexus-aware application to prevent another one from running.

Hope this light the path a little.... dry.gif Maybe they're answering our existential questions tongue.gif

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Posted 06 June 2007 - 02:09 AM

Not to rain on your parade, but this has little... to nothing to do with 'the scene' and isn't 'useful' to the scene either. They're talking about Vista and such because of the codename 'longhorn.' Also at the top... it says July 2003, and what I'm betting here, is that that was written then, so that is ancient news if so. And also doesn't even have the word xbox on it, or 360, or even console for that matter. That's all about the PC, not the xbox 360, nor is it for the "Technical IBM CPU, ATI Xenos GPU and Serial Buses Forum."

But Kudos for a good effort,

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Posted 06 June 2007 - 07:43 AM

yes, i thought the same... and i know that talks about Palladium... but, if you read the whole paper, there are a lot of resemblances between the way it works and our beloved white box... call me optimist! smile.gif

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