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The Darkness

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#1 STiCKyiKyBuDz


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Posted 27 June 2007 - 11:26 PM

Ive been hearing a lot of good things about this game, yet people still people say it doesn't live up to all expectations. Ive played and beat Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher bay, and that was a AMAZING single player game.

I am considering getting this game, but I am not as much afraid that it won't be good, as much as with the longevity and gameplay. I don't want this game to be a 1 month game, I want to get some bang for my buck.

So whats ur verdict? jester.gif
Buy, Rent , Avoid

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#2 bucko


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Posted 27 June 2007 - 11:28 PM

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#3 grim_d


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Posted 27 June 2007 - 11:32 PM


i will be receiving this game tomorrow, hopefully it will be decent.

#4 Phantaxus


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Posted 28 June 2007 - 05:51 AM



scores from 7.8-9/10

only about 10hr in single player apparently

#5 commandersafi


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Posted 28 June 2007 - 06:38 AM

It looks like a pretty good game, I cant wait to play it

#6 grim_d


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Posted 28 June 2007 - 08:50 AM

just received it along with overlord in the mail.

ill stick it on in a while whle ive woken up.

#7 brutalsun


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Posted 30 June 2007 - 08:27 PM

It's definately a great game. I've already gotten the darkness gun... so 3 darkness weapons thus far
1.creeping darkness
2.demon arms
3.darkness guns.
I have about 157 hearts and am stuck in no-mans land
Graphics are a 8/10... the characters are graphically awesome.... the worlds bring it down slightly, with some poor surfacing.
Haven't tried multi yet.
The voice acting is superb.... the darkness is slightly creepy.

I say buy it.

#8 ryanmxb13


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Posted 02 July 2007 - 12:04 AM

definately a must buy. The graphics are amzing the lighting affects are so good i was really taken away by it all. the gameplay is allright but like one of the other posts above i don't understand why you put a full clip into a guy and he gets back up. The darkness powers are a real highlight in this game and all the gore is great plus there is a real in depth storyline. i really dont know how far i am into the story but so far it is great and would definately reccommend it. today i had a go at multiplayer for 5 minutes and it was quite good the only main problem i had was that all the rooms i were in had lag but i dont know if that was just the hosts fault anyway all in all this is a great game and i say buy it. biggrin.gif



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Posted 08 July 2007 - 07:51 PM

It's a pretty decent game. I don't think it as great as everyone makes it to be. The controls are a pain in the ass, especially traditional weapons, it's almost better to walk up to your enemy and smack them in the face with the guns then it is to actually shoot them with them. The graphics are great, the storyline is pretty awesome.

I got it after Overlord and I think Overlord was a much better buy.

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#10 perfectdark


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Posted 14 July 2007 - 06:46 PM

I just rented it and DONT BOTHER, nothing special and reminds me of PREY (enough said)

#11 twistedsymphony


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Posted 17 July 2007 - 08:05 PM

If you liked Riddick EFBB then you'll love this game

I got it earlier this week, I hadn't read a single review or anything I simply bought it because I'm a fan of Starbreeze's previous work.

I was quite pleased...

I'd say graphically the game is a high 8/low 9 On a while they're amazing... but it starts to lose a little quality in the details background textures like signs and such are low res, which wouldn't be so bad but there are often times you're required to look at a map on the wall or a room number and it'll be all pixelated and ugly. the game features self shadowing which is awesome graphically but it flickers sometimes. Again this would normally not be noticeable but the loading screens are close ups of your character narrating the story and when his face takes up the whole screen and you're watching his nose shadow flicker on and off his cheek it can be rather distracting. If those two issues were fixed I think the graphics would be a 10... the lighting effects normal mapping character models animations and textures are all top notch. My brother stopped by my house half way through the game while there was a cut scene playing and he seriously thought it was a live action movie for a few seconds biggrin.gif He's a gamer too just to put it in perspective.

This is where the game shines... IMO it could be quite possibly the best storyline of any Xbox 360 title to date. The characters are all really well developed the voice acting friggin rules (particularly the Darkness and Jacky) and there are quite a few side quests and loads of hidden stuff. Also the game is rather open ended... there are a number of areas that make up the city and you can pretty much go anywhere you want when you want. The storyline is linear but you can usually break away from the main story and work on side quests or hunt for hidden items, just explore the world whenever you want.

The gameplay is great too... switching between darkness powers/weapons can be a little clunky but most of them are not used for the heavy action stuff but getting through areas where you need to unlock a door from the other side or move some large object. The darkness guns and black hole can be quite handy as sort of an alternate weapon when doing battle with baddies in the game. In terms of the gameplay I'd compare it more to Condemned than a typical FPS. that is to say it's not as fluid or fast paced as your halos or Gears... it's a story driven adventure first and an FPS second. I should note that I haven't yet played online

Replay value
You can play through the solo game in about 12 hours time, but there is enough hidden stuff/achievements to easily warrant a 2nd play through and the story is good enough that you'll WANT to play through it a 2nd time. There is also a multiplayer mode which I haven't played and I heard it can be really fun but it's horribly laggy over xbox Live. It does offer system link play though and from what I hear that plays much better than over XBL. There hasn't been any game updates since it's release and the rumor is that one is coming to help reduce the XBL lag.

My advice:
If you're not interested in the online you can get away with a rental... but I love the story enough that this is a game I can see myself playing through a number of times.

overall I'd give the game a solid 9/10

I think they would have been better served adding more to the single player experience (like 4 or 5 more chapters/ 10 or so more side quests) and getting rid of the multiplayer altogether but the game that is there is quite worth playing.

#12 cerealkillajme


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Posted 17 July 2007 - 08:45 PM

I just finished up on the SP achievements last night.

I agree on pretty much all parts above that TS posted.

The 2 things that really bring the game down for me are the glitches and the online play. I have played a bit on the online and have to say I personally think it's the most laggy game I've ever played online. Alot of it has to do with who's hosting though also as there was a match I played with a guy and until everybody dropped out but me and him I couldn't even move at all (stuck in same spot for 2 minutes, lol). The glitches in the game can also be very frustrating. The first time I beat the game (on normal) I was hindered by the "coin lady glitch" where you talk to the lady in the "canal street station" and she throws coins in front of a train. I talked to her and tried it 2x, then after that she would never talk to me throughout the rest of the game. I beat the game, then went back on easy to get the bulk of the achievements I missed (which were only about 6-7) and was able to do the coin lady sidequest that time. I have also heard of many other glitches that do the same and the only fix is to restart the chapter or restart the game.

I also beat it on easy to finish up on the collectables, then last night just finished beating it on hard to get the achievement. On hard without any sidequest and only finding 3-5 collectables (that's all I had left after beating it on normal and easy) it only took me about 6-8 hours to run through and wasn't really hard at all.

I really do like the MP for this game, but it will suffer until the lag is fixed. Your able to switch between a human and a darkling (not the darkness, but a darkling like you summon) and I like that alot (referred to as "shapeshifter mode" where you can use both in a match). The CTF mode on this game is great IMO. Alot of the CTF games I've played in were pretty close where the last minute really made a difference. And it's also quite challenging when playing "shapeshifter" mode as once the opponent gets the flag they can shapeshift into a darkling and haul arse back to their base to score the flag. If you manage to get a game that's nearly lag free I'd think anyone would enjoy it. My personal favorite match is Subway CTF with shapeshifters, I recommend anyone to try it out.

I currently have not played "survivor" mode yet, but I think it's supposed to be like "infection" or "zombies" that is commonly played on Halo games (one player is the infected and must work to kill off the non-infected and once they are killed they become infected and work on their side till all non-infected are killed).

I also agree with TS and think this is possibly the best story for a game on the 360 yet. I really hope they make more like it.

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