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Posted 03 July 2007 - 08:21 AM

biggrin.gif Hell yes!! I finally brought my launch console back to life. It had been down since the end of January and I could not send it in because I had already put the tailsmoon fans in. Thank you so much for the tutorial. It worked so well I did not even have to bake it once I had the right materials. The eraser/penny fix was a wast of time and effort for me. My failures are on posts 71,73, 77. http://forums.xbox-s...o...06431&st=60

It took me a couple attempts to get it right so I have a couple suggestions that I hope that you include into the tutorial soon. I am sure you will get less questions if you include:

1. From what I read in another post- High quality heatsink paste such as dynex will only vary a few degrees from artic silver so it is safe to use and more readily available for most people- Radio Shack, Best Buy, Circuit City all had it.

2. Compile a list of parts for different countries. Side note- You can print out the part list and take it to a lowes but do not trust them. Double check always. I checked online and 8 of them in the Tidewater VA area are completly out of the screws as well as the Home Depot I checked. Churchland Hardware had them though. I ended up using 1 screw under the heatsinks and 2 under the motherboard. Since I was given all metal washers I made sure that I used the smaller ones(eventually) that did not touch the circuits of the board. By the way the washers were one mm in height.

3. When it comes to replacing the heat sink paste forget using alcohol. On my third attempt I used Goo Gone (available at super Wal-Mart where the cleaning supplies are for less than $5) and it ended up taking off the crap paste that I could never get off and it works fast. NOBODY within 30 min of me carries the Artic Silver 1or2.

4. It seems like a lot of people have had success when they used only a little thermal paste. That is the route I went when I finally fixed it. I found it much easier to use the plastic wrap method by which your finger is covered in it and you spread a SMALL- read barely covering- amount on the dies (shiny things under the heatsinks). Sorry I could not resit that because this is my first electronics repair and I did not figure it out for a while.

5. I had to get help to find a socket that would fit the legs of the heatsiks. Posting what others have used besides needlenose pliers might really help the mechanically uninclined such as myself.

6. Why not have links at the start of the tutorial to
which has the links to dissemble the system or
which is the link to get the fans they almost positively need to have results(AND QUIET)

7. Post 42 explains his method of getting the screws into the heatsinks. It is much better than my original method of holding the four screws on the tips of my fingers! Yes people are that stupid/diffiuclt without experience and I believe you will become inundated with repeat questions because reading all 35 pages of both yours and RBJtech's forum posts can be a chore.

8. How about keeping track of not how many people have got this to work but in what position it is in. I would REALLY like to put mine back vertical but am going to play it safe for now.

You have brought so much joy back into my life I wanted to find a way to improve yours. Thanks again.

To those of you who are suggesting this fix to friends- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE refer them to this Post before they write something foolish that has to be read by possibly tens of thousands soon.

Lastly only plan on updating if I run into a problem. wink.gif

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