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#16 rustyself


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Posted 20 May 2004 - 01:19 AM

ok, finally heard from these guys, seems they were on vacation or something?

anyway, he shipped my product out yesterday.

Edited by rustyself, 23 May 2004 - 10:18 PM.

#17 mrmodchips


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Posted 23 May 2004 - 08:37 AM

If you have had no response to email (if you have really sent any !!!!)

Then why not use the form on the contact us section upon the website?

I personally have been away from the UK in the Far East from 11 May to 22 May so myself would of been unable to do anything personally. No emails from you have been received from you prior to my departure so I will check with the 3rd party who maintains and processes my orders while I am away to see if firstly if any emails have been received and if they have whether or not they have been replied to.

I have just done a quick search and i presume you are rustyself@fastmail.fm ?

You ordered an X2Pro Ribbon and were informaed of its shipping date. So why you think I have the need to 'scam' (even though your order is not late !!!) you of $9.77 (which includes international shipping) when I am an( and always have been from their inception!) official Team Xecuter Supplier is beyond me.

I have updated your order history with the relevant tracking info. You are also advised upon my shipping information page of shipping times etc for international orders. Your order according to my guidelines is neither late nor has ever been late from your first 'screaming' 'scammer' post here.

Did you ever read http://www.mrmodchip...og/shipping.php ?

Why go back and edit your post?

Did you post lies by any chance?

ok, finally heard from these guys, seems they were on vacation or something?

anyway, he shipped my product out yesterday

Why edit it to this untruth?

You know exactly when the package was posted.

It was despatched on 4th May 04. This has always been stated in your order history. You know this as you have checked on several occassions.

Do you require me to post your access logs?

You also visited my site and declined to answer any email I sent you regarding your order.

You have also never sent ANY email at ANY time to myself or the 3rd party who covers my vactions.

I wonder why you choose to be liar?

Edited by mrmodchips, 24 May 2004 - 10:01 PM.

#18 foozxc


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Posted 15 October 2004 - 04:02 AM

hey mrmodchips, i just emailed you about possibly purchasing a premodded, lemme know what you think by email,

#19 Chilly_Willy


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Posted 30 December 2004 - 01:10 PM

22 working days and nothing (ordered 1 dec).
I got a tracking number from mrmodchips (on request). Royal Mail states it's been passed on to the dutch postal service, but it's not registered with them

I was asked to let mrmodchips start an inquary with Royal Mail, but mrmodchips just replies with: "wait 30 working days". Nice service. both dutch and uk postal service SAY they don't have it.

I have another order from 20 dec. with allso hasn't arrived yet. So I ordered from modchipman.com (he uses fedex) on dec 28 and got my order today, now that's fast love.gif

If mrmodchips want's non UK customers to order from him in the future he need's a good postal service like Fedex or UPS.

#20 Chilly_Willy


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Posted 06 January 2005 - 12:45 PM

Update: Mrmodchips deleted my account and is not responding to any of my hails.

I'm never ordering from them again. Use a service like modchipman.com which use Fedex.

#21 p1tst0p


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Posted 18 January 2005 - 05:02 PM

i agree totaly

dont waste your time with this company.

support is shocking!! i have sent about 4/5 requests for the same problem, and all i am receiving back is "the chip is not faulty" thats it.

i wouldnt mind if they actually suggested something.. but instead they respond with one line answers, telling me its not faulty.. when i have spent 3 days in #xbins-help and no one can resolve the issue.

now he has resulted in just closing my ticket requests off, without any comments..

seriousley, DO NOT buy from these. i never will again, and ill make sure everyone i speak to in regards to xbox chips doesnt either.



#22 BiG Stu

BiG Stu

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Posted 25 January 2005 - 09:19 PM


First time I have ordered from mrmodchips. Ordered a premodded xbox (16th Jan 05). Recieved a week later (24th Jan 05) - probably due to stock shortages after Christmas. Came well packaged and in great working order. More than pleased with my purchase. No problems biggrin.gif . Will definetly use them again (PS2 modchip next). 10 out of 10!

#23 nickjbanks


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Posted 26 January 2005 - 02:50 PM

Pretty unimpressed here.

Delivery was quick but aftersales service started poorly and finished with them being downright rude.

I shall go somewhere else next time.

#24 mrmodchips


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Posted 28 January 2005 - 03:12 PM

Chilly Willy
Both of the orders you accused me of not sending have both been returned to me undelivered.

Both have had attempts of delivery to you one on 22 Dec 04 and the other 27 Dec 04.

I can and will post scans of the delivery envelopes as proof should you choose not to apologise for your mistruths and accusations.

You are Not, Never have been Nor ever will be a customer of mine. YOur order and payments were voided as you are (quite correctly) flagged as a security fraud risk by many systems.

#25 axer


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Posted 11 February 2005 - 02:19 PM

top notch guy,
to date i have ordered and recieved:
1 x Xecuter 2.6 CE
6 x Xecuter 3
5 x Xecuter 2.3b Lite
3 x DMS3 V 2.0
3 x Xecuter 2.3 Lite

never had a problem, shippments were all sent very quickly and i am in ireland (midlands).

I'd recommend him to everybody and anybody.
Seems all the other guys in this forum that said he scammed them/didnt send the orders were all lying or trying to scam.
def a 10 outta 10.

#26 mosely


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Posted 11 February 2005 - 07:00 PM

Ordered up to 5 items now and everyone of them has been delivered within 3 days ,excellent service and no problems.Highly recommended for all xbox needs.


#27 jaqbly


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Posted 11 March 2005 - 03:03 PM

i ordered the xecuter 2.6 and programmer from mr.modchip.com two weeks ago and still waiting i hope i receive it soon because i am beginning to feel like i got riped. i normaly order through mod chip source and i get my chip in 2 days always. but thay dont have the programer...... so mrmodchip if u are reading this please let me know something or at least respond to the email i wrote 2 days ago. or refund my money i will wait anouther two weeks like your policies said. i hope i dont have to report u to the local authorities for fruad. ps ive been waiting for the postman,ups,and fedex and if any has tried to contact me they would leave a reminder to pic up on the door. so the story u gave the the oyher guyabout them sending his package back to u wont work with me. i hope u r honest because i normaly about 20 modchips a mounth so far i feel ** ABUSE ** is the most lagit modchip retailer out their so prove me wrong wink.gif

#28 jaqbly


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Posted 11 March 2005 - 11:16 PM

pop.gif mr modchip when will i receive the mod i order from you i am still waiting
** ABUSE ** is much moore reliable then you mrmodchip at least i get what i paid for with ** ABUSE ** im going to wait a little longer. if i dont get my order from you mrmodchip soon i will be expecting a refund or i will be sending u a bill and report u to the authoritys for fraud. and that guy is right u dont like to e mail custamers back. poor buisness skills. i will advise every one not to order from u

#29 roko71


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Posted 17 April 2005 - 10:54 AM

I from the netherlands and last year ordered a X3 chip
It arived in NL as fast as the postal services could deliver it.
Last week i finaly order my X3CP with LCD and again
it was delivered within a week, i think it is just perfect to order your
stuff here.

To Mrmodchips

Thank you biggrin.gif


#30 jasybee


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Posted 26 April 2005 - 01:39 AM


would just like to say how impressed I am with the service from mrmodchips!
Sent my ps2 off to be modded on the 18th with a dms4pro, and got it back safe and sound a week later on the 25th and working superbly!

I got this to replace my aging jap 10000 model with origa 1.25 swap chip namely because of the lack of PS2 HDD support! I've just whacked a HDD into this dms4pro modded box and wow what a difference! I have not been able to put the joypad down all evening!

I would like to seriously recommend mrmodchips for a very professional service that is hassle free and speedy. All my enquires and queries were answered promptly by the very friendly staff and it made the whole experience stress free.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody. My other ps2 owning friends are all as jealous as hell by now, so i'll be referring them to mrmodchips so they can enjoy the hassle free experience and unlock the true potential of their consoles as well.

If I was going to nitpick I would mention the problem with ToxicOS 0.3 which creates a peculiar bug whereby you have to hit reset 3 times (slowly as not to reset the chip) in order to get it to boot. I know for a fact this is an issue with the latest ToxicOS and not the chip, so i'm not too bothered about that really. For the benefits you get it's a small price to pay and i'm sure it will be fixed in a future BIOS flash update anyways biggrin.gif

I think i'll be coming back soon for a premodded Xbox!

Cheers MrModChips you've really made my day! I'm still getting over the shock of how cool Gran Turismo 4 is on HDD rolleyes.gif

Thanks again!

Jason B.

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