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#31 DynaMight


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Posted 03 May 2005 - 07:34 PM

DO NOT ORDER FROM MRMODCHIPS, The guy is a waste of space, Has no clue about customer services or any clue about anything else, by the looks of it.

Use www.xbox-chipz.co.uk instead, Much better.

I ordered a modchip, It arrived faulty, Not his fault, So I sent it back... Waited a bit, Asked how long it would be and got a snotted reply back saying 'read the returns page' yes it said allow upto 28days for a return, I sent a slightly snotty reply back asking if they sit on thier arse for 28days. I felt a snotty reply needed another snotty reply in return, To this was I advised he would no longer deal with my online and I'd have to send a letter.

Waited 28days, nothing, sent a letter asking where it was, nothing, sent another letter, nothing. This was 5 months ago.... Still heard nothing.


I wont even mention the fact they he got hold of Baldbouncer and told them that I was bad customer and now they have put me on some kind of blacklist... But thats thier loose not mine.

So then, WHERE THE HELL IS MY MODCHIP I PAID GOOD MONEY FOR? Order number 8774 ordered 20th December 2004.

#32 jonbath


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Posted 07 June 2005 - 09:03 AM

EXCELLENT-Ordered on the friday morning,got my chips SATAURDAY morning,one hell of an service.
All your xbox needs at a good price,with an excellent all round service.
MRMODCHIP is the first place to look.TOP GEEZER

#33 erikje


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Posted 05 July 2005 - 07:00 PM

Hmm, i tried to order an Xecuter 3 + front panel combo, paid with CC (got confirmation mail of the CC handler), but my order didn't show up in the "My account section" i tried to create a helpdesk ticket and got an "Internal Server error", jah way to go :/

Emailed the webmaster and got an autoreply to create a ticket (that system isn't working, that's why i send the mail in the first place @#$*@#$^)

I'll keep you posted...

#34 micknealis


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Posted 25 July 2005 - 06:17 PM

DO NOT USE MRMODCHIPS had the same experience as others on this forum. Bought a pre modded PS2 from them in February. It didn't work. Sent it back guess what no PS2 no money. I took them to court which found in my favour still no refund. Bailiffs have vistited the shop and it is just a front with no saleable goods. (you have to ask yourself why) They have suspended my account so no way of contacting them. I don't suppose they will reply to this post as I have all the evidence to back up my statement. If you mod works good luck to you but don't expect customer service.Do not use them they are con men.

#35 fierygt


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Posted 03 September 2005 - 03:09 PM

DO NOT ORDER FROM mrmodchips.com...

They, or HE are cowards, who refuse to replace a bad chip, offer ZERO, and I mean ZERO, help in their so called "helpdesk" system, and will not even respond back to inquiries.

Bought a chip from him..it's BAD. Simple enough? Well, after serious troubleshooting with highly regarded members here, and other places, (who have all agreed the chip sounds faulty), I emailed him, firmly stating I would like for him to TEST the chip, and when found troublesome, send replacement. Well, his response?......NO RESPONSE, and he DELETES my customer history with them, my login account information, and has EVEN gone so far as to "block" my IP from his website, banning me from even going there!! So, now, directly, I can no longer send him any sort of email for him NOT to respond to! The name? "mrmodchips.com"?...laughable! His slogan?....."we set the standard"?....... How exactly LOW is your standard "mrmodchips"?

Order # 14455

Edited by LepPpeR, 08 September 2005 - 07:43 PM.

#36 attritioner


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Posted 14 September 2005 - 02:35 PM

Ordered a DuoX from mrmodchips for 12 delivered. Ordered on Thursday night and would have been delivered on following Saturday had I not missed the post. Had to collect it on the Monday from post office but still a great turnaround and great service.

I have never fitted a mod chip before and my soldering skills are pretty basic however I had no problem fitting the chip and getting the xbox up and running.

I have no reason to use mrmodechips support so I am unable to comment on it, however I can say that...

My modchip arrived quicky and as advertised, I fitted it quicky with little experience, it worked no problem and I have no complaints.

I would use mrmodchips again no problem

#37 paul451


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Posted 01 October 2005 - 11:45 PM

MR modchips is Great, I have used him twice and his prices were good and his service excellent.

He replaced a screw that broke and sent it next day, Now find me another modchip store that treats there customers so well.

I will without a doubt buy from him again


#38 phishBoh


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Posted 18 November 2005 - 12:40 AM

I decided to buy equipment from mrmodchips.co.uk, because I had read some positive comments about them. After having gained some experience from dealing with them, I'd like to share my opinion.

I will never buy anything from them again, or recommend anyone else to do, simply because:

I have received only three of the four items that I have ordered and paid for (the X3 front panel was and still is missing).
They ignored answering an e-mail from me sent on the 15th of November 2005 16:12:33, asking for more information to help me find out what could have happened to the missing front panel that they claimed was in the package when it left them.
When I wrote

"I kindly ask you to contact the British Postal Service to get compensation for the broken package and lost goods. Could you please do that for me?"

the very rude reply was

"We are sorry but we have no wish to help you perpetuate a fraud.
This matter is resolved and will receive no further attention."

To me, that's not the way to treat customers (or any other people!). I don't think I have to say much more?

Hmmm, interesting. I just tried to log on to their website to get my ordering information, but it seems like they have erased my account. Suits me perfect, I don't want to waste more of my time on them, and I suggest that you stay away from them aswell.
My order number was 15968, placed on the 1st of November 2005:
1 Xbox Infrared Mod
1 Xecuter 3 Control Front Panel (including XLCD)
1 Xecuter 3 CE & Xapt3r 16 Combo

#39 Bech100


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Posted 01 December 2005 - 11:51 AM

Ive ordered 3 times over the last year.

Always arrived next day.

Order Wednesday at lunchtime, good werein my hand 9am thursday...cant get better than that

#40 slimgrip


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Posted 13 December 2005 - 02:36 PM

I have been using MrModchips for around 18months... spent over 1000 in last year.

On Thursday 3/11/05 i ordered 1 Xecuter2.6 & 1 Xecuter3 total of order 53.91 after discounts

Now my orders usually arrive next day or the day after that at the very latest so when it got to monday the 7th November i was concerned and opened a support ticket asking for tracking details.
Theyre reply was to "check the T&C regarding delivery times" but still didnt give me the tracking details i requested.
I waited 15 working days as per the T&C, still no sign of order so i then downloaded a claim form as instructed and sent it recorded delivery to the address given on the site. The claim form was received on 26th November.

On Thursday 8th of Dec i reopened the ticket to ask what was happening with my order/claim. The reply was that it would take up to 8 weeks to process by the PO and was out of theyre hands. I explained how this was poor quality customer service and pointed out how much i had spent at Mrmodchips.com & that if it wasnt sorted soon i would take my custom elsewhere.

The reply i got was astounding to say the least.....

"Please take your custom elsewhere! This matter is now resolved & will receive no further attention"

To say i was angry is an understatement, i replied " How has this matter been resolved? Refund or replacement order"

When i got an email telling me my support ticket had been closed again and to log in to check any reply i discovered my account had been deleted. Luckily i had taken screencaps of the support tickets.


Ticket #2787 Ticket submitted Monday 07 November, 2005
order #16023 placed on 3/11/05 claim form received by Mrmodchips on 26/11/05

I have had my nochex feedback neg'ed 32 times by mrmodchips for this, calling me a scammer & Liar & printing my name & address in my feedback profile which ive since had to make private until nochex remove it!
As of yet he still fails to answer emails or issue a refund. Still waiting for tracking details for the allegedly posted order.

Everything is dandy with Mrmodchips until you use the support ticket system then he just goes into arsehole mode!



#41 nxt-i


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Posted 02 February 2006 - 10:47 AM

I placed an order with mrmodchips as follows

ITEM(S): 1 x Xenium SPICE Solderless Kit (XSPICE)

For the brief time that the site was working after I placed the order he claimed to have shipped the order (though this was not to the delivery address I specified). No tracking details were supplied so I can't verify that it was actually shipped. Anyway it hasn't been delivered - I don't think it was ever shipped.

Since then I have:
- emailed (no reply except to some emails where an autoresponder helpfully advised that the emails were being deleted unread)
- telephoned (phone just rings out)
- written (remember snail mail ;-) again no response)

The website is down so I'm unable to use the 'help'desk.

The order is worth less than 40 so its not a huge problem other than time and annoyance at being ripped off. I'd consider legal action if I had a name to issue proceedings against (can anyone help with that?)

At present you won't be able to order with mrmodchips as their website is down.

Mrmodchips - do everyone else a favour and keep it down so you can't rip anyone else off.

Everyone else - if by any chance the website does come back do yourself a favour and STAY WELL AWAY.

#42 homer j s

homer j s

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Posted 16 March 2006 - 07:02 PM

Order Number: 18465
Ordered: Xecuter 2.6

I made quite a few orders from mrmodchips and up until now I was always happy with the quick service.

But I ordered a chip, after a few days no chip came so i went on the website and logged in, under order history it said "stock on order", which it didnt warn before purchasing.
So after 2 weeks nothing changed so decided to order elsewhere, after which i sent a support ticket to cancel the order, the ticket went unanswered and 2 days later i got the "order shipped" email.

Irritated by this I sent a message back saying I thought they where out of order for ignoring my cancelation an that I would not be making any more purchases, the response i got was as follows....

"And it was also the last you order you will ever be able to make with us as well.

Please note we are now off to pray to god in the hope that you change your mind so that we do NOT go bankrupt at the loss of such a high rolling big spending customer."

This is the stinking attitude of this seller, has no customer care what so ever.

I have found a far better seller who is also in the UK, www.cheapmod.net, now this guy really knows how to look after his customers, he always offers live support through ICQ or MSN etc.

#43 Ace`


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Posted 21 April 2006 - 09:25 PM

Order Number: 19609
Order: Two replacement Thompson Xbox Lasers and an Xbox scart lead (which wasn't sent and crossed off my invoice).

First thing I noticed when I removed the lasers from their packaging was they were used both had signs of wear and were both dirty, also one has 4 or 5 chips out of the glass. I wasn't too happy about this but I thought as long as they work I'll be happy, but after testing both of them neither work.

I email him to tell him the problem he tells me to desolder the ESD solder protection points which I admit I wasn't aware of. After a quick google search I know what to desolder, the chipped one has already had the point desoldered so I know that it doesn't work already. I desolder the ESD point on the other one which looks like it has been resoldered recently because of flux around it. I check it and surprise it still doesn't work. Here is mrmodchips response.

"You have absolutely no idea of how to install a laser and I would advised you to seek professional help.

The ESD Point should be removed after fitting and you have clearly removed it and then fitted it whilst handling a static sensitive product.

Thank You"

Remove the ESD point after fitting? as if it makes any difference when you remove it (as long as you don't do it when it is turned on). I am very careful with electronics and always discharge myself and wear an anti static wrist band.

MrScammer erm I mean MrModChips sells used, damaged and broken parts as working then insults you and try and blames you for breaking clearly old parts he has removed from used systems. Stuff most people would throw away.

In short this guy is a scammer avoid at all costs, I will be going to my credit card company to get my money back.


#44 fu2


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Posted 09 May 2006 - 12:56 PM

Order nr unknown
1 x Xecuter 3 CE
1 x X3IR
1 x PSTwo Full Optical Block *BRAND NEW* (PVR802)

I had more than the above with my first order but after the first order I ccavenue said the order was succesfull, but I got send back to the shopping cart wich makes me pay again.

So I created a support ticket.
I got this reply:
your payment was not accepted and no funds have been taken by us from your account.

---09-05-2006 11:36:29---
This ticket is now closed

So I thought just some weird mistake, thought it was that I used firefox instead of Iexplorer.
So I ordered again, this time minus some products that they were out of.

But same problem again. This is the ccavenue message:

Your Transaction was Successful !
Thank you for your purchase!
Your order number is 21708-200605091XXXXX.
Please keep this order number for future reference.

If you have any query regarding your Order Status or Billing Question,
please e-mail at info@mrmodchips.co.uk.

This purchase is a direct transaction between you and http://www.mrmodchips.com.
However, the charges will be billed to your credit card as 'ccavenue.com/charge/US'

I created another support ticket and I am waiting for the reply but i suspect the same answer. This sucks.

Oh wait just got an answer:
The transaction was declined by us as we considered it a fraud risk - Canceled - No payment taken - Payment refused - Payment not accepted.. etc I We do not, have not accepted a payment from you.

---09-05-2006 13:39:23---
This ticket is now closed

Wow the advertise sending worldwide, for this they use CCavenue, but the dont accept payments by the worldwide customers.. Thats just great... My advise to everyone here: Dont order there! They dont deserve it! I suggest removing mrmodchips from the list of shops on the main page of xbox-scene.com. Just look at all the complaints in this topic. Because I ordered ther because its was on their main page!

#45 johnnyx


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Posted 29 September 2006 - 02:33 PM

Thanks you for your order. Your order details are listed below.
Order Number: 22432
Detailed Invoice:
Date Ordered: Wednesday 13 September, 2006

I have had dealing with mr mod in the past and can honestly say that some of comments made are true hes has no customer skills and royal stitches people up due to faulty mods or items that never arrive, everything fine until there is a problem then he flatly refuses to help and this has been going on years. (i have proof that i have bought large amounts of mods chips etc if any one doubts me...) i used to run a small mod bussiness and used to buy many mods from baldbouncer and mr mod spent quite a bit of money ie daily orders of 5-10 mods/products on some days but due to the way mr mod told me to bugger of in no unploite terms due to a batch of faulty mods that he would not replace . Well after that i decided to leave modding until recently....

So i logged into my old account and place a pre-order for an usb 360 - order got processed and i waited for dispactch - well item was shipped according to my account. I enquiry through his help desk (cut and paste link replies go round in circles) if he could provide my royail mail recorded delivery no as normal that kind of post arrives with a day.

After 2 polite emails still the same reply - if it had been lost at least i would know - all mr mod chips had to do was supply me that ref no - so today i used the email helpdesk again and told him it was poor customer service and that unless he could provide some info - which he has i would contact my credit card company. Well no replies and now my accounts been closed.. what is he like sad.gif

So i have paid 35 for no goods - no customer service - and my account is now closed - is this the actions of a good web store and a honest man of course it insnt..

on a side note - he ticket systems has only had a few counts between so its no that hes over run with issues to resolve.

So try to use someone else if you dont want to chase your tail or get anywhere when a problem arises with mr modchips products and lose your money- if you do order use his web site then use your credit card you have more chance get your money back if things go bad for you.

i am sorry i had to post but he shouldnt be allowed to get away with such poor service...

there are some fanatastic uk mod sites that sell modding products who do offer a good service give them a try you made be glad you did. cool.gif

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