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Posted 06 October 2006 - 01:36 PM

Order Number: 21947
Date Ordered: Friday 25 August, 2006
Date Arrived : Friday 28 September, 2006
Sorry, cant include messages from their system as my account has been revoked.

Ordered 2x X360 USB, took over a month to arrive from order date and then only 1 item was in the package. Raised issues on the support system to have them closed without explanation and have had my account revoked now.


Had an interesting chat with UK trading standards! If your in the u.k and want to do something about this bloke we can. If you think youve got a case ring 08454 04 05 06 . This is the number for Consumer Direct. They can advise you how the distance selling regulation act of 2000 can help assist you.
they can show you how hes in breach of contract for your perticular case. Im off to write a letter to MrModchips registered address according to trading standards. Will keep people posted on how this goes! I aint letting this thief win!

[apologies to moderators for the multiple posts, took me a while to work out why they wearnt appearing!]

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Posted 29 October 2006 - 11:39 AM

Order No : 23336, Item Fractal360.

From reading some of the posts above, it seems that on the surface this is a good and reliable site. BEWARNED...as soon as you need to contact anyone for support or order issues, the lack of professionalism and damn right rudeness comes to the surface. I have attached an image of my brief conversation with MrModChip so you can witness the shocking response to the reasonable email I sent him.

Also, the item WAS in stock when I ordered it. But making that suggestion to him obviously touched a nerve.

And if he doesn't want to talk to you anymore, he can disable your account, disable the button to submit a response and basically chicken out of any more communication.

I will not lower myself to respond at his level, but wanted to share this with others so they can make a educated choice when choosing to use his web site.


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Posted 15 November 2006 - 07:54 PM

order no: #23712
date ordered: Friday 03 November, 2006

basically I searched google for the DS-XTREME 4Gb cart and found it *in stock* and available from the criminal MrModChips site - http://www.mrmodchips.co.uk

I placed the order on the 3rd and then have been steadily screwed around by the *EXTREMEMLY UNPROFESSIONAL* "admins" on this site - check out this response (!):-

"I ordered this on the 3rd of November - & see the stock has gone onto 24th Nov "in stock" - so I have missed this twice now.

You took payment from my bank on the 6th Nov - so I am *not* happy with your service for this product. Either ship me it *this week* or *refund* me *this week*

Yours dissatisfied"

"You should try reading information on the front page


Before makign stupid assumptions and making an idiot of yourself.

Also as taken from the shipping and returns page which again you have decided not to bother reading."

I am forwarding their details to Trading Standards as they are a bunch of criminals.


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Posted 21 November 2006 - 08:04 PM

Order #23712 (PreOrder)
Order Date: Friday 03 November, 2006 Order Total: £80.48
Delivery Date: Still waiting
1 x DS-XTREME 4Gb £74.99
1 x USB Power Charge Cable For NDS Lite £2.99

I ordered the DS-X 4Gb cart on 3rd Nov and the MrModChips website clearly had it down as "available" and "in stock".
Then a few days later it changed to "pre-order".

On the 6th Nov they took payment from my bank account.
The item went through 2 cycles of being in stock and preorder over the next 2 weeks.

2 weeks after placing the order I used their helpdesk system to enquire as to why I had not received the item.
I got a very abusive message back saying it had been a "pre-order":-

"You should try reading information on the front page


Before makign stupid assumptions and making an idiot of yourself.

Also as taken from the shipping and returns page which again you have decided not to bother reading."

I messaged back saying when I had placed the initial order it was stated as being "in stock".
At this point the criminals who run this site disabled my account so I couldn't (i) enquire anymore & (ii) even see my order.

This site is run by criminals and I am in contact with my bank, PROTX & Trading Standards to bring a prosecution against them.

The MrModChips site is not even in the UK but in Thailand.

I'm not alone - I have googled for MrModChips and found *loads* of complaints/rip-offs/abuse & racist comments by them:-




In 6 years of ordering goods on-line this is the first negative experience I have had - the lesson is to avoid the smaller &

cheaper outlets and go for established names like Divineo, etc.

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Posted 08 February 2007 - 06:25 AM

Order No25660
External Molex power supply and X360 USB
Ordered 4/1/07

Shipping for this order took a month, I enquired as to the delay as the item on hold was the molex power supply which was showing in stock, then out, on the website.
When it did arrive the free Team Xecuter unlock kit was missing.
I raised the following return ticket as this appeared to be the only option to mention the fact.

"Hi Having waited nearly a month for the completion of this order due to the molex power supply being out of stock I eventually recieved the shipment. Guess what the free V2 team Xecutor unlock kit is missing. I have no wish to return the items but would like a complete shipment. Perhaps you could incllude the missing unlock kit in the outstaninding order I have fo a Nintendo DS Xtreme

PS as a company
when your good your bloody excellent
when your bad you are bad.."

This is the reply I recieved !!!!!

Your return request has been declined. No items were missing from your delivery as it was checked personally by myself. Your attempt at fraud has been noted and any outstanding orders cancelled. Please direct all future business elsewhere.
Please contact us via surface mail at for more information.

Well they duly voided an outstanding order #26280 for the DS-Xtreme 4GB. And didn't mention refunding my £77.14.

I can not use my account on the site to make contact with these guys as they have disabled that feature, so far my account still works unlike a lot of other people who have had problems who get their acount deleted.

I hav contacted them again by creating a new account and wait to hear back.

It appears this guy(s) can not handle anyone with a complaint, so be VERY aware.
They also take your money ASAP even though goods may not ship for several weeks.

The snail mail address they give for further contact is in Thailand even though the company is operating out of Bristol.

If anyone has further contact details for these guys please do get in touch as I don't want to kiss my money goodbye and waste my time tracking them down, even though I have a very good idea of their operational address and company owners name.

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Posted 08 May 2007 - 03:50 PM

Order Date: 28th April, 2007
Order Total: £29.93
Delivery Date: 4th May 2007
1 x Tri Wing Screwdriver

Awful service.

- Nintendo DS screen will not work on my Nintendo DS
- Rendered my Nintendo DS useless, but my friend got it working.
- No way of emailing them, you need to use Mail which is slow so be expected to wait along time.
- Won't let me return the item
- Did not tell me that the Tri-wing screwdriver WONT open the top part of my DS to get the screen out.


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Posted 29 May 2007 - 11:56 AM

MrModchips is a total scammer, he sent me two incorrect parts, when I requested an RMA to return the incorrect parts he called me a liar and said all parts are checked prior to dispatch. I again stressed that I had received the wrong parts, I would like a refund or the correct parts. His reply said I was to refer to all previous answers and all further coerrespondance would be ignored. True to his word he doesnít answer his support tickets and then deleted my account!

I posted negative feedback about him, and quite rightly so I think, he then posted my name, address and telephone number on the internet and threatened my family. He's real tough in the virtual world, lets se how tough he is face 2 face grr.gif

If anyone has succesfully sent any items back to mrmodchips, itís alleged that loads of you have isnít that right mrmodchips! Then whatís the address??? Iíll bet nobody responds because you canít return stuff! Heís a con-man, not a seller!

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Posted 16 July 2007 - 02:19 PM

It all started when i ordered a replacement laser from http://www.mrmodchips.co.uk for my xbox 360. I got it and it didn't work so i thought, no problem, i will just return it and get it exchaged for a working one. HOW WRONG I WAS!!!

Here is all mesages sent from me to them and them to me copy and pasted from from the helpdesk section on there site. Decide for your selfs who is in the wrong?

First message sent from me :

Hi, I ordered a new 360 laser unit from you, it arrived yesterday. I fitted it into my 360 last night but it is worse than the old laser. No discs at all will play using the new laser. I have now put the old laser back in and a few games will load and and it will play dvd's fine. The laser i got from you, when i took it out of the envolope the box it was packed in was squashed, like some one had stood on it. I did remove the anti-static solder bridge from the lasers pcb, and i have fitted quite a few 360 laser's before with no problems so i think that this laser i got from you is definatly faulty. Please could i return it to you for a replacement. And what is your return address. Thank-you very much. Best regards, Col.

Reply :

When did you remove the ESD solder protection point ?

Before or after fitting fitting ?


My reply back to them :

Hi, i fitted the unit and then removed the solder bridge with the unit in place in the 360 drive? Should i have removed it before starting to fit the unit? Thanks again.

Then i edited my message to add :

As i said tho, it looks as if the package has been stood on or somthing, probly by someone at royal mail. I think that is why i am having problems with my laser. Could i have a return address please. Thanks

There next reply :

Have you tried adjusting the pots on the laser ?

if so to what reading ?


And my reply back to them :

Yes i have tried adjusting the pots, the original readings were 3.6kohm and 1.3kohm (1.3 seemed a bit low?) So i first adjusted the 1.3 pot upto 2.9 as this was the reading from my original unit. I then tested it, it didn't work so i adjusted the other pot to 3.5kohm, 3.4, 3.3, all the way down to 2.8 testing after every tweek and each time all i was getting was open tray on original and copied discs both game and dvd.

They then said :

When was the ESD solder point resoldered to the 'faulty' laser ?

Thank You

.... By this time i was getting quite annoyed, and i had also bought a new 360 on saturday and tested the laser in that while i was flashing it and it didn't work in the brand new one either, so i then sent this message :

Hi, i do not understand what you mean by the comment "when was the ESD solder point resoldered to the 'faulty' laser?".... I have not resoldered the ESD solder point back onto the faulty laser, there is no point resoldering the ESD point, it is NOT going to make the laser work is it? So what is the point in resoldering it? This is the 4th time i have asked for a return address to send back the broken laser unit supplied by you to me and so far you have ignored me and not given me an address to return the item. I made an RMA request and was given RMA number: 48548657014. However when i enter my RMA number into your track a return page it says there is no such RMA number? Why have you canceled my RMA? If i do not get a satisfactory reply from you with a return address, after this, the 4th time i have asked, i will have no other option than to goto as many forums like xboxscene, xboxhacker, and all the many others and let everyone know what a shocking service i have recived from you. I would think that most of your customers visit these forums and would be interested to read of the poor service you provide. I have bought laser units before from ebay and never had any trouble with them and they sell for half the price on ebay that you sell them for on your site. I decided to use your site to order my laser because when i have bought them from ebay before they take a while to be delivered as they come from china and i wanted a faster service, however all the ones i have bought from ebay actually worked when i got them. Over the weekend i have bought a new xbox 360 and tested the laser in that and it dosn't work in that either, so the laser is definatly faulty. Please could you send me a return address so that i can finally return the laser unit bought from you for either an exchange for a WORKING unit or a refund to my card, i dont mind which do. Hope to here from you soon. Regards, Col.

And a couple of hours later i got this back from them :

Please be aware we do not respond to threats, bullying or veiled blackmail attempts and as a result you are now unable to receive any live or online support. Please direct all future correspondence via surface mail to the address upon the contact us page.

Thank you

Now all i wanted was a replacement for the faulty part i had recived from them. Now it would seem that they are refusing to even speak to me as after i got the last message from them i went to update my support ticket on there site and i can type out the message but the submit button has dissapeared so i cannot send the message.

They have told me to send postal mail to the address on the contact us page but here is the address list on the contact us page :

Peruksa 13
Klong Sam
Phathum Thani

Fookin thailand? if they manage to fob me off and basicly ignor me on the live support on there site, i can only imagine how much notice they will take if i have to send letters half way around the world. It's a joke it really is.

Funny thing is that although there address is in thailand the laser was sent out by recorded mail with royal mail from inside the UK so they must have an office or somthing within the UK, does anyone know where that might be or have a UK telephone number for them.

I would appriciate it if you could leave a post to let me know what you think of the service i have received, and i will sign up with there site under a new user name and send them a link to this thred so they can check the comments made by other people who could be prospective customers (you guys) as i would think that most of there costomers will use this and other forums.

Thanks very much for your time taken to read this post and for any comments made.

Edited by stickybuds, 16 July 2007 - 02:22 PM.

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Posted 16 July 2007 - 02:37 PM

^^^ Moved to mrmodchips webshop ratings thread^^^

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Posted 19 July 2007 - 09:08 PM

Order Number: 31861
Date Ordered: Thursday 12 July, 2007
Xecuter 2.6 CE modchip

everything as expected.
i couldn't complain, but i didn't need service or help so i can't say anything about that.

i'm satisfied with my order.

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Posted 30 July 2007 - 07:12 AM

I just saw this and had to smile. My old scam buddies mrmodchips.

I ordered a chip from them for the original playstation years ago! I figured they must have gone out of business by now. Who are you guys still selling to? Can't be repeat customers.

Anyways, of course the playstation chip never worked, so I got another one from a different site and worked great.


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Posted 25 October 2007 - 04:38 PM


I just had a recent order with them:
Order #35073 (Awaiting Stock Delivery)
1 x Maximus 79 Passkey incl. Flash Cable & FFC Connector

When I ordered it said IN STOCK. At a closer glance the next day I saw that it said IN STOCK (Oct 29) which was 11 days past my original order date... to me that isn't IN STOCK... that's a back order where I come from... oh well.

Anyway so I asked if I could cancel the order and just get a refund before anything was shipped: Here is the posts...

Can you please cancel order #35073. Just refund the card. Thank you. I didn't realzie the chips were not in stock. Thanks

As taken from the terms of sale as agreed by you prior to purchase
'PreOrdered or Expected in Stock Items
All preordered and expected in stock dates are given as the best estimate based on information provided to us by our suppliers. All dates are subject to change without warning and are NOT to be taken as any guarantee or promised delivery or shipping date. All preordered items are shipped solely on a first come first served basis. If you are unable to accept that the date may change to a later date after ordering then DO NOT under any circumstances make a preorder. All preorders are final and are not subject to any customer cancellations.'

Keeping long term customers isn't in your interest I see :\ No biggie in your opinion... enjoy your $ this time.

We do not seek nor need the custom of people who are stupid or ignorant to read a products page and availablity before ordering nor whom are man enough to stand by contracts they have formed and agreed with.

Thats no problem we have now amended your account to prevent you attempting to use our services again


NOW I CANNOT EVEN SEND A HELP TICKET IF I DON'T GET MY PACKAGE OR IT'S WRONG OR BROKEN. He could just NOT send my package and I wouldn't be able to do anything. What a scam artist. I learned my lesson not to order from them. Please do not ever order from him because you will be sorry.

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Posted 11 December 2007 - 05:52 PM

Order #35258

1 x Xecuter 3 CE and Xapt3r Combo

Order made 24/10/2007
Money taken 26/10/2007

Recieved a processing email then told item out of stock even though it said in stock when I bought it. Then every week regular as clockwork the ETA for new stock is set back a week. Contacted the site no reply. The site is down now by the looks of things.

Now 11/12/2007 still nothing just contacted VISA. Not too hopeful as it seems the guy behind Mr Modchips has been sentenced for selling modchips (and not for ripping people off, damn this country).

I wish I'd checked them out first but I used them a few years back with no problems so didn't think there would be any this time.

The guys a cunt I hope he gets raped in prison.

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Posted 12 January 2009 - 10:20 PM

Order #38418

1x Xecuter Connectivity Kit V.3 Lite
1x Xecuter CK3 Probe

Order made 27/12/2008
Money taken 27/12/2008

sorry bout the bad english im from .se smile.gif

Must say, Mrmodchips customer service really sucks. Thank you for pointing out me being an idiot btw.

So i ordered theese things from mrmodchips, without checking this thread.

Ordering was fine, CK3 lite was in stock, and the probe was suppose to be in stock 31/12-08. But eventually, they changed it to 5/1-09, fine. 5/1 i got a new order update, saying my order was awaiting packing.

So i mailed them, asking how long it could take to ship to sweden, i got the answer 5 working days. Until this everything was fine.

8/1 nothing new had happend to my order and i i didnt get any reply on my new support ticket. So i sent a new one.

Asking Hello, im sorry to bother again. But ive sent a few mails and i have been waiting for my order for quite a time now.

I would be happy if you could tell me when it is going to be sent, instead of me checking multiply times every day.

And it was expected 5/1 in stock, its 9/1 today, and my order is still waiting packing. Whats going on? Please give me an answer.


And the answer i got was
We are just awaiting a fresh delivery of ck3 pro and probes they were due today but havent arrived so as soon as we get them the back orders will ship out. You can check any orders status from within your accounts order history and an email is sent when orders are dispatched or updated.


But i ordered a ck lite, and the homepage said everything was in stock. i thought fine, and asked again the next day 9/1 when my order was going to be shipped out. And if the probe and ck3 lite was in stock yet. The exact answer i got was.
We are just awaiting a fresh delivery of ck3 pro and probes they were due today but havent arrived so as soon as we get them the back orders will ship out. You can check any orders status from within your accounts order history and an email is sent when orders are dispatched or updated.


lol, the exact same answer as before? So i replied
I got the exact same answer when i asked last time. What is going on?
I would like an better answer please, what is the main problem with the delivery?


This is mrmodchips answer to me, the last one.
As you have failed to understadn the answer given to you it is immediately obviosu that you will be unable to follow the instructions for use and as a result we have taken the decision to cancel you order. The payment will now be refunded back onto the card.


And i recived two mails, one with a new order status saying VOID and one from paypoint giving me the refund. Wich was pretty okay, i guess. But i wasted 2 weeks waiting. maybe thats not a long time. but they didnt have to be such a arse. But i really hope i will get my money back.
And my account is pretty much useless, since i cant answer back anymore. and i will not even try to make a new order. what is wrong with being a bit nice to you customers. i will definitley never ever use mrmodchips
So ill say


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