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Recovering Lock Code From Motherboard

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Posted 17 July 2007 - 08:05 AM

Nevermind! I found it biggrin.gif http://forums.afterd...view.cfm/357863

Now that I have everything on that list...albeit a year later. I will continue to fix this XBOX...

Hey everyone,

About a year ago I got a free XBOX, it was dead with an unable to unlock hard drive error code 06, it also had a fried X2-Lite hardware mod. I found this article on how to create a little circuit which had 2 wires on one end and a serial port on the other. It involved 2 Zenner Diodes and 2 4K resistors. What this, supposedly, did was allowed you to connect your XBOX to your PC using a serial connection to certain posts on the XBOX motherboard which would allow you to retrieve the XBOX Hard Drive unlock code, in case the Hard Drive lost it. Like due to a hardware mod/moron-forgot-to-backup failure. Once you created the circuit board you could run some software and voila, XBOX HD Lock code for that motherboard.

Unfortunately, it has been a year since I have even had access to my computer, working on the oil rigs, and when I came back everything was amock. I needed a couple new hard drives because the person I left them with didn't play nice with them.

Anyway, I can't find this article anymore, and I wasn't even sure it would work in the first palace. I was going to try and get a free POS P1 with a DB9 serial port to spare and try that, in case it fried the PC or the XBOX.

I had a look through the tutorials here and couldn't find anything of the sort. Does anyone know of a way to do what I'm trying to do? I knew a guy at my former work who took one of his many XBOXes and made an arcade style machine, you know the ones from back in the 80's. He said he had to do it once, but I never got the article from him. I randomly found it off a google search, but it matched his brief description of what he had to do to get it done. I have no idea where he is anymore.

If anyone has any idea of how do to anything of this sort, that would be super-duper excellent!

Thanks for reading!

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