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Your One Stop Thread For All Existing Pso-x Modded Files.

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Posted 23 July 2007 - 03:05 AM

Alright, first and foremost you MUST have a modified xbox(having an Action Reply isnt having a modded xbox). There are 2 forms to modify your xbox, both a software mod, and hardware mod. Which mod is right for you depends on how much you play your xbox. If you play it a lot, I would suggest a modchip and a larger hardrive to backup as many games as you want. There is tons of information on the main site http://xbox-scene.com/ which will allow you to get your xbosx modded and running in no time.

The following content is for those who already have a modded xbox and have a copy of PSO on their hard drive.

Before you begin you WILL need a hex editor. I suggest Breakpoint Software's which can be found through bpsoft.com. Now once you have this transfer a copy of default.xbe to your computer and open it in the hex editor. Click edit at the top, and go to replace. In the search field type $u in the replace field type $a or any variant of 2 digits. This will stop the xbe from reading the patch.

Data Table
This is an archive of information which allows you to edit almost any aspect of a starting character. The addresses are listed in the image file. When entering them into the hex editor, the bit sequence must be reversed.
Download: http://www.snowfox.biz/datatable.rar

Walk dead in Pioneer 2
This is a newer release that I just put out for people, it consists of a readme which will guide you to making a character that is able to kill itself in town and an area. (in an area you will keep dying even if revived until you go back to pioneer 2)
Download: http://www.snowfox.biz/deadintown.rar

Episode 4 map - Desert
Contains a readme as well as one of the early stages of my Desert ports. It's unlikely I'll release the others due further slander upon release of this... sorry =,(
Download: http://www.snowfox.biz/Desert.rar

HUmar Character that can use techs
Description on how to create a HUmar NPC that can go into games with all techs learned.
Download: http://www.snowfox.biz/humartechs.rar

Crazy Symbol Chat
This file requires you to create a new character. Overwrite the original symbolchat.dat with this and your new character will have crazy symbols. You can modify them to be whatever you want.
Download: http://www.snowfox.b...razysymbols.zip

Invisble Character
Files and readme required to create an invisible character. Please Please PLEASE change the name to your own before doing this.
Download: http://www.snowfox.biz/invis.zip

Rare weapons for sale at shop
This file will allow you to buy rare weapons in the offline shop.
Download: http://www.snowfox.biz/shophack.zip

Weild Invisible items
This will make all weapons invisible while offline. Fun to mess around with.
Download: http://www.snowfox.b...isibleitems.zip

Crazy Mags
This file when replaced will make all Episode 2 mags look very weird and cool. (dual sato etc.)
Download: http://www.snowfox.biz/crazymags.zip

Play as NPC's(sonic, knuckles flowen etc)
Using these files with the instructions will allow you to overwrite your character with the NPC.
Download: http://www.snowfox.biz/npcs.zip

Walk through doors
Offline patch that allows you to walk through doors and laser fields. Very useful if you're trying to unlock areas.
Download: http://www.snowfox.b...y_nop2k1_US.zip

God Equip
This will allow you to equip anything you wish offline. You can bring it online once equipped.
Download: http://www.snowfox.b...y_nop2k1_US.zip

Easy Level up
This modifies experience and allows you to level to high levels by killing minimal enemies.
Download: http://www.snowfox.biz/level.zip

Maximum Meseta
This patch requires a new character. Your character will be created with maximum meseta.
Download: http://www.snowfox.b...y_by_nop2k1.zip

Max Stats
This also requires a new character. All stats will be maxed.
Download: http://www.snowfox.b...p2k1_for_US.zip

Stat Material Drop
Using this will make every item that drops a status material. This is the fle to be edited to make items.
Download: http://www.snowfox.b...ll_material.zip

Infinite item usage
Allows you to use as many of an item as you want. Also good for duping photon drops.
Download: http://www.snowfox.b...e_by_nop2k1.zip

Fast Techs
This will increase tech speed signifigantly offline.
Download: http://www.snowfox.b...h_by_nop2k1.zip

All files and readmes created by both myself and Nop2k1 are not intended to be modified beyond parameters within the readme. Doing so can result in file/character corruption or failure to load the game. They are not to be modified to harm other's gameplay in any way shape or form.

None of the data provided is to be sold or duplicated without permission.

Phantasy Star Online is legal copyrighted property of Sega Sammy Holdings. No data directly from the disc should EVER be uploaded to any website. (xbe, so on and so fourth)

Good luck and happy modding,


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