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Dead Video Encoder?

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#1 blame canada

blame canada

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Posted 31 July 2007 - 01:45 AM

Sooo I tried to swap my xbox into an old direct tv case, hardwiring video and audio outputs into it, and I think that I somehow bridged the video's + and - wires because the second I turned on the xbox, it poped, smelled like burning wires, and fucked a video input on my tv sleep.gif . So, I turned on the xbox again unplugged and it booted up, not fragging. Removed the video output and put in an s-video output. Turned on the xbox and the screen was fuzzy, but it worked. Rebooted and it started fragging. Rebooted multiple times and still fragged. The second I unplugged the s-video cable, it stopped fragging....

Ok, so now I guessed my soldering on that was bad as well (though I triple checked the diagram for it) and decided to try some component cables. Removed all video and audio ports and plugged the cable in, and I'll be damned it fragged again. Rebooted a few times, and it still fragged. Unplugged it and it booted up fine uhh.gif dry.gif

Sooo with cables plugged in, it frags. Without, it boots fine. I'm leaning towards the conexant (or however you spell it) in my 1.0 xbox is toast, but any further assurance that it is would be nice biggrin.gif

#2 beef strudel

beef strudel

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Posted 03 August 2007 - 02:39 AM

u havent fried anything u probably ether blew a capacitor (damn easy to fix jut hard to find which one) or onie of the video output pins blew apart.
if it was the encoder it wouldn't show a damn thing but a black screen

#3 FrostyTheSnowman


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Posted 03 August 2007 - 02:49 AM

No, i'm betting he accidentally crossed the 5v line.

You will need to replace the entire motherboard for what repairing it would be worth. sad.gif

#4 crazeeuke


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Posted 18 August 2007 - 03:53 AM

Doesn't sound good man, if you are experienced in electronics you could try replacing the encoder, there are lots of places you can buy them online and are cheap. First thing, you said without any cables plugged in it boots fine, it shouldn't...why? when there is no video connector hooked up to the xbox it should frag orange and green. Since there is no frag, there is no video detection, and when you plug in other outputs and some work and others don't, the other possiblility could be that some of the video output buffers could be cooked, these are simply transistors configured that couple the video output providing impedance matching to your source. As well all different video outputs for the xbox are selected by three separate address lines on the video encoder, another possiblity could be that these control lines have damaged components on them. But back to my previous statement about no fragging without anything hooked up clearly states that these address lines have been fixed to a certain selection or most likely your encoder has been damaged and needs replacement, along with a damaged encoder could be many damaged components that work together with it for its operation. Someone mentioned it only being a damaged capacitor.......well there are only a few reasons why a capacitor will blow, 1 - installed with its polarity reversed, 2 - a severe short has occured on the same trace(which will almost definitely mean other components have been damaged in the same circuit), 3 - old and worn(in my experience when they are old and worn all that happens is a severe loss of their rated capacity). One other thing i will mention is that if an input on the tv is fried it most likely means damage will take place in any other devices hooked up to the mentioned damaged circuitry(ie - your xbox). I personally built an xbox into an old computer case, with fully functioning led's, modified samsung pc dvd drive, atx power supply and customized illumination, all video/audio output connections hardwired right onto the motherboard video connections with jumper address selection lines for a/v output configurations. Feel free to reply with questions, I may be able to provide advice or suggestions to your problem. One last statement, it sounds like you may have wired a a/v output with reversed polarity, meaning the xbox dc coupling voltage goes to the tv's ground and the xbox's ground goes to the tv's coupling voltage;signal line. You have some work ahead of you, but repairing is always a low cost option as long as there is no damage to any bga components(ie - mcpx, gpu, or cpu....quite costly to repace). Oh and all of this is a good chance of a solder splash or solder bridge on the mobo. good luck.

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#5 spillage


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Posted 21 August 2007 - 08:45 PM

Send me $2 or 1 and I will send you a known working Conexant or Focus as I have a few lying around.

Use mine at your own risk though no comeback.

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