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Revised Xbox Power Switch

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Posted 03 August 2007 - 03:39 AM

ok, I read all the tutorials hereand found them very misleading but I was able to pull it off by piecing them all together and getting a new tutorial.

so here we go.

what you need:
-switch/or button (most prefer a button)
-soldering gun
-controller (der)
-wire stripper(if you'd like)
and your lovely xbox

ok to begin eh MAKE SURE IT IS UNPLUGGED grr.gif biggrin.gif

Step1: Start by pluging your soldering gun in
take your xbox and release the 6 screws (warranty void)

Step2: take out the HDD(hard disc drive) and the DVDDD(dvd disc drive) <-- for those new to modding
by releasing the three screws and releasing the IDE cable and power cable

Step3: Release the front part of the case and get ready to solder dont forget to release the power switch
wires ( the 12 yellow wires)

Step4: cut a piece of wire about 10cm or 4 inches long and strip both ends of the wire back

Step5: solder one end of the wire to the bottom left solder joint
located here
IPB Image

Step6: place the front case back to the case and make sure that the wire goes through one of the metal
plating in the sense that it can be accessed to the mother board

Step7: Cut the yellow wire on any port of the xbox (preffered 1st port) and connect the other end of the
wire, that we just soldered to the power switch, to the yellow wire that leads to the controller port.
make sure you place electrical tape over all connections or use heat shrink

Step8: now you can place everything back and hook everything up in the xbox and screw the case together

Step 9: ok take your controller open her up (warranty on controller voided depending on the controller

Step 10: now, locate the spot where all the wires are (the red, green, black, yellow, and white wires) and
cut the red wire and the yellow wire. Make sure there is enough wire so you can rewire the red wire back together again

Step 11: find a spot somewhere on your controller and place the switch there. Most just cut a hole in the
controller and mount it there.

Step 12: Cut three pieces of wire about 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches in length and strip both ends back.

Step 13: take one of the wires and attach it to the red wire that goes out of the controller and attach the
other end of the same wire to one of the legs of the switch

Step 14: take another wire and re wire the red wires back together again (crappy diagram but well explained
IPB Image

Step 15: no take the last wire and attach one end of it to the yellow wire that leads out of the controller
should look like this (kind crappy diagram)
IPB Image

Step 16: add electrical tape at all joints and re assemble your controller together.

Step 17: connect the controller to the xbox and plug everything in (av cables and such) and press or flick your button or switch and volia, your xbox should power on.

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