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Harrison: The 360-to-PS3 Port Trend Will 'Reverse Fairly Quickly'

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Posted 22 August 2007 - 03:40 PM

Harrison: The 360-to-PS3 Port Trend Will 'Reverse Fairly Quickly'
Posted by XanTium | 22-8-2007 10:40 EST

From biz.gamedaily.com:

* BIZ: It seems like the trend for third parties is to develop for 360 and then bring those games to PS3, which means the games are not taking full advantage of the PS3's power and it's up to the first-party games to show off the PS3's power. How will you convince third parties to design specifically for PS3 instead of porting or tweaking code? How can Sony reverse this trend?
* PH: Well, I'll take the compliment - if it was intended anyway - that the first-party titles [look great]. We are clearly demonstrating the PS3 is capable of some amazing things and if you approach the architecture from the right direction, your games will shine on the platform. It's very natural, however, to see what some of the third parties are doing. They started to work on Xbox 360 before they did on PS3; they got some tools and technology and know-how established on the format before PS3. That situation will reverse fairly quickly organically, but what we're doing from a worldwide studios point of view is we're actually shifting some of our core technologies from exclusively being available to our studios to supporting third parties as well - all third parties.

* BIZ: Right, Edge...
* PH: Edge, exactly. And that is delivering some of the core technologies that you saw here this week. Those same technologies are now available to our third parties.

* BIZ: As an example of what I was talking about, the Call of Duty 4 trailer at the Microsoft conference looked amazing, but the game for some reason just didn't look as solid when it was shown at the Sony conference. But you believe this will even out as time goes on and developers take advantage of Edge?
* PH: Exactly, and perhaps not surprisingly, I didn't get an invite to the Microsoft conference so I didn't get a chance to see that.

Full Story: biz.gamedaily.com (4 pages)

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