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Quick Guide Converting Gh1 To Gh2

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Posted 30 August 2007 - 04:01 PM

This is an incomplete guide i wrote in a few spare minutes.i've updated it a bit, i'll put more information, and a few more pictures shortly.

if any one wants to post this guide elsewhere, just pm me first. i'll give you a plain text version with all of the formatting tags so you can just copy paste. just give credit where its due. this tutorial made possible by all the guides/knowledgable people at xbox-scene and score hero.

The guide you are reading will detail how to take your Guitar Hero 1 (ps2) disc, and convert the songs and import them into Guitar Hero (x360)

Tools Needed:

Audacity 1.3.3 (to convert your songs to multi channel ogg)
GH2rip (to take the .vgs files and break it into separate audio tracks)
MFAudio (convert your .dat files to waves)
Ark Expander (To extract everything from your Ark)
Xbox Backup Creator (To rip your copy of gh2, as well as extract data from it and inject the modded files)
Guitar Hero Explorer (very useful tool)
GH360 (the tool that injects into the 360 ark file)
Kreon drive in your pc.

Important Note:
At this time, ghex only supports a ps2's .ark file. this means you will either need to get ahold ps2 disc for a short time for all the GHEX steps.

Warning: This process can take a long time, as some of it requires processing each song individually


1. Put your Guitar Hero disc in your computer, and copy the contents to your computer.

2. Put your GH2 disc in your kreon drive. Open up XBC, and then make an image of your game.

3. Hit the image tools tab, and then go to the file explorer. you want to go into the gen folder, and extract the ark and hdr file.

IPB Image
IPB Image

4. Open up ark expander, and open the ark file (it is in the gen folder on the gh disc you just ripped)

5. pick a location for arkexpander to dump all the files to.

IPB Image

6. you now are going to want to use gh2rip. it is a command line program. i personally recommend you take all of your song data, and put it in one folder (instead of each song in a sub folder like it will be by default. after this, put the gh2rip.exe file in that folder with all the songs. assuming you did this, you will want to open a command prompt up. type in
gh2rip.exe -split songname.vgs

IPB Image

you will now have 4 .dat files (songname0.dat,songname1.dat...) the song name is in the file name, followed by the channel of the track. that is important to keep in mind.

7. now, you are going to want to use MFaudio. This is originally a ps2 tool, but it works great for what we want. you need to open each individual .dat file, and convert it.

- chose your .dat file
- chose uncompressed wav for the convert to type (bottom frame, top option in the drop down)
- chose a location to save your wav
- make the import and output both say they are 1 channel (this is important, if you don't, the program will hang at 99% and your file will keep getting bigger)

IPB Image

8. Now, you want to use Audacity

- you want to chose import, and you want to chose all 4 channels from your song. (click one, hold shift, click the last)
- now, for the first song you do, you need to go to
edit -> preferences -> file options
check off "use advanced mixing options"

IPB Image

- now you want to export your song to an ogg. assuming you enabled the setting before, you should get a pop up screen that shows your 4 tracks, and 4 channels corresponding. you can enable extra channels here using the slider at the bottom. differant songs on gh2 have differant channel numbers, and you must replace a song with a file that has the same number of channels.
- if you want a 5 or 6 channel ogg, just move the slider, and click your channel 3, then click output channel 5. click some empty space, click your channel 4, then channel 6 and save your file.

IPB Image

you now have your ogg ready to go. unfortunately, gh2 won't work with the gh1 midi files. so now, we are going to convert them.

9. open up guitar hero explorer. you are going to want to load your gh2 file. it points to the other file in the folder the ark is in. after this, you will see all of the songs in the game. you want to go to a song, and find its midi file. from here, you want to right click it, and chose import. after that, you will right click it again, and chose export. this will allow the program to convert your midi's from the gh1 format to the gh2 format. (it might be my imagination, but it seems like it takes forever if you chose a song other then yyz when you import/export, so use that slot)

your almost there, all you have to do now is inject your data.

10. open up GH360. it will ask you for an ark file, so point it at your GH2 ark file.

-chose your ogg file
-chose the corresponding midi
-hit the suggest song button
-hit verify
-hit inject
-repeat until all your songs are in the game

11. open up XBC. chose the iso tools tab. from here, go to the file explorer. you want to find your ark file, and replace it with your newly modified one.

12. close the iso and go back to XBC. Chose the burn tab, and burn your disc.

you know have Guitar Hero1 working on your 360.

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