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Custom Track Listings

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Posted 04 September 2007 - 02:10 AM

so has anyone done any interesting mixes yet? lets see some of the track listings you guys are putting together. here is a custom disc i did that i was playing with my friends last night

(format is replacement song - original song - yes/no - difficulties, not all songs on the disc were replaced)

i bolded the custom songs so they'd be easy to find. also, some guitar hero 1 songs are in there and unlisted because i used that ark file to make this disc, so anything that was on my GH1 disc that wasn't overwritten is still there (ace of spades, and a few other songs are on the disc still but not in the list out)


Tier 1
What Ive Done Surrender No E,M,H,X 1
Possum Kingdom Possum Kingdom Yes E,M,H,X 0
Heart-Shaped Box Heart-Shaped Box Yes E,M,H,X 0
Salvation Salvation Yes E,M,H,X 0
mario Strutter No E,M,H,X 1
Animals Shout at the Devil No E,M,H,X 1
Tier 2
Mother Mother Yes E,M,H,X 0
Final_Fantasy_6_Terra_in_Black_OC_ReMix Life Wasted No E,M,H,X 1
Cherry Pie Cherry Pie Yes E,M,H,X 0
Wait and Bleed Woman No E,M,H,X 1
shinobi vs dragon ninja You Really Got Me No E,M,H,X 1
Spark Mandrill Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight No E,M,H,X 1
Tier 3
One Day Remains Carry On Wayward Son No E,M,H,X 1
Search and Destroy Search and Destroy Yes E,M,H,X 0
symphofdestruction0 Message in a Bottle No E,M,H,X 1
Billion Dollar Babies Billion Dollar Babies Yes E,M,H,X 0
thunderkiss650 Them Bones No E,M,H,X 1
War Pigs War Pigs Yes E,M,H,X 0
Tier 4
Monkey Wrench Monkey Wrench Yes E,M,H,X 0
Last Resort Hush No E,M,H,X 1
Girlfriend Girlfriend Yes E,M,H,X 0
Who Was in My Room Last Night Who Was in My Room Last Night Yes E,M,H,X 0
My Land Can't You Hear Me Knockin' No E,M,H,X 1
Sweet Child O' Mine Sweet Child O' Mine Yes E,M,H,X 0
Tier 5
Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo Yes E,M,H,X 0
Tattooed Love Boys Tattooed Love Boys Yes E,M,H,X 0
the heretic anthem John the Fisherman No E,M,H,X 1
Livin On A Prayer Jessica No E,M,H,X 1
Bad Reputation Bad Reputation Yes E,M,H,X 0
10000fists Last Child No E,M,H,X 1
Tier 6
Superbeast Crazy on You No E,M,H,X 1
Trippin' On a Hole in a Paper Heart Trippin' On a Hole in a Paper Heart Yes E,M,H,X 0
Dead! Dead! Yes E,M,H,X 0
Tribute Killing in the Name No E,M,H,X 1
Freya Freya Yes E,M,H,X 0
Stop Stop Yes E,M,H,X 0
Tier 7
dont fear the reaper Madhouse No E,M,H,X 1
Rose of Sharyn The Trooper No E,M,H,X 1
Rock This Town Rock This Town Yes E,M,H,X 0
Laid to Rest Laid to Rest Yes E,M,H,X 0
Psychobilly Freakout Psychobilly Freakout Yes E,M,H,X 0
Tier 8
Beast and the Harlot Beast and the Harlot Yes E,M,H,X 0
Carry Me Home Carry Me Home Yes E,M,H,X 0
Institutionalized Institutionalized Yes E,M,H,X 0
afterdinnerpayback Misirlou No E,M,H,X 1
Paid in full Hangar 18 No E,M,H,X 1
Master Of Puppets Free Bird No E,M,H,X 1
Tier 9
Raw Dog Raw Dog Yes E,M,H,X 0
Never Again Arterial Black No E,M,H,X 1
Collide Collide Yes E,M,H,X 0
Drink Up Drink Up Yes E,M,H,X 0
Elephant Bones Elephant Bones Yes E,M,H,X 0
Fall of Pangea Fall of Pangea Yes E,M,H,X 0
diary of jane Gemini No E,M,H,X 1
Kicked to the Curb Kicked to the Curb Yes E,M,H,X 0
Push Push (Lady Lightning) Push Push (Lady Lightning) Yes E,M,H,X 0
Laughtrack Laughtrack Yes E,M,H,X 0
TheKidsArentAlright Less Talk More Rokk No E,M,H,X 1
Jordan Jordan Yes E,M,H,X 0
Mr. Fix It Mr. Fix It Yes E,M,H,X 0
The New Black The New Black Yes E,M,H,X 0
One for the Road One for the Road Yes E,M,H,X 0
Parasite Parasite Yes E,M,H,X 0
Radium Eyes Radium Eyes Yes E,M,H,X 0
Red Lottery Red Lottery Yes E,M,H,X 0
Six Six Yes E,M,H,X 0
Soy Bomb Soy Bomb Yes E,M,H,X 0
Enter Sandman The Light That Blinds No E,M,H,X 1
Thunderhorse Thunderhorse Yes E,M,H,X 0
Trogdor Trogdor Yes E,M,H,X 0
Victorias Secret X-Stream No E,M,H,X 1
king of kings Yes We Can No E,M,H,X 1

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#2 47_M450N_47


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Posted 06 September 2007 - 02:10 AM

You've got some good stuff in there, I plan on doing this but I have to flash my drive and then figure out how to actually mod it.

#3 mickthestud


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Posted 30 August 2008 - 08:04 AM

i have a modded console and i am interested in adding my own custom songs i wonder if anyone can provide me a link to a tutorial .i have tried the search engine to no avail...

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