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Matrix Might Have Wiped 3 Xbox In A Row, Plz Help

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Posted 06 June 2003 - 04:46 PM

Okay, my one friend who isnt the smartest guy in the world bought a matrix and a xbox. One day his xbox started booting with a flashing orange and green, so he started smacking it, literally, and for a few mins it would word (we nick named it the slap box instead of xbox). So he took it apart to realign it, and while he was doing that he pushed down on the mod chip with his thumb as hard as he can (this guy is big, maybe 250). He can get it aligned,, he takes the chip out and notices it's actually a little bowed now, and the pogo pins dont push down all the way. So after trying to re-align it for about a hour, his xbox suddonly reboots 3 times, with or without the mod chip installed. So he go's and gets a new xbox, it works fine until he trys to put that matrix in, soon as he does,, reboots 3 times, with or without the mod chip. So then he sells it to our other friend, he buys a xbox, trys to mod it with that matrix,, and it did the same thing. Somehow it seems this Matrix is the Matrix of death for xbox's,, soon as it touches the D0 or something it shorts them out, is that possible?? so now they threw the matrix away and ordered new ones.

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Posted 06 June 2003 - 05:06 PM

nope, not really possible that it shorts them. unless you really did press down very very hard... he probably didnt have it alligned properly - unless it was severely misalligned it would not do this. oone thing that is possible is that if you are working on a carpet then you could statically change yourself while walking on it - then you could fry the xbox yourself - not the chip. however im not sure how likely this is. try reflashing tha matrix instead. Chris.
what was the error message it produced and what did it do after the frag?

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