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Edited Savegame Help\default Save Sig Hack

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Posted 20 November 2007 - 04:50 AM

Hey there guys the sticky on this hasnt been active for over a year so here goes.

I have done everyhting the guide says to do but no matter what the hacked save freezes on loading bar right over the top of the I in loading, every time. I dont get the "unable to load save" message. So i figure ok screw it ill edit the default.xbe for no save sigs, as i had already edited my morrowind.xbe for mods (of which none are on now) and figured one value change would be easy. WRONG

To quote roofus "No Signature checking hack: At offsett 27258 (6A7Ah) you should see 75 16. Change this to EB 16." I CANNOT see those values at those addresses at all ! When i do a hex seach for 75 16 it finds about 20 instances of it at other addresses, with no clues for me as to which one? Unfortunately the roofus editing default.xbe tutorial (NOT morrowind.xbe) seems to have disappeared from the site?????

In another thread... to quote ewichern
"So I have the Aussie PAL version of Morrowind GOTY Edition and successfully removed the signature checking and intro videos from default.xbe per the guides here, but I haven't been able to mod morrowind.xbe successfully."

I have the aussie pal goty version. if anyone knows a way for me to find out which one to edit id be very grateful. If not i guess ill have to edit one at a time and keep ftping and reloading. I realise it could also be some "too many changes" savegame problem, so all ive done is up my gold in npcplayer/ncpo. Surely it can handle just one inventory change? I changed it to 999,999.

I also realise that the big mod pack torrent has a prehacked version of what i need but it would take a long time for me to d/l on my crappy connection because its all i one rar, so...any ideas appreciated!

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Posted 21 November 2007 - 03:18 AM

muhaha.gif well i made 22 different default.xbe's with each instance of the 75 16 edited, and they pretty much all freeze on loading over the I. I had been on this for a while before i posted for help so its not as if i have only just started trying this. Why is the sig system even there? i understand it for live, no one wants cheating there - but for our own single player who gives a f*ck.

They have probably re arranged heaps of stuff for the aus version like alot of games. Quote bethseda employee" hey you wanna fix all the bugs or just moves some files and shit around? To hell with the bugs eh most ppl will buy it before they realise and then we can sell a "fixed" version that doesnt fix shit. Double sucker punch DEAL"

Its safe to say im totally sick of this piece of sh*t game and i will be reluctant to ever buy anything bethseda ever again, if i do i will wait till its bargain bin. If the morons at bethseda had actually put in a decent combat system and some color (apart from the 50,000 shades of grey that they added) I might have played through with no hack/cheat, seeing as i have to swing 50 times to hit once. I really like getting killed by some f*cking bug on the ground that could easily be killed in one stab. I really love it when weapons have no effect also, another great part of the bug infested piece of sh*t game.

Would it have been so hard to just increase everythings hp and have it so each hit does damage from 1-whatever, with one being the minimum damage. That way it could actually feel like your achieving something with each press of r trig, this game is like using r trig to roll a f*cking die. Yeah i know when i sword fightin real life i only hit the other guy about one time out of 5 swings even when hes an inch in front of my face. They should have called this game "Swordfighting with blind people"

I think im just gonna delete this game from my hdd and maybe burn (with actual fire) the f*cking disc, i could trade it in but i would gain more satisfaction from burning the piece of crap, perhaps saving some other person who may unfortunately buy it. Lucky them if they never buy this game.

and to think i was considering buying a 360 for oblivion... the only good thing morrowind has done for me is save me from buying any bethseda game ever again. TO HELL WITH BETHSEDA /END RANT ADIOS

Edited by Thundercleese, 21 November 2007 - 03:27 AM.

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