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Recovered From Dead Drive Now Incomplete Dashboard

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Posted 25 November 2007 - 08:11 PM

Please forgive me but I am new to all of this Xbox Mod Stuff. I'm tecnically able just not sure of the internals of the file structure for the XBox.

I found my XBOX Hard Drive one morning chattering like sleigh bells. My kids have been the primary users. First Thought was how about a new XBOX 360 then. Then thought lets see if I can just add a new drive. After a little research discovered that there are a few things needed to add a new drive. I used the follwing tutrial to get the EEPROM data to get the drive password and build the eeprom.bin file.


I then found that I needed some data to build the recover DVD to load to the Hardrive using Linix Boot. I borrowed a friends box and downloaded all of his data to a location on my computer to build the linux.iso file with. Dropped my eeprom.bin file into the right spot then cut the dvd. Booted and built the hard drive a 120GB Wester Digital WD800. I put the XBOX back together and booted fine. (Note: My original box was never modded.) It asked me to input the date and time. (this has to do with the softmod from what I have read). I dropped in MechAssualt and then wen to the Campaign and Then selected Run Linux. I get the Unleash X screen. I then get a dashboard that looks nothing like my friends which was the XBMC dash board. After poking around a bit found that most of the menus navigate fine but things like restore and dashboard boot options do not work. Action Failed message is returned. I eventually trashed it and it would only load the mech assault game everything else gave me the Your Xbox need Service Error Message no number. Red and Green flashing LED. I decided to redo the drive. I thought that I may have missed a few files from my friends drive and decided to copy everything from the EDrive this time. Before I did all C and Most of E (UDATA, TDATA, and Dashboard folders).. This time I did all replaced his eeprom.bin file in the backups folder with mine. Then rebuilt the drive using the linux boot on a PC. Put it all back together ad ended up in a reboot loop that woudl never load anything nor stop rebootting. I read a few options to try and get unstuck from here, including just let it go till it opens the dashboard, needless to say I failed to have the patience for that. I reladed with the orignal DVD and Got it back up. It seems stock now, but I can FTP to it and if I load the MechAssault Game I can get to the Run Linux and get tot he Unleash X Dashboard.

Now that we went through all of that.

I would like to know if there is a way to simply FTP the correct files my XBOX to get it to boot up with the correct Dashbaord XBMC. I have downloaded and ripped the AID 4.12 Disk(recorded to DVD+R, I have not tried DVD-R yet) and the Slayer EVOX 2.7 (burned to a CDRW). Niether of these disks will boot on the XBOX though.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I apologize for the novel.

Thanks in Advance.

Xbox 1.0
120GB Hard Drive
Partially Modded<G>

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Posted 26 November 2007 - 11:13 AM


i am not aware of any softmod that boots directly into xbmc. Most boot into evox or unleashx. That dashboard is replaced afterwards with the xbmc dashboard. (First you ftp the xbmc package over to your xbox and test it as a application.) When that is working, you replace the original dashboard xbe with one that launches the xbmc dashboard.

The ftp functionallity is a dashboard feature. So, I don't see how you can have a stock dashboard and still can ftp to your xbox.

If your softmod (the nkpatcher) is working, you just need to ftp the unleashx dashboard to the E:\dash folder. It should come up with dash afterwards.


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Posted 26 November 2007 - 03:13 PM


I can FTP to it

Get ahold of Kingroach ndure installer for PC. Look in the XBE exploit section. This will insure you are using the latest/best softmod solution.
If you don't care about 'stock' mode, the simplest way to do it is:
-use the installer to build your C+E.
-Delete everything on C on xbox via FTP. (not E!)
-FTP over the C and E drives the installer made.

I suggest you read up on how to use it 1st.
When you are done, replace the xbe in the dash folder (on E) with the XBMC shortcut.

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#4 clintmoore1967


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Posted 27 November 2007 - 03:14 AM

obcd and movax,

Thanks for the feedback. I will try these suggestions and let you know the outcome. My Friends Xbox boots to XBMC. I'm not sure what the process he used when he did it. It was with the exploit in Mechassault though. Thanks again!


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