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Im Dieng *not Really* But Help Me Fast, Ive Dropped My Psp And It Wont

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Posted 21 December 2007 - 11:16 PM

Ok, Here the story:

We were out to dinner, and I had it in my jacket pocket, and we were all sitting on REALLY TALL Stools at the table, and my coat pocket was holding my PSP. Well, it must have moved or twised the coat and it fell out, maybe a Foot and a half drop, somewhere aroune there I would guess.

The Game, Battery, Battery cover, and PSP Were in 4 Pecies (Just listed) So I picket it up, reassembled it, and noticed that it wasnt turning on.

BASICLY, What is does is this:

I turn power ON, The green light goes on, the back light goes on, I can hear the welcome music, and the side clicks (For when you move over an option in the menu) but no SCREEN (No Visual Colors, I have no Idea what the hell Im doing!)

WTF Can I do? I See no scratches in the screen, no cracks either, And I dont think I can hear anythign rolling around INSIDE It.

Anyone had simmilar problem? I decided I would let it set (For a month... I feel guilty now) To see if it would fix itself, As I read it helped others.

Not me.

And I feel SUPER Guilty, because I know Im getting some PSP Games this Christmas (IN 4 DAYS DEAR GOD HELP ME!!!!!!!)

Im am on my knees begging you to help me, is there something INSIDE It I can do? Outside? Throw it against something (Just Kidding)


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