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Workaround For 1.6 Overscan

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Posted 28 December 2007 - 03:02 PM

Hi all,

I got my hands on a second hand Xbox a few days ago, unfortunately it was a 1.6 so when I ran X-DSL I was in for a rude shock sad.gif

I have a fix which will work around overscan while in X11. It uses Xnest ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xnest ) to create a 'virtual' X server inside the one already running, with max dimensions set to inside the viewable area.

I put together a package for X-DSL which contains everything needed to apply it: modifications to startx, a Xnest binary and a changed .xinitrc for the dsl user.

To do it yourself to other distros etc:
1. Get Xnest. For XDSL I obtained it from the debian sarge package ( http://packages.debi.../xnest/download ). It is a part of xorg and xfree86 so if you run anything beyond X-DSL you might already have it
2. Quit out of your running X server session (if any) then start your own, sans window manager. Do this over SSH

killall Xfbdev (X-DSL)
killall X (everyone else)
Xfbdev &(X-DSL ..)

3. Start Xnest with your own geometry. Ctrl-C (quit it) from your SSH terminal and change the geometry until you get one where the bounds are reasonable:

Xnest -geometry 585x450+18+10 :1

The geometry is in the format <x,y,+x,+y>. The above fits my 4:3 TV alright, tweak it to yours.
Hint: add an '&' to Xnest to background it so you can start apps to test, i.e jwm:

Xnest -geometry 585x450+18+10 :1 &
export DISPLAY=:1

(kill the entire thing with Xnest once you are done with the above)
4. Modify /home/dsl/.xinitrc. Add this at the top:

xhost +
Xnest -geometry 585x450+18+10 :1 &

5. Remove any shred of Xauthority etc. from /usr/X11R6/bin/startx .. when I tested this Xfbdev wanted to boot out Xnest right after it started. If this happens to you when booting up, then disable X11 authentication.
6. You might need to setuid Xnest: chmod u+gs Xnest

Your desktop won't be as big as it could be but at least its usable now smile.gif

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