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Some General Questions For A Prospective 360 Owner.

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Posted 28 December 2007 - 08:37 PM

I love my original XBOX. XBMC is awesome, but I am craving the power of processing HD video as well as getting to play HALO 3 and some other exclusive 360 titles. I am considering purchasing the 360, and have been reading some forum posts and tutorials but am hoping some gurus out there can give me a head start. If you have any specific links to more information about my questions, feel free to provide that if it is comprehensive and recent info.

I appreciate the input you can give to any or all of my questions. Thanks!

1) “Modding” the 360?
Based on my reading so far, there are no actual “modchips” for the 360. The way to hack the system (to play backups) involves flashing the firmware on the DVD-drive (by way of a separate PC). Is this correct? Also, once you have flashed the drive, how much additional maintenance is needed to keep the mod working? It seems that there are updates every couple of weeks which require a re-flash of the drive.

If someone can point me to the most up-to-date method of modding the 360 it would be appreciated. I don’t mind reading, but I get worried when the tutorials I see are well over a year old!

2) Functionality of a “modded” 360?
It appears that there exist no homebrew applications for the 360 (unlike the original). So, what functionality can you get out of a modded 360 other than the ability to play backups/imports? Specifically can you do any of the following:
- Store backups on your XBOX HDD?
- Perform any additional media streaming/playback/storage capabilities?
- Do anything special other than play backups/imports?

If the answer is that it is only for backups/imports, then there really wouldn’t be too much of a reason to mod a 360 unless you wanted to play a backup, correct?

3) Media files and the 360?
What are my options for playing media (mp3/AVI/DivX/etc) on my 360? I seem to be aware that the 360 acts like a media extender for your PC. Do you need to be running Windows Media Center and if so, does it have to be Vista, or will XP work? Also, are there limitations to the formats that will play back on the 360? Is the built in media center functionality all there is, or is there a way to hack more in?

4) XBOX Live with a “modded” 360?
If you mod the 360 for backups (by flashing the firmware), what if any functionality can you get with XBOX Live? If you play with the original game disc can you still get on line or will your system get banned?

5) Assuming that you can’t install backups on the HDD, or (in the absence of homebrew) place your own media files (like from a PC), what exactly is the HDD used for on the 360? I know that you can download some content from MS (like game updates and classic games), but what would you really need all that space for?

6) 360 or 360 Elite?
It appears the main difference is the size of the HDD. Based on the above question, is the 120GB drive really needed? Also, can this be replaced with any stock HDD (250GB+)?

7) Can original XBOX controllers be used on the 360 assuming you get a USB converter? Specifically I am interested if I can get my DDR pads from the original XBOX to work with the 360?

6) What is the purpose of the external HD-DVD drive available? Seeing how you can buy a non MS HD-DVD drive in a stand-alone unit for about the same price, is there any advantage to owning the 360 external HD-DVD drive over some other unit?

Thanks again for any info you can provide!



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Posted 28 December 2007 - 10:35 PM

2 bits of thanks from me; 1, you did your homework, 2, you coloured the post so very well


1. Flashing the drive is the best option for backup play, modchips are out there, but flashing gives you more control and can be done with no hardware mods with the right drive. You don't have to maintain it post-modding, but things can always be improved

2. You are looking at backup play only. A great shame

3. The recent live update gave new divx playback options, which is nice, but it is an extender, not a standalone unit. No storing media files that aren't from Live. Any OS running media center will work. I have my PC hooked to my HD TV which works far better then going through the console, but if you have the TV in another room with the console and the PC some place else, it works great. You will need to download the codecs from Live

4. If you open the console and modify ANYTHING, for any reason, you can get banned easily

5. Storage units are for Live content, game content and anything else coming from Live or games

6. 120GB IMO is over kill, 20GB will suit the average user lest you wish to start buying HD movies from Live. No replacing the HDD with something that isn't offical either.

7. No idea

8. Not sure

Woop woop

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