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Xbox 360 Won't Recognise Any Disc!

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Posted 07 January 2008 - 03:13 AM

Hi All,
This is my first post here. About a month ago, I started to get the "Unreadable Disc Error" when I tried to play any game, DVD, or music CD. After trying all the games & just about all my music CD's, I stopped getting this error, and all it would do was say it was "reading" the disc, and then go back to "Open Tray". After searching for answers on www.xbox.com.au I was led to believe that the laser in mr DVD-ROM was the cause of this problem (My DVD-ROM is an Hitachi). So I purchased a new laser for my DVD-ROM from www.consoletronics.com. I got home & installed the new laser, only to still find that I have the same problem. I did a search on here, and found a post where someone said they had this problem, and they overcame it by holding down the A button whilst loading a came, apparently this clears the cache. I tried this today, but to no avail. I would really like to be able to play games on my console again, as I (like many others) have spent alot of money in purchasing the console, accessories, and games. My Xbox 360 has no other modifications, and it is not "chipped" either.

If anyone can help me with this problem, I would be most appreciative.

Thanks in advance,
Andy Magill

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Posted 07 January 2008 - 03:39 AM

Hi All,
Just read "RDC's" guide to replacing lasers in Hitachi Drives, and found this step that I missed:

First take the 360 apart and remove the DVD drive. If ya can't find this sort of tutorial on yer own or haven't already gotten this far then ya should stop now and go look that up first, then come back and read thru this a few times before trying it. Replacing the laser isn't a huge or complex deal and requires minimum tools (couple of Phillips head screwdrivers, #2 and #0 and a Soldering Iron) but it's still something that needs to be done correctly and has it's risks.

First remove the 6 screws on the bottom of the drive, these hold the case together. Once you have them out, remember the 2 coarse thread screws (green arrows) go in the middle, remove the bottom cover and then pull the top cover off.

Once ya have the case apart you need to unplug the flex cable that goes to the Laser first. Be careful and make sure you have a firm even grip on the cable with your thumb and index finger and keep the laser in place with your other hand as it will want to move back when you pull on the cable if not held in place. Then pull it straight out, in a motion towards the back of the DVD drive, NOT upwards or any other direction, towards the back of the DVD drive.

Once you have that removed, flip the drive over and unplug ONLY the Spindle motor and Tray motor cables, just pull them straight out same as the Laser's cable. We'll get to the Sled motor cable in a second and the one for the Laser and you've already unhooked at the other end, plus it's taped to the board and removing it when you don't have to could possibly damage it.

Now be very careful with this part so you don't ruin the flex cable that goes to the Sled Motor. There is a plastic clip that needs to be pushed to the side just a little bit so this side of the Logic board will lift free. Push it over and pull the board up just enough to clear the clip.

Now slide the board over slightly so you can get a good grip on the cable and unplug it, the same as ya did the others.

Once ya have the Logic board free, set it out of the way for now someplace safe. Now there is 1 screw you need to remove the get the drive rail free before the Laser assembly will come out.

Once the screw is removed lift the rail up at the end where the screw was and pull towards the back of the DVD drive when it's clear of the notch it sits in, and out the entire laser assembly should come. BE CAREFUL of the spring on the white part there, it's to keep tension on the Sled motor's worm gear so it can move the Laser back and forth, just don't let the spring go flying away from ya. If it comes out it's easily put back in place, provided ya didn't loose it.

Now you need to prepare your new laser before installing it. Be careful as to not touch the lens as by now you have grease on your hands form taking the drive apart and touching the rails and such. If the Laser is from another working drive you don't have to do this as it's already been removed, but if you have a brand new Laser this will need to be done or it will not work. Get out the soldering iron and warm it up, then remove this solder bridge here so the points are cleared. Use solder wick if you wish, but just a pass or 2 over the spot is usually enough to clear the contacts of the solder. Just make sure you have it all off of there and do NOT go leaving the Soldering Iron on there for too long, this should only take a second or two at most.


I then spoke to the guy at www.consoletronics.com, where I bought my laser, and he confirmed that I need to do this as well. So i'm gonna pull my 360 apart again, dismantle my DVD drive, and de-solder this anti-static point, and put it all back together...

Fingers crossed this is all that's wrong with my console!!

I'll let you all know how I go.

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Posted 07 January 2008 - 06:30 AM

So ya missed pretty much the entire process? or just copy/pasted almost the whole thing for good measure. wink.gif My tutorial wasn't good enough to go by on it's own?

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