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Finishing Off My Softmod. Nkpatcher?

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Posted 22 January 2008 - 12:54 AM

(I'm assuming this is the right place for this thread)

I'm a long time PC geek but I'm very new to the console modding scene so bear with me. I'll be as descriptive as I can.

What I did...

I started off with a used XBOX 1.6 my dad picked up at a yard sale for $10. Broken DVD drive but who cares when there's FTP eh? I performed the NDURE 3.0 + XBOXHDM 1.9 hotswap method on it and backed up the eeprom.bin file.

Since that method worked so well and the stock hard drive just wasn't going to cut it for me, I did the same thing to my old IDE Maxtor 250GB that I've long since replaced with S-ATA drives. When I installed the NDURE script before I made my XBOXHDM iso, I checked "Use Nkpatcher .67" since I was using a 250GB drive. I created the drive from scratch in XBOXHDM, ran the NDURE script, typed "yes" a hundred times, locked the drive with my eeprom.bin, and viola, softmod ahoy!

Where I am now...

When I turn on my XBOX, it goes to the UnleashX dashboard. It then only recognizes 123GB or so of my F drive and there's no G drive to be found. However, if I go to the "ndts" directory and launch the NDURE Toolset, I can enable "Use Nkpatcher .67" there and then it will detect my F drive as being 231GB. If I then launch other dashboards and such from the NDURE Toolset (XBMC, my main reason for modding the XBOX), those dashboards will detect the 231GB. But if I just boot up and use UnleashX to launch XBMC, it only detects 123GB.

So, I don't really understand how this works. I'd like to be able to detect all my space straight from my main dash (UnleashX). I would be most grateful if someone can help me or direct me to a place where I can learn how this stuff works.

Thanks in advance!

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Posted 22 January 2008 - 09:46 AM


nkpatcher06 assumes that you have just an F partition. nkpatcher67 assumes that you have an F and a G partition.

xboxhdm defaults the F partition size to 123GB, even if there is more room on your harddisk to create a bigger partition. You might take a look at a program called xbpartitionner. It can repartition and reformat your F and G for you. It is also the only program that can format partitions bigger than 250GB with a 32KB cluster size.

It surely isn't wise to switch the nkpatcher once the partitions are created and formatted. But you discoverd that already yourself.


#3 zyklonphive


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Posted 22 January 2008 - 10:08 PM

xbpartitioner worked like a charm.

Thanks for the advice obcd.

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