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The Special Elections 2006

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Posted 29 February 2008 - 11:43 AM

In the year 2006, there were two elections in Texas 22nd Congressional Elections. One was the Special Elections and the other General Elections. A special election is a by-election held to fill a political office that has become vacant between General Elections. Usually this occurs when the incumbent has died or resigned, but it may also occur when the incumbent becomes ineligible to continue in office, in case of a recall or a sufficiently serious criminal conviction.

The Special Election in 2006 was held to fill the seat vacated by the House Majority leader Tom DeLay, after his resignation. There was a need to fill in the place for the unexpired term of DeLay (November-December 2006), coinciding with the general election on November 7, 2006. This meant that voters would vote twice on that date, once for the special election, once for the general election.

In the special election there were five candidates four Republicans: Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, Don Richardson, former US Representative Steve Stockman and Giannibecego Hoa Tran, and one Libertarian, Bob Smither. The Democrats were not represented with a candidate. Sekula-Gibbs won that race with approximately 63 percent of the vote and was sworn in as a Member of Congress on November 13, 2006.
In the following general election there were three main candidates: Democrat and former US Representative Nick Lampson, Libertarian Party candidate Bob Smither, and Republican Sekula-Gibbs. Only Lampson's and Smither's names appeared on the ballot, as Shelley Sekula-Gibbs had to run as a write-in candidate because DeLay had previously won the Republican primary. In this race, Lampson captured 52% of the vote, to Sekula-Gibbs' 42%, and Smither collected 6%.

Lampson is standing for a re-election. Along with him, there are some other known names as well which includes former Sugar Land mayor Dean Hrbacek , former Pasadena mayor John Manlove, former John Cornyn Chief of Staff Pete Olson, Family District Judge Jim Squier, State Representative Bob Talton, and NASA contractor Ryan Rowley.

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