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Reality Check

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Posted 11 June 2003 - 12:55 PM


Ubercock .. lets face it .. all you know .. is how to copy others .. nothing inovative about that ..

10 : 1 bet you will include 99% of Chameleon ideas in x3 ..

BTW .. the SM bus is no big secret .. it was documented long before you showed your ugly face so please don`t try make out like xecuter has found some great new secret

Sounds to me like you out to copy Open Bios yet again !

Hi Childish Retard

1) we have copied nothing - we had the first cracked bios, the first LPC mod, first multi bios, hacked v1.1 RC4 first, and 98% of all bios hacks ever released - yeah you're right we copied shit lol biggrin.gif

2) Chameleon has 1 new idea - and its not new - that is XBE control - the rest has already been done and thought of - its taken them 8 months to actually use a 1MB flash - and they're using the PCB fuse methods that retarded fanboys like you flamed when it was used in Xecuter1 - it was dumped becuase it was shit.

3) Of course SM BUS is old news - wtf is your retarded idiot brain saying that shit for ? I do know one thing though - you wouldnt have an ounce of a clue how to do it yourself

4) X3 has much new stuff not even thought of by anyone else - in fact discussed in detail with many ppl months before chameleon

5) Get your head out of xodus's ass idiot - you know nothing and are nothing. You're a pair of clown shoes.

I find it hilarious how you talk about copying when all matrix ended up being was a cheapmod and cheap lpc programmer - do you have any idea how much you are embaressing yourself ?

go back to school - if you ever went there in the first place. When you can post about something you've done then it will be worth listening to you in future

rant over - close / delete thread or whatever - im tired of talking to retards like this

Edited by Ubergeek, 11 June 2003 - 12:59 PM.

#2 Reality_check


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Posted 11 June 2003 - 01:04 PM

Hey .. if i promice to change over .. will you send me a sample ?

all is fair in love and war .....

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