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Another Cooling Mod Tread

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#1 xploding


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Posted 06 March 2008 - 01:34 PM

well, I have been lurking around the forum for years, and absorbing the knowledge that is xbox-scene. Recently i got RROD (LOL) on my 2006 Xbox360 (V1)? I decided one day to do the X Clamp mod. the one minus the drilling. works perfect. BTW i also lapped both heatsinks and polished them with autosol metal polish, then removed polish with Isopropanol.

that night i decided to go a bit extreme and ordered Talismoon Whisper MAX and XCM core cooler. upon their arrival i installed them swiftly. I made 2 observations.

1). Whisper MAX is alright.. changing the LED requires trimming of the LED legs (not so simple now). Nitro is loud. and the button is like awkward.

2). XCM core coolers is awesome.. the CPU heat sink is like.... slightly cool to touch now.. The down side is that... IT IS SO FREAKING LOUD. (comparable to a hair dryer)...o and it doesn't do as much for the GPU.

okay, so now I have a LED Mismatched xbox360 that is freaking loud.

We are coming to the point of this post. I want to buy another 70mm fan and a 3-pin splitter so that both the Whisper MAX and the XCM is at 5v, and slightly quieter? thus, the awkward nitro switch now becomes atomic cooling switch where both fans will be going at 12V. (which i will probably never use)

I know feeding both 12V from the DVD drive is bad. But i am not confident with a soldering iron nor do i own one. (it won't be on all the time anyway)

Do you guys think this is a viable option? I mean the whole point on getting the Whisper MAX was so that i don't have to but up with the humming while I play games.

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Posted 06 March 2008 - 11:00 PM

You said you had a 3 pin plug. The only 360 mobo with the 3 pin plug that was out back then was the elite (and I'm not even sure if that was out yet). Anyways, that plug isn't meant to handle any more amps than what the stock fans use. I know some talismoon accassories use it for leds and such, but that has caused problems for some people. It also isn't a standard 3-pin connector. It's hooked up to the mobo so that the middle pin is ground and the other 2 pins are power for the fans. A regular 3-pin connector has the power pin in the middle, the ground on one side, and the wire for the speed sensor on the other side, so a regular PC fan won't work out of the box if hooked up to that connector. Not without modding it at least. The only proper way to do it is by solder the fans + voltage wire to a switched 5v point on the mobo, but even then you won't be able to switch in between 5v and 12v, which would require even more modification. It's doable and really isn't that hard, but I'm not getting into the details if you don't plan on soldering anyways.

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