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Gta:sa Modding

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#1 th31nf4m0us


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Posted 26 April 2008 - 01:20 AM

ok, well ive knowen about softmodding and i had a super PC modded VC AGES ago, but im now messin with my xbox till i get my 360 done wink.gif .

I keep having the same problem with my installion of cars, it either go's block after all the copyright screen, or hangs when i hit start, i know i have to clear the cach nd do this everytime and restart just to make sure.

im using an already modded version i got from demoniod "space"sumit i think the guy name is

Hot coffee
Super CJ
Spawn everything - so on so forth.

once i did manage to load te game with a car in my gta.img but when it came to spawn it it wouldnt, it didnt crash or anyting, just the rest of the mod died and i would just be playing normal GTA.

So yea, ive got cars i wanna import, got te tools, got the files on my HDD (just stock), ive been looking for answer's b4 posting and it all says the same ting, but im still having trouble.

If anyone wants to post n img/csrcol/handling already modded would love it laugh.gif

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Posted 26 April 2008 - 06:16 AM

heres a fun handling mod I did back in the day

#3 th31nf4m0us


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Posted 26 April 2008 - 02:34 PM

Still having the same problem... kinda annoying, i added a few cas this time (do i need certain files? - i mean the poly count - i see some tat look shiny and others that just look 5h17) it all loads and works, but when i try to spawn them the mod still crashs out and dies.

/me shrugs sleeping.gif

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Posted 26 April 2008 - 09:20 PM

This is what you do.... Go to the site that Z28 suggested. Read up on some of the "How to"....then get what mods you want and be sure to get all GTA Modding Tools you can. Rip a new copy of GTA:SA to your xbox....then ftp the GTA:SA folder( not iso) from your xbox to your pc. Use the tools you downloaded to add the mods you want. Rebuild the archives ( like player.img or gta3.img) and only ftp those back to your xbox ( overwriting the .img files there).Before you re-boot your xbox....this is important!!!!!!....The xbox copies the gta3.img to either the X,Y, or Z drive (cache drives) on the xbox HDD. You MUST clear that img file from the xbox or after re-boot the mods WILL NOT work. That img file is the backup from a previous play of GTA:SA and will not contain mods and will not be re-written with the new one unless you delete the old one before reboot. Be sure to read ALL you can on the xbox mod forum that Z28 linked too. He is a great guy who helped me alot when I was dabbling in GTA Modding. My handle at that forum is Hal Jordan, and you should be very happy with everything if you are willing to just read a little info and take your time.

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