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Xbox Changing Name.

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Posted 02 June 2008 - 02:33 AM

Anyone ever get a message from there firewall that there xbox "wants to send UDP datagram to port 4905 owned by `firefox` on your computer"? I get them once in a while for no particular reason. Never thought much of it. Probably something to do with me FTP`ing in a couple of hours ago... No worries. But then, i got THIS. Yes, that IS my xbox`s IP. Had my friend check the router when I recieved the request and compared to my xbox IP.

It always said "Xbox" where it now says Siv-Karina-PC.lan. Now, I while Siv Karina is a norwegian-ish name, and I am norwegian, I have never ever heard of a Siv Karina before. Neither have any strangers been in contact with my xbox for the last half a year. This sure makes me wonder.

Any ideas to how this could have happened? I dont know anyone with a chipped xbox. Could someone have been sweeping the net for Xbox`s to have fun with? Would that even be possible? Never heard of anyone hacking a xbox. I am like most other people using the standard password for FTP access, so it wouldnt be too hard if you found my IP and knew I had a xbox running XBMC...

Also, how do I change it?

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Posted 02 June 2008 - 10:58 PM

Noone? This isnt a joke\troll whatever post. I really need help with this...

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Posted 14 June 2008 - 08:22 PM


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Posted 17 June 2008 - 03:51 AM


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Posted 17 June 2008 - 06:20 AM

Don't really have any idea on the specific problem but I'll have a stab.

In order to break into your network, people first need to know the external IP address of your router. That isn't too hard to get. Getting into the LAN hidden behind that router, on the other hand, is: Any traffic aimed at your router is discarded unless you've specifically set it up to pass it on to a certain device in your network (via "port forwarding"). You can open connections to external devices, but they can't open connections to you unless you say so.

(Hence most viruses rely on flaws in the software you run on your PC. For example, a cracker will create a webpage that takes advantage of loopholes in your web browser, then wait for you to connect to that).

Now, say there WAS a port forward in your router that allowed people to connect to your X-Box's IP via FTP. Unlikely, but for the sake of arguement let's say there was one. In that case, yes, you'd have a massive hole in your network security if you were using the default username/password... Someone with the right smarts could not only access everything on the console's HDD, but they could probably snag everything in your shared folders throughout the rest of the network, too. They could configure XBMC to load new scripts on startup, or even install a new dashboard.

Though I'd consider the odds of a forward being present without your knowledge to be low, and the odds of someone with the knowledge to take over your X-Box finding it to be miniscule. The odds of them changing your X-Box's name while they were at it would be infentesimal.

I did a Google on the port number and came up with this, which I'm pretty sure XBMC uses. I know that if you plug two X-Boxes into the same network and load up XBMC on them each will notice the other and add them to their file manager listings for FTP access (which is really, really useful and awesome by the way), so I'm guessing xPnP is how they go about it.

Your Firewall is likely just picking up on that broadcast.

So! The questions are:

Do you update XBMC often? Did the name change roughly occur with any particular update?

What profile name are you using under XBMC? What is your console's nickname (UnleashX lets you view this)?

What is your PC's network name? What is the name of the login you use? Well, you don't have to say, but by any freak chance has your firewall gotten confused and started to display one of those instead?

Why is Firefox using that port, exactly? I can't think of any good reason and Google doesn't turn up much when I list the two terms together. What add-ons do you have installed?


Now that I think a bit more about it, it's worth mentioning that people don't have to go through your router to get into your network. Say someone plugged a laptop in locally, and it happened to use the same IP as your X-Box... Your PC might pick up on the name of that system, then never get around to discarding it.

Or say you have a Wireless Access Point (WAP) running in your house. Anyone on the street could pick up on that, and if it wasn't secured properly (say it's using no encryption, or WEP (which is as bad as no encryption)), jump right into your LAN.

From there they could access everything in your network, download whatever they want via your internet connection, heck, if your router was using the default username/password settings they could even reprogram that too...

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