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Rf Module To Pc?

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#1 Lord Skip

Lord Skip

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Posted 04 June 2008 - 05:49 PM


I've changed a module RF to connect via USB to the PC.


How can I do to synchronize the controls?


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#2 RDC


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Posted 04 June 2008 - 06:04 PM

800 x 600 is more than big enough for pics ya plan to post in a thread. Resize them in the future and I changed yours to a link.

What ya did isn't going to work, unless you also connect the Serial Data and Clock lines to something and figure out what gets sent on them to tell the RF board to start searching for a signal, you'd have to scope those lines on a working 360 to find this out. Even if you did figure that out there's no guarantee it would work on the PC the same as the RF module that M$ has made. You can pick that thing up for $20 any way, just get it instead.

#3 hack.rid


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Posted 10 August 2010 - 07:43 PM

nice idea! havent thought of that earlier!!

it would work because of different logic levels also,
according to the "headers and connectors pdf" the rf module uses 3,3 volt usb.

i guess ms isnt stupid, they dont develop same thing (usb receiver for wirelesscontroller) twice.

so theres a realistic chance of getting this to work with you pc.
you may need hack some driver to work with it.

#4 Mistawes


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Posted 12 August 2010 - 09:21 AM

Yeh it's absolutely brilliant, used it to play Live for Speed if anyone knows it..

You HAVE TO sync the controller with the RF board plugged into your (any) Xbox.. There are instructions on the entire process here: http://forums.xbox-e...p...138&start=0

Really interesting reading and they also link to how to sync it with your PC (although you've to add + program a PIC).

The lads over on X-E.com really know what they're doing!

There are issues with the deadzones when using it, the slightest shake of the controller and it moves the joysticks (there is absolutely no "play" or free movement that's not detected basically). Apparently it's the exact same with the genuine one too, thanks MS!!

Pinnacle game profiler is what everyone says to use to perfect it, but I didn't find it great, there's XBCD also, but that's for wired controllers apparently (I couldn't get that to work either).

Good luck!

P.S. OP, you need to add 3.3v to where your red wire is, and ground that 3.3v supply to where your black cable is.. Move the black up one row onto the last point on the right, then move the red cable to the row below, on the leftmost point. Yaywoop over on X-E.com pretty much goes through every step and beyond with pics. He also links to a modified driver file after you use Microsoft's drivers and install them.

The annoying thing for me is, mine's stopped working and it's gonna be impossible to trouble shoot (it was working, I played it for days!). Checked wiring, re-installed drivers, now I'm trying to find a handy/reliable 3.3v source (originally used a 1.5v AA battery to be safe and not blow something like using 5v e.g. USB which worked, temporarily). It just won't pop up in Windows anymore (also, apparently works on Linux but I also had it on Win 7 on my Macbook).

Now, anyone know how to fix E73 + E74? Got 2 Jtags, Falcon + Xenon sitting here RROD'd... sad.gif

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