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Battlefront Ii Vehicle Editing

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Posted 11 June 2008 - 11:26 AM

Here’s a really, really quick tutorial on changing vehicle spawns in BFII. I’ll later do a more in-depth tutorial, but for now this will have to do.

1. Star Wars Battlefront II
2. Hex editor
3. SWBFII Mod Tools for PC
4. Modded Xbox
5. FTP software (or CD burning software for copying over map files)

For this exercise it’ll require copying over a BFII map file from your Xbox HD (Battlefront II should be on your HD to make this work). I’ll use Hoth for this example.

Copy over the hot1.lvl to a directory on your PC. Once it’s copied open it up with a Hex editor of your choosing. Now unless you’re a super pro at hex editing you’re going to need to open up the hoth_CPs.LYR file found in the BF2_Modtools\Assets\Worlds\HOT\World1\PC folder.

Goto find and type in “VehicleSpawn_6". It should take you to a line that looks like this:
Object("VehicleSpawn_6", "com_item_vehicle_spawn", 1020979682)

Scroll down until you see both the spawn items in this code section. It should be an Imperial ATST and an Alliance TaunTaun. You should also see CP3, an abbreviation for the control zone.

Now open up your Hot1.lvl with a Hex editor. Goto find, located on the toolbar, and type in ”imp_walk_atst”. It should find a line that reads: Timp_walk_atst. Scroll up by four or five clicks and you should see some text that reads “VehicleSpawn_6". It’s the same as the hoth_CPs file. So look underneath the VehicleSpawn_6 command for the text “DCP3". It’s the same as the CP3 command from the hoth_CPs file. The number ‘1' in the hoth_CPS file indicates the amount of ATST units that can spawn in total on the map from that control point. The same applies for the hex editing. The number ‘1' controls the spawn count in the line: DCP3.PROP.....?..1

Change it to ‘3'. Also in the hoth_CPs.LYR file, the spawn timer is there. It doesn’t say this in the hex version of the lvl so you’ll just have to look for the same number of the spawn time found in the lyr file. The default should be 45 seconds, change it in the hex editor to 10. Save the lvl file and close out your Hex editor. FTP or burn the hot1.lvl to CD and load it on your Xbox. Now when you play Hoth Conquest, up to three ATST units will spawn successively.

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