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Microsoft Rip Off - New Lite-on

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Posted 05 July 2008 - 08:51 PM

I think ist time to say enough is enough, on this one microsoft have gone too far.

Recently many fellow australians along with myself send their Xbox 360's into microsoft for repairs, ontop of the repairs required to be performed microsoft have sneekingly decided to install a new Lite-On (also known as the new BenQ) into our consoles... When I discovered this i was furious, I for one have never performed a firmware mod on my xbox nor have I considered pirating xbox games. My main concern is ever since the new Lite-On drive has been installed I have been experiancing troubles with ejecting the drive, in game errors (freezing) and noise levels (well it dosnt seem quiter thats for sure), ontop of this it now seems virtually impossible to install new firmware. As I stated befor i have never concidered pirating xbox games, however I HAVE lost many games due to relocation, scratches, snapping, theft, etc and as such I would appriciate the ability to backup my games (BACKING UP YOUR LEGAL ORIGINALS IS LEGAL 100%).

I feel that microsoft has ripped me off by not informing me or gathering permission for the change over.
As I have experianced many difficulties since the swap I feel that. microsoft is testing the new drive on the Australian public (and any other contries it has popped up).
I feel microsoft have cheated me out of backing up my original games and hence forward costing me money in replacments of games I already bought.

As a result of this I am planning to file a class action against microsoft, not just for myself but for EVERYONE who feels cheated like me.

If you agree with me then let me know... Justice will be served, We should not have to tollerate this any longer.

All i want to gather together is a rough Idea of how many people are in the same boat as me, how many people want microsoft to stop cheating the public and I want to PROVE to microsoft that we have had enough and as such i wish to gather some details of people who are in on this with me... I want our original drives returned or some sort of retribution.

All i need from you is a name... Dosn't even have to be your real name... somthing like your Display name or an alias is enough and some way to contact you such as an email address... Anything... I dont need personal details... Im not gonna ask for your email if u dont wanan give it... All I need is somthing to prove that we are many... Enough to make microsoft sweat.

Even if you havnt already recieved a new Lite-On drive and simply dread the nightmare it would bring you let me know, just specify that you havnt recieved the drive yet so I can sort your name accordingly.

Lets show microsoft they dont have the power just because they are the big company... Show Microsoft that we have the power as the consumer (after all withount us as the consumer Microsoft is nothing right)... Lets stand up for ourself and our right... and remember... we didn't ask for this new drive and we never wanted it.

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Posted 05 July 2008 - 09:06 PM

oh and if you dont want any details appearing on the forumn they you can email me at *removed* wink.gif cheers

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Posted 05 July 2008 - 09:31 PM

did some more research and turns out I need a real name and address so its best to email them to me to keep it all private.

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Posted 05 July 2008 - 09:34 PM

so basically you want to sue microsoft for upgrading there security? for upgrading there hardware? why not sue them for adding a HDMi port as well as its basically the same thing. are you also upset that new consoles have a 65nm CPU to help keep it cooler? get a grip

backing up your originals is only legal is some countries (luckily your in one of them), MS dont want you opening the console and messing with anything, which is why they have such high security and void your warranty if you attempt it.

your not a beta tester for the new drive, your just experiencing problems. welcome to the world of hardware. it happens.


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