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Skin Ideas For An Arcade/games Only Skin

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Posted 18 July 2008 - 05:43 PM

Hey everyone, I am really busy until August 6th (studying for the MCAT). After that time however I intend to do my best on an xbmc skin. I am abandoning xbmc on the xbox in terms of media playback in favor of using Plex (previously osxbmc) on my macbook. Therefore this skin will only be designed for use of launching my .cut files and emulators and the few xbox games I have on my hdd.

I have never made my own complete skin before, however I have done edits to pre existing skins... I started a skinning project a while back but I abandoned it as soon as I abandoned xbox xbmc for my media....I feel that it will be a slow process, but I'm confident that with some time I'd be able to at least come up with some sort of usable skin for my now limited xbox xbmc needs.

I open this thread for discussion. I don't anticipate much interest in my project due to the notion that many of you guys are either happy with the current xbmc skins, or that you still use xbmc for all your media as well. however if you guys have any ideas, I hope to use this thread as a brainstorming ground in order to develop some good ideas prior to the start of production. Also I assume my idea is consistent with the skins used for cabinet type setups... So if any of you have a cabinet set up, I would love to see the skin modifications you are currently using. I remember seeing someone with a cabinet using a modified slate skin, however I can't seem to find the links anymore.

some functions of xbmc I intend to incorporate (very few):
-music playback
-program/emu/game launching (of course)
-video playback (possible ideas include an idea that may or may not be possible of video previews for my .cut files while also having an upwards scrolling of boxart/cartridge/instruction manual scans as additional previews)

-I intend to use a fairly simple dark brushed aluminum look throughout the skin.
-Simplistic 2 button home screen (simply Arcade and Xbox)
-for bacground music playback I don't want to have to navigate to a 'music' page so instead I'll be utilizing the playlists building in xbmc and then build a menu to simply "select playlist"
-I don't like the 'push left' to get to a menu screen. often while navigating a page it's easy to bring up a menu when you don't want it to be brought up. Therefore all of my page menus will be brought up with the right thumbstick click.
-in the page menu, an additional right thumbstick click will bring you the options of "shutdown" "reboot" "settings" etc etc.
-custom text graphics for all emulators zsnexbox, coinops, etc. when I think of this I think of the metallic looking text that says "coinops" in BP's emulators. of course I'll hopefully develop a unique look consistent with my skin. I'd rather this than generic icons for the emulators because It will maintain consistency to the skin instead of a mess of icons being used.This and icon usage will most definitley be the hardest part for me because I'm not a wiz at photoshop type stuff.

Ideas (tentative):
-Super nintendo Theme (for me mostly, due to lack of snes art probably will evolve to simple Nintendo theme)
-specific .cut file views example: snes view, nes view, atari 2600 view, all of which will be specifically tweaked to the screenshot/box art/cartdridge previews available.

Anyhow I of course could use any ideas/ suggestions/ and help when it comes to the skin production from anyone experienced with coding .xml skins for xbmc or even more imporant, someone who is better than me at graphics and photoshop etc. etc.

Again I'm not even available to start this project beyond the brainstorming phase until after my test. At which point I will have a couple of weeks to work hard on it before I start school again.

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Posted 19 July 2008 - 08:31 AM

Have you seen the skin Incidious? Everything kind of spins on the side. Maybe that can
give you some ideas.

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