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Xbmc With Softmode. Help

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Posted 27 July 2008 - 08:14 PM

Hello guys smile.gif
First of all, I am a brazilian newcomer to xbox world and xbox-scene.

I've just got my xbox 3 days ago. It contains the original 8gb HDD and it's softmoded, with both XBMC and MSdash. When I boot the xbox with the power button, I get the xbmc dash (not the T3CH build). When I press the eject of the dvd tray, it goes to MSdash.

The thing is that xbox started to boot MSdash in both ways, either pressing the on/off button or eject. In any case, the MSdash opened the adjust clock screen, and if there was any dvd on the rom, after pressing the A button to confirm the clock, the game (iso burned) loads normally. Before this, I could boot XBMC, hear music, watch videos, explore the HDD via ftp with my computer, and do all the stuff that xbmc allows.

So, trying to solve this thing, I've loaded the AID 4.30 dvd on the tray. Then, I selected to install XBMC (wich is T3CH build) to the E:. After this, I rebooted the xbox and the situation came back to normal, with the power button getting me to the XBMC. By the first view, it seemed to me that i've fixed the situation (the emulators were working), but, I saw somethings that wasn't "in the script", like:

1 - In file manager, all the partitions of the HDD was doubled, like C:, below it C:, below it D:, then D:, then E:, then E:.. Just like a mirror.

2 - I couldn't start any music, script, video. I press the button an then nothing happens, sometimes it crashs and I have to reboot.

3 - I couldn't ftp xbox to pc, coz all I've got when I typed the IP on firefox was a xbmc screen, just like in the xbox, with options to do, like play videos, music, but nothing to do with file transfer, backup. When I tryed to ftp://IP, an error occurred.

So, this is some of the things that happened after my attempt to solve the whole situation that I've described in the begin of this post. I just wanna put back to work all these things, play some music and videos, and, of course, use the ftp.
If anyone can help me, I would be very grateful.

Sorry for the bad english :/, Thank you!

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