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A Newb, Linux, And An Xbox360

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Posted 03 August 2008 - 05:02 AM

I'd be the first to admit I'm a newb when it comes to modding consoles. I've played with PS2's, DS's and even some PSP's, but nothing like buying a 300-400 dollar console and modding it.

Look, I'm not looking to run burned games. If you don't believe me that's your prerogative. I'm more interested adding dual purpose for a console. (You might as well, you paid out the nose for it.) I'm interested in running a Linux environment for some average normal computing. From what research I have done, this is possible. I'm not looking to load a virtual machine and have it run XP, even if it is pretty cool. I'm not looking to run games on it like cedega as we know hardware acceleration is still in its infancy. (IMHO doesn't make a whole lot of sense to ask for gaming capability through Linux when you can run cutting edge console games as a . . . console)

With that out of the way, I've made my decision on getting an xbox 360 and I really want to get started with Linux. So here's what I know:

In order for you to run linux you have to have a firmware update 4532 or 4548.
You can have one lower and update up to 4532 or 4548 but nothing higher.
This is the biggest problem for me as I will be buying a new Xbox (2008) and will more than likely get a firmware higher than 4548.

I hear I have a couple of options.
Get a xbox (premodded) - no thanks
By a mod chip that will allow you to downgrade - such as Infectus

Once that is done, I can then use the Time Attack via King Kong to get Linux to load?

So here are my questions. Forgive me if they are already answered, I seriously did try to find them on my own.

1. Will the Infectus mod chip allow me to downgrade from any firmware? (if I buy a 2008 now, will it down grade my most current firmware)
2. I'd like to try Live but I understand that updating the kernel will kill Linux, will mod chips such as Infectus allow me to downgrade and upgrade at will? (downgrade to use Linux and upgrade to play live)

I just want a better picture. None of the descriptions really tell me that the new Xboxes are capable of running linux.


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Posted 03 August 2008 - 01:07 PM

1. all new kernels will have CB 1921 which is immune to the timing attack, and come with a dash higher than 4548 so any store bought console will not be able to run linux, as well as any system that has been repaired at MS in the past year. your best bet is to buy one second hand from someone you can trust, and that hasnt been in MS hands in the past year

2. yes you can change the kernel version at will. just make a backup of the expoitable kernel from the nand, then update as usual, then use the infectus to flash back your backed up exploitable kernel to the nand when you wish to use linux.

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Posted 03 August 2008 - 08:32 PM

I guess it all kinda makes sense now. The homebrew community is pretty stagnant given the fact there there's little to no way to run anything due to the security.

Going back to the topic at hand:

1. You mentioned that a new Retail Xbox will be running CB1921 and a higher firmware. So a modchip like infectus or anything others will allow you to downgrade the firmware but can't physically change the CB number (its a hardware issue not a software issue). So even if I get a modchip and downgrade the CB number will still remain 1921 and such won't have a window of vulnerability to load linux?

Is that right?

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