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Sc2 Basic Modding

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Posted 26 August 2008 - 03:32 AM

I've run linux on my XB a loooong time ago and I modded the pee (I don't cuss) out of my halo 2 but recently I came across some SC2 nude mods which, although I was not interested in the nudity (people as fit enough to beat Astaroth have no bosom, therefore... FAKE) I was very much interested in the thought of modding SC2.

Upon searching up on the topic, I was amazed to see a digital voldo which, although I do not like the character... was very interesting. So my search lead me here where I was hoping for some basic tools/info onto modding SC2.

I'm not big on hex editing however if this is the only way available I'm down. I know that Halo 2 is modded directly through the map files much like WoW is modded through archives and individual files but I am very curious to see how SC2 is modded. I am not home atm and I cannot look at the files on the SC2 disc however some basics and maybe the tools necessary will keep me occupied and give me time to soak in the knowledge ahead of time which is much appreciated. Thank you millions to whoever doesn't post "stfu&gtfo" or "sweet jesus we've met another nubcake."

Also, I realize I must put the game on my HD first which is no problem as how it should be the same as Halo (FTP from the D:\ Right?) Thanks again and, well... thanks ahead of time (yet again.) PEACE ALL!

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